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Published by illmrpinheiro
Paradoxes are outdated concepts. Here, I prove it.
Paradoxes are outdated concepts. Here, I prove it.

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Published by: illmrpinheiro on Feb 24, 2009
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Note on paradoxesI. M. R. Pinheiro 
In this research note, we wish to discuss the idea of paradox and actuallyexclude the term from the scientific world of terms.
Sorites, Liar, Parallax, mistake, paradox, Bloom, taxonomy, science,standards.
1. Introduction
The inspiration for this note comes from the fact that we have proven, recently, that oneof the best known paradoxes in Philosophy could not, possibly, have been less than anequivocated interpretation of an allurement to exhibit the beauties of the naturallanguage.We have, then, gone through all possible paradox classifications for the Sorites and proven that, at most, it could be a paradox of communication, never of reference, or others.In an even more recent piece of research, we have managed to also prove that the Liar 
1 PO Box 12396, A’Beckett st, Melbourne, VIC, AU, 3000, illmrpinheiro@gmail.com
 I. M. R. Pinheiro1
Paradox is, once more, not a paradox. The difficulty noticed in human kind, which allows people to wrongly believe it is a paradox, is that of accepting the flexibility, diversity, andnon-logical allowances that a human being has got on Earth, what actually can only makethe World more perfect, not the opposite, as the people having problems with all that maythink. It is definitely not an intention of Science to ‘box’ human beings in the same boundaries as an electronic equipment, it is at most using the electronic equipment tomake human beings even more perfect, when they are found dissatisfied with someaspect of their lives or bodies, for Science has been created to improve the World andmake it more comfortable, as well as acceptable, by human beings, not the opposite.Anything which confines human reasoning to machines will be limiting, by large, human pleasure with life and the own World elements. It is not proper that a true scientist tries toconfine any aspect of human normal interaction with the World inside of the machineworld, for Science is there to solve the needs of human kind, not to change human kind:still the same story, the same difference, between creating a new problem and solving theoriginally proposed problems… Normal things become a puzzle only for those who obviously do not accept humandegrees of freedom, especially in discourse. Trivially, there is no freer place to be at thanthe human expression, Arts there as evidence: from songs of only one word, or evennone, to songs with different words from beginning to end, entire sound time taken bythem…In this paper, we hold only a few sections: development (2), conclusions (3), andreferences (4).
 I. M. R. Pinheiro2
2. Development
Paradox is a word appearing defined, for instance, in [1]. In the one of the most popular dictionaries in current use it reads:Main Entry: par·a·dox javascript:popWin('/cgi- bin/audio.pl?parado02.wav=paradox')Pronunciation: \'per-ə-ks, 'pa-rə-\ Function:
Etymology: Latin
from Greek 
from neuter of 
contrary to expectation, from
to think, seem — more at decentDate: 1540.1
a tenet contrary to received opinion2 a
a statement that is seemingly contradictory or opposed to common sense and yet is perhaps true b
a self-contradictory statement that atfirst seems true c
an argument that apparently derives self-contradictory conclusions byvalid deduction from acceptable premises3
one (as a person, situation, or action) havingseemingly contradictory qualities or phases``.Therefore, the undeniable characteristic of any event of scientific nature labeled as paradox, or pointed to as a paradox, by any human being, must be having at least two possible inferences from the same set of premises, one clearly being the opposite of theother.
 I. M. R. Pinheiro3

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