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Shabbat Announcements May 11

Shabbat Announcements May 11

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Published by gnsweb
Shabbat Announcements May 11
Shabbat Announcements May 11

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Published by: gnsweb on May 07, 2013
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Parshat Bamidbar May 11, 2013 2 Sivan, 5773
At the beginning of theparsha, Moshe iscommanded: "Take acensus of the entireassembly of the Childrenof Israel according totheir families, accordingto their fathers' house,by number of the names,every male according totheir head count(l'gulgalosam)" [Bamidbar 1:2]. The expressionl'gulgalosam is a ratherpeculiar expression. Iwould like to share withyou a Maharam M'Panofrom the Sefer – AsarahMa'amoros. MaharamM'Pano writes that MosheRabbeinu looked at everysingle Jew and saw withRuach haKodesh [DivineInspiration] how manytimes each individualwould have to return tothis world as a"gilgul" (via the processof transmigration of souls). Usually, I do notlike to delve into suchmatters because I reallydo not know what I amtalking about and therule of thumb normally is"we do not delve intohidden matters" (aynlanu eisek b'Nistaros).But this fascinatingcomment of theMaharam M'Pano is avery important ideaworth being aware of.According to this mystic idealof "Gilgul Neshamos", mostpeople in this world have soulsthat are not visiting this worldfor the first time. Their soulshave been here before in otherbodies in previous ages. Afterthey passed on from theirprevious visits to this world,the souls went to the "World of Souls" and the Almighty forsome reason decided that theyhave to come back a second orthird or whatever number of times it may be. Why do soulsneed to return? It is becauseeach of us has a mission(tachlis) that we have to fulfillin this world. If we come downto this world and do not fulfillour purpose or we damage oursouls, then the Master of theWorld will send the soul backinto another body so that wemay try to rectify the matterthe next time around -- or thetime after that – until we get it"right". This idea is hinted atby the use of the word"l'gilgulosam" – from the root"gilgul". Moshe looked at everyindividual and sawprophetically how many"gilgul"-iterations the soulwould have to endure before itfinally fulfilled its mission inthis world. Why do I find itimportant to talk about thismystical idea involving the souland the secrets of "GilgulNeshamos"? The answer isthat this concept sometimescan help us understand the
Rabbi Frand on Parshas Bamidbar
incomprehensible.Unfortunately, there aremany occasions in life whenwe do not understand "howsuch a thing can happen."We do not understand whysuch a tragedy should befallsuch and such a person. Wedo not understand whypeople should die young oras children, Heaven forbid.Why is this happening?There seems to be norhyme or reason for it.Sometimes such events canbe easier to understand if we believe in this concept of "Gilgul". That whichhappens before our eyes ispart of a much biggerpicture. The Maharam of Pano cites an example. TheTalmud states in a portionthat many of us study onTisha B'Av [Gittin 58a]:There was an incidentinvolving the son anddaughter of Rav Yishmaelben Elisha, who were takeninto captivity (around thetime of the Destruction of the Second Temple) andsold to two differentmasters. The two Gentilemasters met and were eachraving about the exceptionalbeauty of their respectiveslaves. They decided tobreed the two slavestogether, have themproduce beautiful offspringand the two masters would
Candle Lighting 7:43 pmFriday Mincha 7:00 pmHashkama 8:00 pmParsha Shiur 8:30 amYouth Minyan 8:30 amMain Minyan 9:00 amBeit Midrash 9:15 pmGemorah Shiur 6:35 pmMincha 7:35 pmShabbat Ends 8:52 pmSunday, May 12 7:30/8:30 amMon., Thurs. 6:35/7:45 amTues., Wed. Fri. 6:45/7:45 amMincha 7:45 pmLatest Times for Shema/ Shmoneh EsreiMay 11
9:17/10:29 am
May 18
9:14/10:27 am
 Next Shabbat NassoCandle Lighting 7:50 pmMincha 7:00 pm
TORAHArtscroll 726Hertz 568HAFTORAHArtscroll 1207Hertz 582
Kiddush IsSponsored By Great NeckSynagogue
divide up the profits. They put the two young Jews --brother and sister -- in a room together at night, a roomthat was pitch black and they told them what they wereto do with each other. Neither had any idea with whomhe or she was sharing the room. The Talmud relates thateach of them retired to opposite corners of the room,and sat on the ground weeping. The son thought tohimself "I am a Kohen the son of High Priests of Israel.How can I have relations with a slave girl?" Likewise hissister said to herself: "I am the daughter of a priest,descended from the High Priests of Israel. Should Ibecome married to a slave?" They each cried the entirenight. When the dawn came they recognized each other.They embraced and cried at what had befallen them.They died crying upon one another. The Talmudconcludes the narration by saying that the prophetYirmiyahu referred this when he said "My eye, my eye,sheds tears..." [Eicha 1:16]How did such a tragedy occur to the children of RabbiYishmael? How did it wind up that they were sold asslaves and put into such a situation? The MaharamM'Pano says an unbelievable thing: They were "Gilgulim"of Amnon and Tamar. Dovid HaMeleh fathered twochildren – Amnon and Tamar who were not halachicsiblings. Amnon lusted for Tamar. He arranged asituation where he would be alone with Tamar and heforcibly took her. [Shmuel II Chapter 13] MaharamM'Pano states that as a result of that sin, the two of them had to come back and be placed in a similarsituation where they would withstand the temptationand sanctify G-d's Name, rather that participate in thedesecration of G-d's Name that took place in the story inthe Book of Shmuel. We read about the situationdescribed in Tractate Gittin and ask how such a thingcould happen to the children of Rabbi Yishmael. Theanswer, says the Maharam M'Pano, is "sod haGilgul" the secret of the transmigration of souls. We only seehalf the picture. With the understanding that sometimeswe come back to this world to rectify something whichwent wrong in a previous "cycle," things make a littlemore sense.The Chofetz Chaim once gave a parable to explain theexpression "tzodku yachdav" in the pasuke "The laws of Hashem are True, together they are just" (tzodkuyachdav) [Tehillim 19:10]: There was once a personwho came down to this world and was fantastically
26 Old Mill Road, Great Neck, NY 11023 (516) 487-6100 Shabbat Announcements Parshat Bamidbar 5773
Great Neck SynagogueShabbat Activities Program
Dale Polakoff, RabbiIan Lichter, Assistant RabbiDr. Ephraim Wolf ,z”l, Rabbi EmeritusZe’ev Kron, CantorEleazer Schulman, z”l, Cantor EmeritusRabbi Sholom Jensen, Youth DirectorZehava & Michael Atlas, Youth DirectorsMark Twersky, Executive DirectorRabbi Avraham Bronstein, Program DirectorDr. Scott Danoff, PresidentHarold Domnitch, Chairman of the Board
wealthy. As is many times the case, wealthy people can beterribly arrogant with people not of their means. This personwas indeed arrogant and abusive to people of less stature. Heoffended many poor people in this world. He came up toHeaven and was chastised for never asking for forgivenessfrom all these poor people he offended. It was thereforedecreed that he would have to revisit the world to makeamends. The soul pleaded to the Almighty – "Please Hashemsend me down the next time as a poor person, as a pauper."The Attribute of Justice responded: "No, that would not be atrue test. Send him down again as a wealthy man!" But againthe soul pleaded with the Almighty to be sent down thesecond time as a destitute and broken person. The Almightyin His Compassion granted the soul his wish and it camedown as a pauper, a smelly nobody. He lived a miserableexistence, but he rectified the sin of his soul and cleansed it.The Chofetz Chaim explains that this is the interpretation of the pasuk "The laws of Hashem are True, together they are just." We would look at this fellow and ask "Why is he unableto make a living? Why is he so down-trodden? What did he doto deserve it?" We cannot understand it. But ultimately it is"Tzadku Yachdav". If we take into account the entire picture,his earlier existence and sins in that situation, the fact thathe was here once before and had abused his privilege of wealth...then the matter becomes clear and sensible. It onlymakes sense when the two things are taken together.That is why it is important for us to know this MaharamM'Pano. There are so many things in life that are inexplicable.We cannot begin to understand them. Maybe the answer isthat this is a Gilgul. It is a Gilgul that had to come down at acertain time in a certain condition for a certain amount of time. This time, the neshama might be able to do what it wassupposed to do originally and then return to the World of theSouls and wait for the Resurrection of the Dead. The Rambanrefers to this secret many times in his commentary toChumash. Again, we do not understand these things. Weshould avoid delving into the world of the mystical, but weshould at least be aware of the general concept. Gilgul is thegreat equalizer that can perhaps help give us insight andunderstanding into matters that appear totally beyond ourcomprehension.
Celebrating Shavuot, 5773
Tuesday Night, May 14TIKUN LEIL SHAVUOT @ GNS
11:30 pm – 12:20 am - BallroomRabbi Dale Polakoff 
The Kedusha of the Kotel and Women of the Wall 
12:20 am – 1:10 am - Ballroom
Rabbi Yaacov Lerner
"So What was the real reason why Hashem staged MaamadHar Sinai – the awesome Revelation at Sinai?” 
1:10 am— 1:30 am -Gym
Break and Refreshments
1:30 am – 3:00 amRabbis Acobas, Ismach, Jensen, Lichter,Slomnicki and Dr. Atlas - Ballroom
 The Modern Orthodox Chinuch Roundtable This exciting panel will deal with many of thecontroversial issues relating to educating bothchildren and adults and this year will focus on:
Modern Orthodoxy From the Eyes of Our Children 
A part of the session will be dedicated toquestions from the audience.
 3:15 am—4:05 am - BallroomRabbi Ian Lichter
“Karaoke and Kedusha – Secular Music in the Synagogue” 
4:10 am—5:00 am - BallroomRabbi Shmuel Ismach
“The Halacha and History of Drafting Yeshiva Students” 
Chevruta learning throughout the night in the Beit Midrash 
5:05 am
 – Shacharit
5:37 am
- Netz (Sunrise)
Thursday Afternoon, May 163rd AnnualSHAVUOT BARBECUE &LEARNING @ GNS
This event and learning is sponsored by Rita Gordonson on the 3rd yahrzeit of her husband Lewis Gordonson,z”l.
6:00 – 6:45 pm
Barbecue Dinner in the Gym6:45 – 7:45 pm
 Child care and special programming for childrenin Braun Youth Center
6:45 7:45 pmPanel Presentation and Discussion with RabbisPolakoff and Lichter
Beit Midrash
Shalom Bayit – the Seven Jewish Habits of Successful Families 
A part of the session will be dedicated to questionsfrom the audience.
7:45 pm
 8:10 – 8:50pmNEILAT HACHAGLearning with Rabbi Bronstein
Gym (Mender Auditorium)
 “Gatsby and Gratitude: Celebrating God’s Bounty on Shavuot” 
8:50 pm
 8:57 pm
Conclusion of Yom Tov

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