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Sylabus of Writing I

Sylabus of Writing I

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This file is used in my reading I class
This file is used in my reading I class

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Categories:Types, School Work
Published by: Parlindungan Pardede on May 03, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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English Teaching Study ProgramFaculty of Education and Teachers TrainingIndonesian Christian University
Course Syllabus
Faculty:Education and Teacher TrainingStudy Program:English TeachingSubject/Code/Credits/Semester:Writing I /12152225/ 2/ IICourse Description:Writing is a very important skill for individual in school and community as well. Students needwriting to take notes, to complete assignments, to write papers, to take exams. People need itto communicate and participate more fully in every aspect of their In the community and in theworkplace. This course is designed to help students master the skills to write effectivesentences. It focuses on conceptual understanding and practices in producing simplesentences, compound sentences, complex sentences, and varied sentences. It also covers theskills to use parallelism and effective words and how to identify and solve sentence writingproblems, including run-on, sentence fragment, subject-verb agreement, and shifts.Lecturer:Parlindungan Pardede;e-mail:parlpard2010@gmail.com;Parlindungan.Pardede@uki.ac.id) Class Time:
Course Requirements:
Not less than 80% attendance is required in this course. Participation is 25% of the overall grade for this course. This includes being in classes on time with all the necessary materials, participating in class discussion, and completing all in-class and out-of-class assignments, be they individual or group works, and in conventional way or through my blog(http://parlindunganpardede.wordpress.com).2.
Reading Assignments.
Please make sure you read all the assigned materials regularly for it will enable you to participate in theclass activities and finish the assignments.3.
Grading Scale:
100-80 A; 79.9-75 A-; 74.9-70.0 B+; 69.9-65 B; 64.9-60 B-; 59.9-55 C; 50-54.9 C-; 45-49.9 D; below 45 E.
11Students are able to produce effectivesimple sentencesWriting Simple Sentences:
Prepositional phrases
VerbsDiscussionPracticesKirszner &Mandell, pp. 245-2552.2.Students are able to produce effectivecompound sentencesWriting Compound Sentences:
Using Coordinating Conjunctions
Using Semicolons
Using Transitional Words and PhrasesDiscussionPracticesKirszner &Mandell, pp. 256-270-33Students are able to produce effectivecomplex sentencesWriting Complex Sentences:
Identifying Complex Sentences
Using Subordinating Conjunctions
Using Relative PronounsDiscussionPracticesKirszner &Mandell, pp. 271-282
344Students are able to produce effective varied sentencesWriting Varied Sentences:
Varying Sentence Types
Varying Sentence Openings
Combining Sentences
Writing Long and Short SentencesDiscussionPracticesKirszner &Mandell, pp. 283-30455Students are able to produce sentences using parallelism correctly.Using Paralelism:
Recognizing Parallel Structure
Using Parallel StructureDiscussionPracticesKirszner &Mandell, pp. 305-31466Mid-term AssignmentEvaluating students mastery on materials practiced in session 1-5.77Students are able to produce sentences usingcorrect dictionUsing Words Effectively:
Using Specific Words
Using Concrete Language
Avoiding Slang
Avoiding Clichés
Using Similes and Metaphors
Avoiding Sexist LanguageDiscussionPracticesKirszner &Mandell, pp. 315-32888Students are able toidentify and correct run-ons in sentencesRun-ons
Recognizing Run-ons
Correcting Run-onsDiscussionPracticesKirszner &Mandell, pp. 333-34599Students are able toidentify and correctfragments in sentencesSentence Fragments
Recognizing Fragments
Missing Subject Fragments
Phrase Fragments
-ing Fragments
Dependent Clause FragmentsDiscussionPracticesKirszner &Mandell, pp. 347-369

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