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Published by: Frances Sullivan Brandt on Mar 01, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Wednesday, March 20, 201312:30-1:15Outlining the Personal Citizenship PledgeGOALS/OBJECTIVES
SWBAT outline their Personal Citizenship Pledge using the graphic organizer
1.4.2.A Write informative/explanatory texts to examine a topic and conveyideas and information clearly.2.
1.4.2. B Identify and introduce the topic3.
1.4.2.C Develop the topic with facts and/or definitions
Overhead projector
Transparency with a version of my graphic organizer
Written copy of my Personal Citizenship Pledge
Graphic Organizer Worksheet (1 per student)
Create graphic organizer worksheet 
Photocopy my graphic organizer onto a transparency
Students will be seated on the rug for the beginning of the lesson as Iintroduce my Personal Citizenship Pledge and we discuss a time that they acted out of character/were not a good citizen, what they could have done differently, andcharacter traits that describe the type of citizen they want to work to be.Students will transition to their desks so that I can model the use of thegraphic organizer on the overhead projector and so that they can work on their ownindependently.
Management issues
I do not anticipate any major behavior management issues. If they do arise, Iwill move students closer to me on the carpet or stop and remind them to stay ontask.
For the next few days you all will be writing a Personal Citizenship Pledge in
response to JFK’s call. You will be thinking about his big question, “What can I do for Room 119?” Your pledge will include a trait that you want to work toward becoming,
and the actions you are going to take to do so. On Friday we will have a swearing-in
ceremony, and you will all be sworn-in as citizens of Room 119 by reading your  pledges! 
“I Do”
-Model With My Pledge
“Sometimes I get overwhelmed when lots of students ask me questions and I lose
my patience. When this happens I am not a very good listener
I ignore people orinterrupt them.As a citizen of Room 119 I pledge to be more patient. I will look at the person who istalking to me. I will pay attention to what they are saying. I will not cut them off, Iwill wait to respond un
til they are done talking.”“We Do”
- Teaching Self-Reflection1.) Think about a time when you acted out of character:
 Just like the characters we read about in our stories, sometimes we do things when we
are feeling upset or confused or frustrated that we wouldn’t normally do.
Think back to ____________ in the book Wanted: Best Friend. He got upset with his friend and dec
ided that he didn’t want to be friends anymore, so he said some mean things to him.
But he realized later on that he was wrong, and so he apologized. We described him
using the character trait ‘thoughtful’ because he recognized his mistake.
 Think about a time when you did something in school that seemed out of character.Maybe you got annoyed with a classmate and yelled at them, or you got mad or 
anxious when you didn’t understand something and you gave up, or you noticed that a
classmate needed help but yo
u didn’t offer any.
Call on a few students.2.) Think about something that you could have done differently (actions):
Good citizens are not people who always do the right thing and are absolutely perfect.Good citizens are people who recognize when they make mistakes and try to fix them.Good citizens think about what they could do differently the next time.
(Makeconnection to a character who made a mistake but thought about how he/she couldfix it.)Students share out some of their ideas.
So what could you have done differently? Think about actions that you could havetaken.
Go back to one of the students that shared originally and have them answer thisquestion.3.) Think about a character trait that would help you in that situation if it came upagain
Now, here’s the part that is going to be a bit more challenging.
Think back to that timewhen you acted out of character. What is a character trait that would help you in that situation if it came up again? Is there a character trait that describes the type of  person you want to be more of? 
Go back to same student’s example and offer a suggestion of a trait that that stud
ent could try to be more of.*Transition to desks
“We Do”
--Components of PledgeDescribe three components of the pledge1.
A time when you have acted out of character/not been a good citizen2.
A trait that you would would like to work toward becoming more of in orderto make sure that you are always a good citizen3.
3 actions that you will take to support the trait that you are working onModel three components of the pledge. Use overhead projector to show students thegraphic organizer with the thoughts and ideas for my pledge filled in.
“You Do”—
Students Begin to Fill in Graphic OrganizerEach student will fill in the graphic organizer individually.
Formal assessment will occur through the individual graphic organizers. Iwill look them over at the end of the lesson to get a sense of how much each of themwas able to get done, how well the understand the task, and how well they areexecuting.Informal assessment will occur through teacher observation. I will payattention to student responses during the class discussion on the carpet.
I anticipate that it may be challenging for many of the students to outlinetheir pledges in a way that is thoughtful and deliberate. It would be very easy for
them to give a ‘canned answer,’ like “
As a citizen of Room 119 I pledge to be morekind
I am asking them to do some real self-reflection, and that can be hard forsecond graders
—it’s hard for many adults!
I have built a lot of scaffolding into the

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