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Strength Finder-David McKinney

Strength Finder-David McKinney

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Published by David McKinney
These are the results of the Leadership Strength Finder test that I took. Very interesting! I agree with the overall picture it gives me as a someone who is relational in my leadership style, a connector, empathetic loves developing ideas and is adaptable to situations.
These are the results of the Leadership Strength Finder test that I took. Very interesting! I agree with the overall picture it gives me as a someone who is relational in my leadership style, a connector, empathetic loves developing ideas and is adaptable to situations.

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Published by: David McKinney on Feb 13, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Strengths-Based Leadership Report
(with your personalized Strengths Insights)
Strengths-Based Leadership Report
Leader:David McKinney
Gallup found that it serves a team well to have a representation of strengths in each of the four domains of leadership strength: Executing, Influencing, Relationship Building, and Strategic Thinking.Instead of one dominant leader who tries to do everything or individuals who all have similar strengths, contributions from all four domains lead to a strong and cohesive team. This doesn't meanthat each person on a team must have strengths exclusively in a single category. In most cases, eachteam member will possess some strength in multiple domains. According to our latest research, the 34 Clifton StrengthsFinder themes naturally cluster into thesefour domains of leadership strength. See below for how your top five themes sort into the four domains. As you think about how you can contribute to a team and who you need to surround yourself with, this may be a good starting point.
Your Top Five Clifton StrengthsFinder Themes
ExecutingInfluencingRelationshipBuildingStrategic Thinking
ConnectednessIdeationEmpathyDeveloper  Adaptability
Your Personalized Strengths Insights
Because of your strengths, you continually seek wisdom from people with whom you have intelligentconversations. You not only listen but also share your thoughts. In the process, you are likely to movebeyond concrete facts. Your curiosity draws you to speculate — that is, reflect or wonder — abouttheories, ideas, or concepts. To keep your mind fresh, you frequently quiz individuals who are equallyfascinated with the intangible and abstract aspects of life. Driven by your talents, you rely on your 211730518 (David McKinney)© 2000, 2006-2012 Gallup, Inc. All rights reserved.
awareness of others’ feelings, thoughts, and needs to guide you into and through partnerships. Youconsider various ways to initiate, nurture, and sustain the linkages between individuals and groups.You bring people together. You help them discover reasons to cooperate and support one another.Instinctively, you sense that everything in life is somehow interrelated and interdependent. This ideasteels — that is, fortifies — you to calmly face most of life’s challenges and difficulties. It’s very likelythat you sense you are linked to all humanity. You contend that harming another human beingeventually harms you. Misusing the environment has personal consequences, you argue. Thisperspective on life influences your thoughts, actions, decisions, or choices. Chances are good thatyou might be determined to do good for people and/or the environment. Perhaps you are puzzled bypeople who cause harm without realizing they are hurting themselves.
Because of your strengths, you are keenly aware of others’ moods. Your insights can be especiallyvaluable when you are helping someone develop strength by acquiring a skill, gaining knowledge, or using a talent. Instinctively, you are pleased when people entrust you with their deepest feelings,thoughts, or needs. Often you anticipate what they will say before they find the exact words to expressthemselves. Driven by your talents, you bring an emotional awareness to conversations. Many times,you ease the stress of individuals when they are about to make an important decision. You can alsocalm those who are struggling with the uncertainty of change. You are likely to pose probing questionsto direct the thinking of others. However, you refrain from telling people what they should and shouldnot do. It’s very likely that you trust your intuition. Often it allows you to resolve difficult issues andunravel perplexing puzzles. It probably enables you to overcome obstacles that block others. Chancesare good that you may sense the good qualities certain people possess. Perhaps you find somethingto like in many individuals you meet. Sometimes you remind others of the reasons why you think aperson is special. In the process, you might boost the self-esteem or confidence of a newcomer.
Because of your strengths, you support the people around you by acknowledging their outstandingaccomplishments and stellar performances. By nature, you seek opportunities to tell others aboutfacts you know or experiences you have had. You allow people to broaden your understanding withtheir original ideas. You have discovered that “the life of the mind” is a joint effort. You receive fromother thinkers as many — and sometimes even more — insights as you provide them. Thinking withindividuals or groups stimulates your creativity. You realize it makes each day worth living. It’s verylikely that you are determined to discover each person’s uniqueness. A compassionate individual, youtune in to the emotions of your coworkers, teammates, classmates, friends, or family members. Youprobably dare to name people’s feelings. This is one way you help them talk through their disappointment, anger, sadness, joy, success, or satisfaction. Driven by your talents, youspontaneously tune in to the emotions and needs of individuals. Your intuitive insights tell you when aperson needs to be cheered up, offered support, or given approval. This special gift of yours helpspeople grow personally and professionally. It also frees them to feel good about themselves and whatthey can do. Chances are good that you may be a bit happier with your own life when you canconvince certain individuals they are valuable. Perhaps you express appreciation for their upbeatattitudes or their special talents. When you realize someone feels glum, you might make an effort toboost that person’s spirits.211730518 (David McKinney)© 2000, 2006-2012 Gallup, Inc. All rights reserved.

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