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Runescape Million Guide

Runescape Million Guide

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Published by SigmaPhi Dipe

Runescape Million Guide

Runescape Million Guide

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Published by: SigmaPhi Dipe on Feb 14, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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© 2003 – 2008
RunescapeGuide.com ver.11.08 - 1 -
The Unofficial Runescape Guide toMaking Millions!
Learn the Secrets that Jagex does notwant you to know!
© 2003 – 2008
RunescapeGuide.com ver.11.08 - 2 -
Table of Contents
IntroductionChapter 1 ----------- Getting Started with Mad CowChapter 2 ----------- Turning 34,000gp to 1,000,000gpChapter 3 ----------- Behind Steel BarsChapter 4 ----------- Running NewtsChapter 5 ----------- Running Fly Fishing RodsChapter 6 ----------- Wine of Zamorak Chapter 7 ----------- Running Raw Chickens F2PChapter 8 ----------- Running Raw Chickens*Members Only*Chapter 9 ----------- Boom! Cannonballs can make you rich!*Members Only* Chapter 10 --------- Snape Grass*Members Only* Chapter 11 ---------- Bow Strings and Flax*Members Only* Chapter 12 ---------- Skills that can Make you Rich.Please note that you do not have resale rights or give away rights to thisbook. Only customers who have purchased this book have the right to viewit.All rights reserved. Unauthorized distribution, resell, or copying of thismaterial is unlawful. No portion of this book may be copied or resoldwithout written permission. We reserved the right to use the full force ofthe law in the protection of this intellectual property including the contents,ideas, and expressions contained herein.Copyright ©2003-2008Disclaimer: The information contained here in is offered by a third partyindividual and is not endorsed, supported by, or authorized by Jagex, anyof its employees or its subsidiaries. Runescape™ is a registered trademarkof Jagex Ltd.
© 2003 – 2008
RunescapeGuide.com ver.11.08 - 3 -
Chapter 1 – Getting started with Mad Cow
You begin the game in Lumbridge, so that is where we will start.Step 1.First thing to do is go to the bank and deposit all your items except your gold.(The bank in Lumbridge is on the top floor of Lumbridge castle.)Step 2.Head to the cow field. (It is north-east of the city. Leave the castle and cross the bridge.Head north and you will see a field to the east where there are cows.) There should beseveral people there building up their experience by attacking the cows. That’s okay forthem, but you just want the hides. (Don’t worry the cows will not attack you unless youattack them.) Pick up as many hides as you can. If no hides are around because everyoneis picking them up before you do, simply world-hop to a another world.Step 3.Once you have a full inventory of cow-hides (and your gp’s), go to the toll gate south ofthe cow-field and pay the 10 gp toll to pass. Travel south toward the bank in Al-Khalid.Just north of the bank is the tanner named Ellis. Talk to him and turn your cowhides intoleather. Now continue on to the bank and deposit all of your leather.Repeat Steps 2 and 3 eight times and you should have 27x8=216 leather.Step 4.Withdraw your leather in note form and take it to the Grand Exchange.Sell your leather for 160 gp’s each. 216x160= 34,560 gp’sNote. If you do not know where the places are that we talk about in this guide, you can finda world map in the game.

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