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DCM Constitution by DTS

DCM Constitution by DTS

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Published by Dai Thetsaw

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Published by: Dai Thetsaw on Mar 20, 2009
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Hearts, Heads and Hands Together
Dai Community Constitution
( Dai Community in Malaysia )
Prepared by: [DCM]
3/20/2009[Hearts, Heads and Hands Together]2
1.To solve together the social issues and problems among Daipeople.2.To try our best for getting the equal Human Rights as well asother ethnic groups and organizations.3.To uplift, preserve and maintain Dai traditional cultures andsocieties.4.To encourage friendly and peaceful intercommunicationamong Dai people who live in around the world.5.To cooperate and coordinate with other ethnic groups andinternational societies for the outcomes of developing theprogress of all aspects of Dai society.6.To take care of Dai refugees and help for their resettlementprocesses.7.To educate Dai refugee children who live in Malaysia.8.To upraise and to help Dai people social, political andeconomical situations who live in the native Dai land.9.To outcome not only for the future leaders of Dai people butalso for becoming of the world leaders.
3/20/2009[Hearts, Heads and Hands Together]3
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