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Joel Salatin @ Stanford (Feb 2009) talk notes

Joel Salatin @ Stanford (Feb 2009) talk notes



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Published by lwu.two
As scribed by Stanford student Nicole W
As scribed by Stanford student Nicole W

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Published by: lwu.two on Feb 20, 2009
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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 Joel Salatin.Notes
 Jesse Cool intro:
“conscious and conscientious farming and cooking”
organic was not always mainstream, and to hear that wordapplied to what we do is humbling.
Polyface Farms: “we’re not just two-faced, we’re many faced”
Shenendoah Valley: bread-basket for the Confederacy during thewar of Northern aggression
Full of buffalo, elk, prairie chickens, pheasants, wolves,coyotes, bears
“chickens expressing their chicken-ness”
parts oriented
wholism, community based, about us, we are all relative, thewhole is worth more than the sum of the parts
a world-viewfrom the east, not what we get here
important for transpiration, hydrological cycle, wildlife,carbon sequestration
like any resource its greatest stewardship is created whenwe have a value associated with it
“I’ll be very transparent with you, this is full disclosure, I’ma Christian libertarian environmentalist capitalist lunatic”
sell a lot of firewood from the farm, which people come topick up, don’t deliver
we give men in our community a reason to own a pick-uptruck to justify it to their wives
use highly capitalized equipment, when it becomesobsolete it is very hard for the family to transition
using multiple use equipment frees up the nextgeneration
by having multiple use with our infrastructure so itsall portable and easily adaptable to other things
part of our ministry is to create food and fiber experiences thatare so sensual pleasing that we can incorporate the butcher, thebaker and the candlestick maker so people can see what goes inthe front door and what comes out the back door
our communist machine: makes all the lumber all the same size
cows are dropping 50 pounds of material every day out theirback ends
cattle feeding:
bedding of manure and hay, add corn to it to ferment, cowstromp on it and get out all the oxygen which makes it evenmore fermented
the feeding trough is on pulleys so it can accommodate thegrowing compost layer
then, bring in the pigerator
Pigs go in and go after the corn—they love to do it
 This allows the pigs to fully express their pig-ness—theirindividual physiological distinctiveness
 The US-Duh (USDA):
Only thing that matters is can we grow it faster, fatter,bigger and cheaper
We all know that’s not the only goal
Our culture views these animals as so many pounds of protoplasmic material
A culture that views this life in that disrespectful dishonoring wayof hubris will view its own citizens the same way, and othercultures the same way
Suddenly we have an ethic, a seamless ethic, that runs from fieldto fork
 That’s the way you build an ethic
Our culture would regain its moral high-ground in the world
if it moved to a little more humility instead of hubris
Suddenly we build a sacredness and a mobility to this mundanetask of eating and drinking and making merry. Its not just fatter,faster, bigger, cheaper. There are other issues involved.
 The problem is we’ve called our manure waste. California is nowburning manure to create electricity. Isn’t it disingenuous whatwe look down upon cultures like India that scavenge nativeforests for electricity—this is no worse.
Urban Dilbert Cubical Refugees
For a century farmers have been trying to figure out how to gettheir stuff to market, but now the market is coming to us
Facility is multiple use
Architecturally, this is the way the third world builds.
 This creates team persona with the animals. Those pigs are justbacon, they are fellow team players in this great healing sacredcalling!
 The pigs are then released to the pastures.
 They tear up an area when they are in it, but this is veryshort term disturbance
A lot of progress happens in life with short-termdisturbance. Our times of growth as people, andlearning, are short-term disturbances. Exams,difficult conversations, etc are short-termdisturbances, but are also times of growth andmovement.
Gradually, what you get is the encroachment of asavannah
We never planted a seed, we didn’t do any tillage; itssimply very very carefully timed disturbance.
 The pigs finish on acorns in the forest.
When you begin using the kinds of systems we do, if that werewidespread it would completely turn around the halls of powerand politics in this movement, and there are a lot of people inWall Street that don’t want to see that

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