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Maxine Waters Interview The Truth About Cocaine Contras and the CIA1996

Maxine Waters Interview The Truth About Cocaine Contras and the CIA1996

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Published by Chad B Harper
Maxine Waters 1996 Interview. Part of the background for the upcoming 2013 Movie starring Jeremy Renner on the Life of Journalist Gary Webb "Kill The Messenger"
Maxine Waters 1996 Interview. Part of the background for the upcoming 2013 Movie starring Jeremy Renner on the Life of Journalist Gary Webb "Kill The Messenger"

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Published by: Chad B Harper on Apr 10, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Rep. Waters said herinvestigation is intendedto create a "climate of suspicion" around the CIA.
Connecting the Dots With Maxine Waters
 On the Trail of the CIA-Contra-Crack Connectionby Ruffin PrevostSpecial Assignments TeamPSCPRuffin@aol.com Representative Maxine Waters is mad as hell, she's sick and tired, and she's not going to take itany more!She's sick of lies and corruption, including corrupt police departments with cops who deal drugs.She's mad as hell about a justice system that treats crack cocaine 1,000 times more strictly thanthe powdered variety. She's sick and tired of the devastation crack has brought to her community.And most of all, she's tired of listening to the same old story from theCIAwhen it comes tocrack.But unlike a lot of Americans (and politicians), Maxine Waters is doing something about it all.She's working, as she calls it, to "connect the dots" between the CIA and the explosion of crack in Los Angeles. She's got a lot of folks in high, spooky places very angry, which is almost a suresign she's on the right track.Maxine Watersis the U.S. Congressional Representative for California's 35th District, coveringsome of the toughest neighborhoods in South Central Los Angeles, including Inglewood,Hawthorne and Gardena.On Thursday, Jan. 27, Waters spoke to a group of students, activists, teachers and communityleaders at Cal-State Northridge in north Los Angeles, and let them know just how mad she was.Though none of the usual mainstream media corporations bothered to cover her speech,ParaScope was there.
Amidst a maelstrom of public outcry regarding theCIA-crack-Contra connection, Waters hasbeen particularly outspoken. The crack plague has hit her district harder than anywhere else inAmerica, and she says her constituents are entitled to some answers about their government'sinvolvement with the problem."The task for all of us -- government agencies, elected officials, community leaders and themedia -- is to get to the bottom of the charges, not pooh-pooh them," Waters said. "What weneed to find out is who knew what, when did they know it, and how high did it go."Not trusting the CIA Inspector General to conduct a thorough investigation, Waters has launchedher own investigation to connect the dots between the CIA and the rise of crack in South CentralL.A. She has been a thorn in the side of a wide array of slow-moving federal agencies,investigators, spokespeople and bureaucrats who would just as soon let the whole mess blowover.Though she had heard stories and rumors of CIA ties to the crack trade, Waters points to the SanJose Mercury News "Dark Alliance" series as the catalyst that sparked public debate about theissue and brought it to the forefront of her agenda as an elected representative."That Dark Alliance series by Gary Webb unleashed some information that made my heartpound," she said. Her conclusion after studying the facts? "The CIA fueled the expansion of thecrack cocaine epidemic in America."Maxine Waters spoke to an enthusiastic crowd of individuals, at times raging against themachinery of the federal government that has created such an ugly situation, yet also expressingthe need to reconcile past problems and move forward to reach a lasting solution.ParaScope will continue to follow Rep. Maxine Waters and her efforts to "connect the dots"between the CIA, the Contras and the crack cocaine epidemic. Look for future updates on thisdeveloping story soon.(c) Copyright 1996 ParaScope, Inc.
 The following is a collection of quotes from Waters on a number of topics from her wide-rangingdiscussion at Cal-State Northridge, including comments made during a question-and-answer session thatfollowed.
Can the CIA Be Trusted to Investigate Itself?
 "Of course I'm skeptical of the CIA's own internal investigation, and no, I don't have a great deal of confidence that their inspector general will turn up the information we know is there, but this is justpart of the whole process of forcing the truth to light.""[Former CIA Director] John Deutch is gone. Hello. Goodbye. What was that all about? How committedis this agency to answering the questions we've presented before them?""We will never get George Bush's hands, clearly, where we think they were."
Isn't Secrecy Necessary to Protect National Security?
 "A lot of people tell me that, when it comes to these obscure, clandestine federal agencies, that they aredoing important work that relates to national security, and that I should not interfere with thisimportant work. Well, I don't care what their work is all about.... Because it appears that the CIA notonly is involved with drug dealers, but they're involved with the worst kinds of criminals in all manner of sordid affairs, just so they can say they're out there doing something."
Wasn't the CIA Only Marginally Connected to Drug Dealing?
 "A lot of people get hung up on the [dollar] amount, saying that not that much money actually made itto the Contras from their cocaine sales. Well, as far as I'm concerned, one dollar from the sale of drugsfunding the Contras should not be tolerated.""Other people argue about the degree to which the CIA may have been involved.... It doesn't matter.The government and the CIA cannot say they had no knowledge that this was happening."
Has Crack Disproportionately Affected the Black Community?
 "It's better to have a job at McDonald's than to sell drugs. There is no defense for drug dealing. And

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