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Es Data Breach Investigations Report 2013 en Xg (1)

Es Data Breach Investigations Report 2013 en Xg (1)

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Published by jreedFP
Executive Summary of Verizon's 2013 Data Breach Investigations Report
Executive Summary of Verizon's 2013 Data Breach Investigations Report

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Published by: jreedFP on Apr 24, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Exeie S
2013 Data BrEachInvEStIgatIonS rEport
47,000+ SEcurItyIncIDEntS analyzED.621 confIrmED DataBrEachES StuDIED.19 IntErnatIonalcontrIButorS.6th conSEcutIvE yEar.thErE’S only onE DBIr.
Verizon’s 2013 Data Breach Investigations Report (DBIR) provides truly global insights into the natureo data breaches that can help organizations o all sizes to better understand the threat and takethe necessary steps to protect themselves. The breadth and depth o data represented in this year’sDBIR is unprecedented. It combines the eorts o 19 global organizations: law enorcement agencies,national incident-reporting entities, research institutions, and a number o private security rms — allworking to study and combat data breaches.Over the years the number o contributors has grown. Since we started publishing the DBIR in 2008,our partners have contributed data inormation on more than 2,500 conrmed data breaches —totaling more than a billion compromised records.How can we turn all that raw data into inormation that you can use? The answer is VERIS, theVocabulary or Event Recording and Incident Sharing. VERIS is a common, structured and repeatablelanguage that describes
who did what, to whom, with what result
. By classiying all the inormationregarding the submitted breaches into this standardized ormat we can extract meaningul insight romwhat is an incredibly diverse dataset. You can nd out more about VERIS atveriscommunity.net.
Will your organization, or one you work with, suer a security breach thisyear? Nobody’s immune, no target is too small, or too large. The methodsused by hackers to gain access to data are numerous, wide-reaching andever-growing. This isn’t a threat you can aord to ignore.
All kinds o organizations — rom government agencies to iconic consumerbrands, internet startups to trusted nancial institutions — have reported majordata breaches in the last year. Many o the stories that hit the headlines arerom the US, but this year’s Data Breach Investigations Report (DBIR) prolesdata breaches rom 27 countries. This is not a localized problem, or one that youcan aord to ignore. Forty-six US states already have public disclosure laws,and governments around the world, including the European Union, are activelydiscussing introducing mandatory reporting requirements o their own.Keeping on top o the threat landscape is a constant challenge. The best wayto eectively prepare yoursel is with hard data and expert analysis. The DBIRanalyzes data rom 19 organizations — covering more than 47,000 reportedsecurity incidents and 621 conrmed data breaches rom the past year. It givesunparalleled insight into the attackers and their methods, enabling you to betterprotect yoursel.This executive summary examines three commonly held assumptions aboutdata security, and casts new light on the real risks based on the data that we’vegathered. We’ll look at the threat o espionage attacks on organizations o allsizes, how attacks are conducted, and your most eective deense against them.It will help you to make more inormed data security decisions and reduce yourexposure to nancial loss and reputational damage.
76% o network intrusionsexploited weak or stolencredentials. Strict policiesare required to reduce thiseasily preventable risk.
Social tactics — usingemail, phone calls andsocial networks to gaininormation on individuals— are oten ignored, butcontributed to 29% oattacks.
Disclosure laws mean that you can’t keep quiet about abreach while you deal with the allout. As well as trying toavoid being hacked in the rst place, organizations needto be able to spot compromises quickly and minimize theamount o data lost.
EXEcutIvE Summary
69% o breaches werespotted by an external party— 9% were spotted bycustomers.
Verizon has been producing the Data Breach InvestigationsReport since 2008. This year its analysis covers more than47,000 security incidents. Its scale is unparalleled.

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