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Summer I Literacy Project- Shortened Literacy Project

Summer I Literacy Project- Shortened Literacy Project

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Published by Matthew Vetter
Multimodal Literacy Project
Multimodal Literacy Project

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Categories:Types, School Work
Published by: Matthew Vetter on May 30, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Project #2: Multi-modal Literacy Narrative
 For this project
, we will do “
Assignment Option 1: Literacy Narrative
(458-460) from chapter 3 of
Writingabout Writing
, but with a twist. I want you to use some of your visual, audio, and digital literacies to create amulti-modal project, or a project that not only uses print literacy but also visual, digital, audio, etc. Thepreferred method would be to create something digital using the
available technologies. I don’t, however,
want to limit visual and audio literacies to digital texts, so you are open to use your creativity and ingenuity tocreate a multimodal project using any number of materials, but your project has to accomplish the objectives ofthis project in a way that is appropriate for the writing situation.
The assignment’s objectives are to get you
think and write about literacy in new and different ways.
Option 1
: How is YOUR acquisition of literacy dependent upon social, economic and material access? How doyour particular literacies shape and inform your political stance, career choice, life goals? How does the valueof literacies change and adapt to technological, economic and cultural forces? You'll need to be able to examineyour own literacy history and then make generalizations about your history to say something new aboutliteracy, access, technology, etc.
Option 2
: Use this as an opportunity to reflect on how literacy is changing in a networked culture in whichmeaning and texts are increasingly mediated through technology, the computer screen, mobile phone, ipad,etc. What has the culture of the screen changed about the kinds of literacies and skills we value? How havemediums, applications, and technologies changed the way we communicate with each other? What sorts ofconflicts occurs between academic cultures and internet cultures as a result of conflicting values about literacy?
 Whether you choose option 1 or 2, your final product should be shaped and informed by the readings wedo for the class.
This project allows for a lot of freedom when it comes to the genres you might use, but, as always, you need totake into account the particular objectives of the assignment. A highly valued goal in this assignment is sayingsomething new about literacy by engaging with the concepts in the readings of the textbook, your ownexperiences, or changes in technology and culture in general. You might consider the following options foryour project: a web-text, a web-site (probably built and designed using free sites online), a video presentationcomplete with script and handouts that present your research findings, a multimodal pamphlet or brochure(using good design principles and multiple visual texts), or a physical display (needs to be polished andprofessional looking), a screencast video or animation, etc. Feel free to come up with your own idea, but keepyour purpose in mind.
 What I’ll be looking for
A creative use of different media, materials, or technology to make an argument about literacy. Thiscould be using a free web-site builder, a blog, or screencast. But could also be non-digital: a collage orpamplet.
Demonstrate awareness and engagement with the concepts from the Writing About Writing chapter onliteracy: sponsorship, access, the effects of economic forces on literacy, the idea of multiple literacies,the idea that literacy means something different to different groups.
An original 'argument' which positions itself with this engagement and attempts to say something new

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