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Jaggery Plant Powered by Free of Cost Steam

Jaggery Plant Powered by Free of Cost Steam

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Published by Michael Odiembo

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Published by: Michael Odiembo on Mar 17, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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In Jaggery making plants, sugarcane crusher is driven by electric motor or dieselengine. To get electric connection in farms is very difficult, expensive and timetaking and then also electric power is not supplied round the clock. So electricconnection is not enough. Where sugarcane crusher is driven by diesel engine, itbecomes too costly as diesel has become expensive.I can suggest very simple innovative scheme to run entire jaggery plant with freeof cost energy i.e.with steam engine and simultaneously double the production ofjaggery with the same quantity of bagasse. So you will not require electricity andyou will not require diesel. This innovative scheme is described as under.Lot of heat is wasted in a flue gases going to chimney in a juice boiling furnacerun by bagasse. This heat going to waste can be utilized to generate steam byinstalling long steel chimney of 600mm dia x 10m long and installing mono tubeboiler inside the chimney at the bottom. We can supply chimney and mono tubeboiler both if you cannot make it.MONOTUBE BOILERMono tube boiler will consist of 1" pipe coil of 47 cm OD (18.5" OD) and coil pitchwill be 3" and 18 turns just like spring. Total height of the coil will be 18 x 3 = 54".Total length of the 1" pipe used in this coil will be 80 ft or say 24 m. On the top ofthis coil will be placed another smaller coil of 1" dia pipe, 14" OD and 18 turnswith 3" pitch as per previous coil. Total length of the one 1" pipe used in this coilwill be 60 ft or say 18 m. So total height of both the coils, one above another willbe 54" + 54" = 108" i.e 9 ft. Both these coils will be inside the chimney from thebottom to 9 ft height. Water will be introduced in to the coil at the top of thesmaller coil and steam can be taken out from the bottom of the bigger coil. Thecubic content of this mono tube boiler will be less than 21 liters and hence BoilerAct will not be applicable. Water feed pump will be required to push the water intomono tube boiler. It may be powered by 1 HP electric motor with variable drive.Mostly it is expected that dry steam will be available at the discharge of the monotube boiler but for ensuring dry steam, centrifugal water separator will be
installed before steam goes to steam engine. It is expected that this mono tubeboiler will be able to give 250 to 300 kg of steam per hour which will be more thanenough to drive 14 HP steam engine produced by us, which will run sugarcanecrusher of 30 tons capacity per hour.This will be the simplest and the cheapest arrangement as investment in boilerwill be the lowest and steam is obtained free of cost from the waste heat of thejuice boiling furnace. Anybody having some technical skill can manufacture thismono tube boiler and put into the chimney, which also can be, fabricated locallyanywhere. If this becomes successful, then it will bring revolution in the entireworld because it will save 35 to 40 liter diesel every day and hence jaggery plantwill become highly viable and big sugar factories cannot compete to it.CHIMNEY PERFORMANCEOne engineer has made experiment of installing 30 ft chimney of 600mm dia andhe found very encouraging result that juice boiling becomes double faster so thatdouble quantity of jaggery is produced from the same furnace and still goinghuge quantity of heat into the flue gases. He did not install any mono tube boiler.He found that flue gas temperature was 380 degree Celsius and flow rate was 40cubic meter per hour at the speed of 4.7 meter per second. One highlyexperienced thermal engineer of South India confirmed that about 20 KW powercan be generated from the waste heat of the chimney by installing mono tubeboiler in the chimney. So there is huge scope of utilizing the waste heat and togenerate steam free of cost.We can supply complete set of equipments i.e. mono tube boiler, chimney, steamengine, water feed pump, centrifugal separator etc. Proforma invoice on request.
V K DESAIAADHUNIK GLOBAL ENERGYTINYTECH PLANTSTAGORE ROADRAJKOT 360002INDIAPHONES91 281 248 0166 (office)91 281 246 7552 (fax)91 92 27 60 65 70 (mobile)
EMAIL energy@tinytechindia.comtinytech@tinytechindia.comWEB www.tinytechindia.com
C/oTINYTECH PLANTS,Tagore Road, Rajkot - 360 002, INDIAMobile # 91-9227 60 65 70, Tel. 91-281-2480166 Fax # 91-281-2467552 Email : tinytech@tinytechindia.com Website : www.tinytechindia.com
5-10-2012To,Michel Fleurant<emfleurant@yahoo.com>
Complete steam powered jaggery plant consisting of
(1) 3 Roller Sugarcane crusher for jaggery making, capacity1250 Kg. per hour with oil bath closed gear box. completewith all standard accessories i.e. beltings, pulleys, foundationbolts etc.
(2) Steam Engine 14 HP with Water Feed Pump driven by variable drive of 1 hp.(3) Centrifugal Water Separator(4) Centrifugal pump for juice transfer.(5) Mono Tube Boiler of 1" pipe coil, 140 ft long wound into coils 9 ft high.(6) 10 mt Long Flue Gas Chimney for jaggery boiling furnace complete with baseflange. (600mm dia x 3.75m + 500mm dia x 6.25m)
Payment & Delivery :-

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