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army the army physical security program

army the army physical security program

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Published by PlainNormalGuy2

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Published by: PlainNormalGuy2 on Mar 06, 2009
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Army Regulation 190\u201313
Military Police
The Army



Department of the Army
Washington, DC
30 September 1993

AR 190\u201313
The Army Physical Security Program
This revision-

o Consolidates AR 190-13 and AR 15-15, Department of the Army Physical Security Review Board (DAPSRB), and incorporates policy on the purpose, function, composition of the DAPSRB (chap 7).

o Addresses command responsibility for a crime prevention program (para 2-2).
o Revises DA Form 4261 and DA Form 4261-1 (Physical Security Inspector
Identification Card) (paras 3-1 and 3-2).
o Redesignates site surveys as security engineering surveys. Modifies Physical
Security Equipment Management Program objectives (para 2-14).

o Identifies the establishment, purpose, functions, and composition of the Department of the Army (DA) Physical Security Equipment Action Group (PSEAG) (para 4-4).

o Redesignates the Product Manager for Physical Security Equipment (PM-PSE) to
the Physical Security Equipment Manager, Physical Security Equipment
Management Office (PSEMO) (para 4-5).
o Adds an outline of the establishment and specific functions of the Physical
Security Equipment Working Group (para 4-6).
o Addresses intrusion detection systems (IDS) by: revising the priority for
installation of IDS based on the level of security needed (para 4-9);
discussing planning for IDS (para 4-15); establishing new priorities and
priority codes for the IDS (table 4-1).
o Outlines security force procedures, inspections, and security patrol plans
(chap 8).

o Authorizes exact replication of any Department of the Army and Department of Defense forms that are prescribed in this regulation and are generated by the automated Military Police Management Information System in place of the official printed version of the forms (app A).


Department of the Army
Washington, DC
30 September 1993

Military Police
The Army Physical Security Program
*Army Regulation 190\u201313
Effective 30 October 1993
History. This UPDATE printing publishes a

revision of this publication. Because the structure of the entire revised text has been reorganized, no attempt has been made to highlight changes from the earlier regulation dated 20 June 1985.

Summary. This regulation implements

DOD 5200.8\u2013R, Physical Security Program, and DODD 3224.3, Physical Security Equip- ment (PSE): Assignment of Responsibility for Research, Development, Testing, Evalua- tion, Production, Procurement, Deployment, and Support and consolidates two regulations pertaining to physical security: AR 190\u201313 and AR 15\u20135. It prescribes policies, proce- dures, and guidance to plan and implement the Department of the Army Physical Secu- rity Program, to include the functions and membership of the Department of the Army

Physical Security Review Board, and the De- partment of the Army Physical Security Equipment Action Group. It provides general guidance concerning requirements for and use of physical security equipment; the ap- pointment of physical security officers and inspectors; physical security credentials, identification cards and badges; restricted areas; and security forces.

Applicability. This regulation applies to all

units of the Active Army, the Army National Guard, the U.S. Army Reserve, and the Re- serve Officers\u2019 Training Corps when in Fed- eral Service that control, move, store, maintain, or secure Army materiel, equip- ment, and personal property unless exempted by other regulations. This publication applies during partial and full mobilization.

Proponent and exception authority.

The proponent of this regulation is the Dep- uty Chief of Staff for Operations and Plans. The Deputy Chief of Staff for Operations and Plans has the authority to approve exceptions to this regulation that are consistent with con- trolling law and regulation. The Deputy Chief of Staff for Operations and Plans may dele- gate this authority in writing to a division chief within the proponent agency who holds a grade of colonel or the civilian equivalent. The approval authority will coordinate all questions regarding the scope of authority to approve exceptions with HQDA(DAJA\u2013AL), WASH, DC 20310\u20130200.

Army management control process.
This regulation is subject to the requirements

of AR 11\u20132. It contains internal control pro- visions, but does not contain a checklist for conducting internal control reviews. This checklist is contained in DA Circular 11\u201389\u20132.

Supplementation. Supplementation of this

regulation and establishment of command and local forms is prohibited without prior approval from HQDA(DAMO\u2013ODL\u2013S), 400 ARMY PENTAGON, WASH, DC 20310\u20130400.

Interim changes. Interim changes to this

regulation are not official unless they are au- thenticated by the Administrative Assistant to the Secretary of the Army. Users will destroy interim changes on their expiration dates un- less sooner superseded or rescinded.

Suggested Improvements. Users are in-

vited to send comments and suggested im- provements on DA Form 2028 (Recommended Changes to Publications and Blank Forms) directly to HQDA(DAMO\u2013ODL\u2013S), 400 ARMY PEN- TAGON, WASH, DC 20310\u20130400.

Distribution. Distribution of this publica-

tion is made in accordance with the require- ments on DA Form 12\u201309\u2013E, block 2568, intended for command levels A, B, C, D, and E for the Active Army and Army National Guard and the U.S. Army Reserve.

Contents (Listed by paragraph and page number)
Chapter 1
General, page 1
Section I
Introduction, page 1

Purpose \u2022 1\u20131, page 1
References \u2022 1\u20132, page 1
Explanation of abbreviations and terms \u2022 1\u20133, page 1

Section II
Responsibilities, page 1
Assistant Secretary of the Army (Installations, Logistics and
Environment) (ASA(I,L&E)) \u2022 1\u20134, page 1
Assistant Secretary of the Army (Research, Development, and
Acquisition) (ASA(RDA)) \u2022 1\u20135, page 1
Deputy Chief of Staff for Operations and Plans (DCSOPS) \u2022 1\u20136,
page 1

Deputy Chief of Staff for Logistics (DCSLOG) \u2022 1\u20137, page 1
Deputy Chief of Staff for Personnel (DCSPER) \u2022 1\u20138, page 1
Deputy Chief of Staff for Intelligence (DCSINT) \u2022 1\u20139, page 1
The Inspector General \u2022 1\u201310, page 1
The Surgeon General \u2022 1\u201311, page 1
The Auditor General \u2022 1\u201312, page 1
Headquarters, USACE \u2022 1\u201313, page 1
Chief of Engineers (COE) \u2022 1\u201314, page 2
The Chief, Army Reserve \u2022 1\u201315, page 2
The Chief, National Guard Bureau \u2022 1\u201316, page 2
The CG, TRADOC \u2022 1\u201317, page 2
CG, AMC \u2022 1\u201318, page 2

CG, U.S. Army Information Systems Command (USAISC) \u2022 1\u201319,
page 3
*This regulation supersedes AR 15\u201315, 8 February 1977, and AR 190\u201313, 20 June 1985.
AR 190\u201313 \u2022 30 September 1993

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