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01-29-13 Edition

01-29-13 Edition

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01-29-13 Edition

01-29-13 Edition

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Published by: San Mateo Daily Journal on Jan 29, 2013
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Leading local news coverage on the Peninsula
Vol XII,Edition 141
 Elegant Home Design Since 1952 
165 N. Amphlett San Mateo www.rudolphsinteriors.com
From left,Sen.Robert Menendez,Sen.Charles Schumer,Sen.Richard Durbin and Sen.Marco Rubioattend a news conference on comprehensive immigration reform.
By Erica Werner
WASHINGTON — Side by side,leadingDemocratic and Republican senators pledgedMonday to propel far-reaching immigration legis-lation through the Senate by summer providing apossible path to citizenship for an estimated 11million people now in the U.S. illegally.The senators acknowledged pitfalls that havedoomed such efforts in the past,but they suggestedthat November’s elections — with Hispanics vot-ing heavily for President Barack Obama and otherDemocrats — could make this time different.Passage of the emotionally charged legislationby the Democratic-controlled Senate is far fromassured,and a taller hurdle could come later in theHouse,which is dominated by conservativeRepublicans who’ve shown little interest in immi-gration overhaul. Obama will lay out his own pro-posals Tuesday,most of which mirror the Senateplans.Besides the citizenship provision,including newqualifications,the Senate measure would increaseborder security,allow more temporary workers to
Immigrationplan unveiled
Republican,Democrat senators vow action
City CouncilOKs TransitVillage EIR
By Michelle Durand
The San Carlos City Council voted 3-2 lastnight to certify the environmental impactreport of the proposedTransit Village,paving theway for officials to nowbegin dissecting the meritsof the project and creatinga development agreement.Mayor Matt Grocottwas the one dissentingvoice,saying if he could,he’d send the documentback for reworkingbecause of worries including significantimpacts to traffic on Holly Street and throughBelmont.Councilman Mark Olbert,the second dis-senter,said he still had concerns that certainevaluations in the EIR were inadequate andthe document doesn’t properly address how itmay affect the quality of the community’scharacter.Councilman Bob Grassilli said the affirma-tive vote was a way to reach the entitlementprocess which will determine if the projecteven gets built. The document met the legal
Fisherman netsdrug plea deal
The well-known coastside fisherman arrest-ed for possession of methamphetamine onlymonths after crashing hisboat accepted a plea dealyesterday that will sendhim to treatment ratherthan jail.Duncan FergussonMacLean,63,wascharged with three misde-meanors and headed totrial Monday. Instead of facing a jury,MacLean,through his attorney,pleaded no contest to misdemeanor drug pos-session and was given a suspended sentence.The charges will be dropped if MacLean com-pletes drug treatment. If not,he will beremanded to the county jail.MacLean was also placed on 18 monthsprobation.Sheriff’s deputies arrested MacLean July 6,2012 after stopping him for a broken taillight.
The California Highway Patrol is asking forhelp to find out what caused a solo car crashthat killed a man and two juvenile brothers oneastbound State Route 92 in Foster CitySunday night,an officer said.One of the three people who died in thecrash was identified by the Santa ClaraCounty medical examiner’s office as 21-year-old Juan Carlos Zaragoza Hernandez.Hernandez was driving east on State Route92,just west of the Foster City Boulevard exitat about 9:45 p.m. when he lost control of thevehicle,California Highway Patrol Officer ArtMontiel said.The car hit a guardrail,overturned andcrashed into a utility pole,Montiel said.Hernandez,a San Mateo resident,wastransported to a hospital,where he was pro-nounced dead,he said.Five people were in the vehicle,includingthree brothers from Redwood City who wereall riding in the back seat.The oldest brother,Jesus Reynaga-Reyes,
Two brothers,one other dead in Foster City crash
Matt GrocottDuncanMacLean
Here are some details of the bipartisanSenate framework on immigrationreform announced Monday.PresidentBarack Obama is expected to endorsea similar set of proposals Tuesdayduring an appearance in Las Vegas.Create a path to citizenship for 11million illegal immigrants already inthe country:•First,increase border security effortsincluding adding unmanned drones,surveillance equipment and moreborder agents;•Require completion of an entry-exitsystem to track whether people in theU.S.on temporary visas have left asrequired;•Create a commission of lawmakersand community leaders living alongthe southwest border to make arecommendation about when theborder security measures have beencompleted;•While security measures are underway illegal immigrants can registerwith the government,passbackground checks and pay fines andback taxes in order to earn“probationary legal status.”•Once security measures are in place,immigrants on “probationary legalstatus”could apply for permanentlegal status behind other immigrantsalready in the system.•People brought to the U.S.as children,and farmworkers,would have aquicker path to citizenship.Improve the legal immigration system:•Reduce backlogs in family andemployment visas;•Award green cards to immigrantswho obtain advanced degrees inscience,technology,engineering ormath from American universities.Strong employment verification:•Create non-forgeable electronicsystem for requiring prospectiveworkers to demonstrate legal statusand identity;•Stiff fines and criminal penalties foremployers who knowingly hire illegalimmigrants.Admitting new workers:•Employers could hire immigrants if they can demonstrate they wereunsuccessful in recruiting an Americanand the hiring of an immigrant will notdisplace American workers;•Create an agricultural workerprogram to meet the needs of thenation’s agriculture industry whenAmerican workers are not available;•Allow more lower-skilled immigrantsto come to the country when theeconomy is creating jobs,and fewerwhen it is not;•Permit workers who have succeededin the workplace and contributed totheir communities over years to earngreen cards.
Plan’s details
The San Mateo Daily Journal
800 S. Claremont St.,Suite 210,San Mateo,CA 94402
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 Talk show hostOprah Winfrey is59.
This Day in HistoryThought for the Day
Poet Robert Frost died in Boston at age88.
“And were an epitaph tobe my story I’d have a short one ready for my own.I would have written of me on my stone:‘I had a lover’s quarrel with the world.”’ 
— Robert Frost (1874-1963)
Actor Tom Selleck is 68.Actress HeatherGraham is 43.
In other news ...Birthdays
 The San Francisco Civic Center is decorated to celebrate the 49ers going to the Super Bowl.
:Sunny. Highs in the mid 50s.Northwest winds 10 to 20 mph.
Tuesday night:
Mostly clear. Lows in themid 40s. North winds 5 to 15 mph.
:Sunny. Highs in the upper50s. Northwest winds 5 to 10 mph.
Wednesday night:
Clear. Lows in theupper 40s. Northwest winds 5 to 10 mph.
Sunny. Highs in the lower 60s.
Thursday night through Friday night:
Mostly clear. Lows inthe upper 40s. Highs in the mid 60s.
Saturday through Monday
:Partly cloudy. Highs in the lower60s. Lows in the upper 40s.
Monday night
:Mostly clear. Lows in the mid 30s. West windsaround 5 mph.
:Sunny. Highs in the upper 50s.
Local Weather ForecastLotto
 The Daily Derby race winners are No.11 MoneyBags in first place;No.02 Lucky Star in secondplace;and No.09 Winning Spirit in third place. The race time was clocked at 1:41.60.
(Answers tomorrow)PROWLPURGE SEESAW CHANGEYesterday’sJumbles:Answer:What do you call a rabbit on the lawn? —AGRASS HOPPERNow arrange the circled lettersto form the surprise answer, assuggested by the above cartoon.
by David L. Hoyt and Jeff Knurek
Unscramble these four Jumbles,one letter to each square,to form four ordinary words.
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In 1820,
Britain’s King George III died at Windsor Castle.
In 1843,
the 25th president of the United States,WilliamMcKinley,was born in Niles,Ohio.
In 1845,
Edgar Allan Poe’s poem “The Raven”was first pub-lished in the New York Evening Mirror.
In 1861,
Kansas became the 34th state of the Union.
In 1863
,the Bear River Massacre took place as the U.S. Armyattacked Shoshone in present-day Idaho. The New York Stock & Exchange Board changed its name to the New York Stock Exchange.
In 1919,
the ratification of the 18th Amendment to theConstitution,which launched Prohibition,was certified byActing Secretary of State Frank L. Polk.
In 1929,
The Seeing Eye,a New Jersey-based school whichtrains guide dogs to assist the blind,was incorporated byDorothy Harrison Eustis and Morris Frank.
In 1936,
the first inductees of baseball’s Hall of Fame,includ-ing Ty Cobb and Babe Ruth,were named in Cooperstown,N.Y.
In 1958,
actors Paul Newman and Joanne Woodward weremarried in Las Vegas.
In 1963,
the first charter members of the Pro Football Hall of Fame were named in Canton,Ohio (they were enshrined whenthe Hall opened in September 1963).
In 1979,
President Jimmy Carter formally welcomed ChineseVice Premier Deng Xiaoping to the White House,followingthe establishment of diplomatic relations.
In 1998
,a bomb rocked an abortion clinic in Birmingham,Ala.,killing security guard Robert Sanderson and criticallyinjuring nurse Emily Lyons. (The bomber,Eric Rudolph,wascaptured in May 2003 and is serving a life sentence.)Actor Noel Harrison is 79. Author Germaine Greer is 74.Actress Katharine Ross is 73. Rhythm-and-blues singer BettyeLaVette is 67. Actor Marc Singer is 65. Actress Ann Jillian is 63.Rock musician Tommy Ramone (Ramones) is 61. Rock musi-cian Louie Perez (Los Lobos) is 60. Rhythm-and-blues/funk singer Charlie Wilson is 60. Country singer Irlene Mandrell is 57.Actress Diane Delano is 56. Actress Judy Norton Taylor (“TheWaltons”) is 55. Rock musician Johnny Spampinato is 54.Olympic gold-medal diver Greg Louganis is 53. Rock musicianDavid Baynton-Power (James) is 52. Rock musician EddieJackson (Queensryche) is 52. Actor Nicholas Turturro is 51.
Taylor Swifttalkssexier look,new tour
NEW YORK Taylor Swift saysyou can expect some of her bolderchoices of late —from her music toher sexier image —to be incorporated inher upcoming tour.Swift kicks off herworldwide tour inOmaha,Neb.,nextmonth in support of her latest album,“Red,which hassold more than 3 million copies since itsrelease last fall and produced two No. 1singles — “I Knew You Were Trouble”and “We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together,which is up for record of theyear at the Grammys next month.The 23-year-old has been showing amore revealing side lately,with plungingnecklines and shorter skirts. Swift saysshe’s just growing up and exploring newoptions,but assures fans she won’t begoing too far or revealing too much.
Stunt drivers close freeway
OAKLAND — The CaliforniaHighway Patrol is trying to locate agroup of drivers who briefly shut downpart of a San Francisco Bay area freewaywhile they performed stunts in the mid-dle of the road.Sgt. Rob Barrera said Monday that theCHP is confident that someone will beprosecuted for the brazen sideshow thatstopped traffic on Interstate 880 near theOakland Coliseum on Saturday after-noon. Barrera declined additional com-ment.Video clips show at least a half-dozencars peeling out from the shoulder anddoing doughnuts in the road while othervehicles stack up behind the demonstra-tion.
Library solves animalcontrol’s puppy poop problem
SAN FRANCISCO — SanFrancisco’s animal control agency isproving that the print editions of news-papers remain just as vital in the digitalage.The agency relies on the papers to linecages and catch its puppy’s poop. It isnow turning to the city’s public libraryto ensure a consistent newspaper supply.The agency will pick up newspapersfrom the library about twice a month.Agency supervisor Eric Zuercher saysthe arrangement has solved a big prob-lem,noting puppies are poop machines.The agency had previously relied onpublic contributions and donations fromthe Chronicle.
Actor Taye Diggscaptures burglary suspect
LOS ANGELES — Los Angelespolice say actor Taye Diggs chaseddown and captured aburglary suspect hefound rummagingthrough his garage.It happened afterthe “PrivatePractice”star andhis wife returned totheir Studio Cityhome from theScreen Actors GuildAwards,where Diggs was a presenter.LAPD spokesman Richard Frenchsays shortly before 11:30 p.m. Sunday,Diggs saw a man in his garage,appar-ently looking for items to steal.French says the man ran off,but Diggsfollowed him down the street and heldhim for police. Neither man was hurt.Twenty-year-old Hassan Juma wasarrested and remains jailed Monday on$50,000 bail.
Police:Shots fired,rapper Ross crashes Rolls
FORT LAUDERDALE,Fla. Police in South Florida say rapper Rick Ross crashed his Rolls Royce into abuilding after hearing shots fired nearby.Fort Lauderdale police say Ross andhis companion,fashion designerShateria L. Moragne-el,reported hear-ing multiple shots fired in their directionat around 5 a.m. Monday. Police sayRoss lost control of the silver Rolls andcrashed into an apartment building.
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 Jan.26 Su
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Taylor SwiftTaye Diggs
Duane Orville McDowell
November 11, 1922 – January 15, 2013
Duane McDowell never met a stranger.Standing in line, he would soon learn thenames of those around him, where they lived, and where they worked. He stroveto make others feel at home whether atchurch, at Sons in Retirement, or at the SanFrancisco Public Relations Roundtable.One of the first Press Secretaries on CapitolHill, Duane was a long-time community leader, political activist, and dedicatedchurch leader.Born in Fargo, North Dakota, he grew up inDepression and Dust Bowl era South Dakota. He remembered the dust storms rollingin, the banks closed by FDR and taking his savings, and his veterinarian father losinghis livelihood and home.He persevered, attending South Dakota State University and editing the studentpaper. After graduation in 1946 with a degree in journalism, he served as a reporterand columnist for the Rapid City Journal before moving to Washington, D.C.During World War II, Duane served as a drill instructor at Camp Walters, TX priorto being sent to Yale University to learn Chinese in preparation for an invasion thatnever came. Recalled during the Korean Conflict, he served as a combat engineer atthe 38th Parallel.In Washington, he worked for ten years as one of Capitol Hill’s first Press Secretariesfor Senator Karl Mundt (R-SD). After marrying the former Marion Moore and the birth of his son John, he movedback to South Dakota where he worked for the Winner Advocate and then becameExecutive Director of the South Dakota Republican Party. After moving to San Carlos in 1963, Duane worked for the National Associationof Manufacturers, was a public relations consultant to several businesses, and wasExecutive Director of the San Mateo County Fair and Convention Bureau.For twenty-five years, Duane served as Public Relations Consultant for the U.S.-ArabChamber of Commerce (Pacific) Inc., joining at its organization in 1974. There hepromoted trade between 13 western states and the Arab World. While working at the Chamber he joined the San Francisco Public RelationsRoundtable, serving as president and historian, and for many years delivering anannual Holiday humorous poem.He took leadership roles in community organizations. He was president of the SanCarlos Little League and the San Carlos High School athletic boosters and a leader with Boy Scout Troop and Post 153; the San Mateo County Council of the BSA awardedhim the Silver Beaver for his service. At Holy Trinity Lutheran Church in San Carlos, he warmly welcomed visitors, servedon the church council, taught bible study, was active in Men’s Breakfast, and sang inthe choir among other duties.He volunteered in Republican politics, elected several times by San Mateo County  voters to the county central committee. His living room was a favored spot forupcoming elected officials, launching campaigns from school board to congress.In retirement, Duane was active in Sons in Retirement, Branch 90 where he sang inthe Carlmonteers and was elected Big Sir. He was a regular at San Carlos Chamber of Commerce events where he enjoyed promoting local businesses.In 2010, he moved to the Sunny View Retirement Community in Cupertino. Survived by his wife Marion McDowell and his son John McDowell, all who knew him miss his wit, hisstories, his poems, his gentlemanly manor, and his passion for community progress.The family will hold a private memorial; those wishing to honor his memory areencouraged to donate to Holy Trinity Lutheran Church in San Carlos, CA.
. A vehicle caught on fire on ElCerrito Avenue and North El Camino Realbefore 8:38 a.m. on Sunday,Jan. 27.
Two people were arrested forhitting others with a baseball bat on the 400block of Studio Circle before 11:35 p.m. onSaturday,Jan. 26.
. A car was broken into at a gymparking lot on on the 500 block of South ElCamino Real before 2:13 p.m. on Saturday,Jan. 26.
. A man was seen smoking marijuananear a creek at a park on East Third Avenueand Fremont Street before 12:24 p.m. onSaturday,Jan. 26.
. A commercial property was brokeninto and a cash register was stolen on the 100block of South El Camino Real before 10:52a.m. on Saturday,Jan. 26.
. A landlord and a tenant wereinvolved in an altercation on the 100 block of North Grant Street before 3:10 p.m. on Friday,Jan. 25.
A vehicle was broken into on the 1800block of Nash Drive before 8:19 a.m. onFriday,Jan. 25.
A man was arrested for having a$10,000 outstanding warrant on the firstblock of Spruce Street before 6:49 a.m. onThursday,Jan. 24.
A man was arrested for being in pos-session of a controlled substance on the 300block of El Camino Real before 2:48 a.m. onThursday,Jan. 24.
Grand theft.
A vehicle was reportedlystolen from the 1300 block of El CaminoReal before 6 p.m. on Sunday,Jan. 20.
. A man was arrested for an outstand-ing warrant on the first block of SpruceAvenue before 6:59 a.m. on Saturday,Jan.19.
. A person was detained for beingunder the influence of a controlled substanceon the first block of El Camino Real onWednesday,Jan. 16.
. A man wasarrested for obstructingan officer on the first block of El Camino Realbefore 9:43 on Tuesday,Jan. 15.
Police reports
Buy! Bye!
Solicitors refused to leave a woman’sporch on the 800 block of ColumbiaDrive in San Mateo before 6:45 p.m. onThursday,Jan. 24.
By Heather Murtagh
Belmont officials are seeking public inputduring a special meeting tonight on how touse 35 acres of land in San Juan Canyonbefore making any decision.The land was purchased in 2009 and theCity Council held a study session in Octoberto talk with developers about possible usesfor the land. Since then,the city has met withthe community to answer questions and dis-cuss concerns. Tonight,the hope is to contin-ue gathering public input and possibly allowthe City Council to give staff direction,saidCommunity Development Director Carlos deMelo.In October,three developers gave presenta-tions to the council and land owners MichaelMelliar-Smith and Louise Moser made apitch to the city for it to acquire their 18-acrehorse ranch to be combined with the SanJuan Canyon lots. At the time,developersMingstan Development,Mayacama PartnersLLC and Paul Goswamy made presentationsto the city. Since then,MingstonDevelopment has pulled itself from possiblyworking on the project,said de Melo.Much of the property is on steep slopesand is considered undevelopable and theremainder of the open space will be connect-ed to Belmont’s trail system in the hills.About 22 acres are suitable to develop onBishop Road and Marsten and Ralstonavenues.The primary expectations of the developerare to develop only those portions of the sitethat are deemed suitable for residentialhomes and identify the best uses for the bal-ance of the open spaceThe city has previously proposed to sell off a portion of the property for homes and touse some of those proceeds to purchase adja-cent open space.Low-density,single-family homes are pro-posed for the land.The property has a total of 87 plots includ-ed in the purchase that the city bid on in anauction held by the U.S. Marshals Service in2009.The city paid $1.4 million on four groupsof property,which included taxes and fees.The purchase was made using an internalloan from the city’s fleet account. That obli-gation was recently at about $1.5 million,said de Melo.Selling some of the plots for homes willhelp pay for the original purchase of the land.The Belmont City Council meets 7 p.m.tonight,City Hall,1 Twin Pines Lane in theemergency operations center room on thesecond floor.
heather@smdailyjournal.com(650) 344-5200 ext. 105
Belmont to discuss use of San Juan Canyon property
Officials seek input on possible home development

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