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Voodoo Priest Side Effects

Voodoo Priest Side Effects

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Published by LabRatFan

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Published by: LabRatFan on Jun 12, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Voodoo Priest Feats
Voodoo feats are gained through the leveling in the Voodoo Priest class. Only classeswith the ability to cast arcane spells (ex: mage, priest, warlock, and necromancer.) maychoose to take a voodoo feat rather then one listed in WOW RPG, The Core Rulebook 1or other publications and then only if they meet the listed prerequisites of each. Alsothose characters must follow the rules stated below. Voodoo feats differ only in that the power used comes from the character’s control of voodoo energy, a form of negativeenergy, rather than from some innate ability of the character himself and that there are possible (even probable) side effects to contend with.Unless stated otherwise, all voodoo feats are preformed as standard actions. In addition, aVoodoo Energy check must be made every time a voodoo feat is used, as the practitioner is concentrating hard to control the flow of voodoo spirits he must draw to his person inorder to avoid undesired side effects. This is made at DC 10, with his caster level andIntelligence bonus being applied as positive modifiers. A roll of 1 is always deemed afailure.Upon failure, the player must roll on the Voodoo Energy Side Effects table below andapply the result to his character. Success will mean the character has safely resisted theeffects of the negative voodoo energy flowing through his system – this time, at least.Regardless of whether the Voodoo Energy check is passed or not, the voodoo feat willstill function as normal.A player may choose to modify the dice roll on theVoodoo Energy Side Effects table by using half his caster level, rounded down, as either a bonus or penalty. In thisway, he may intentionally try to minimize the effects of the negative energy or embrace them fully. The choice tomodify the roll on the table must be made before the diceare actually rolled.Voodoo Energy side effects may also take place with people that help in any feat that isconsidered a ritual feat and that needs more then one person in order to make the feat
D20Side Effect
1Aura of Unease2Animal Terro3Light Sensitivity4Stench of Death5Voices6Soul Trap7Spirit Carrie8Cannibalism9Glowing Eyes10Life Corruption11Disfigurement12Charisma Loss13Paranoia14Superstitious15Constitution Loss16Talons17Spirit Level18Spirit See19Strength Loss20Bad Voodoo
work. Partisapents must roll a DC 10 Will Save, with his Intelligence bonus being appliedas positive modifiers. A roll of 1 is always deemed a failure. 
Aura of Unease:
A common a affliction of many trolls that practice the voodoo arts, anywho come into prolonged contact with you will feel distinctly uneasy. It may be your overly dark but piercing eyes, an air of intimidating power or merely a general sense thatsomething is ‘wrong’ that puts people on their guard. They are unlikely to deduce thenature of your voodoo art from this feeling unless they have come across this particular side effect in the past though it is likely it will affect any negotiations you attempt. Youalso gain a +2 circumstance bonus to any Intimidation checks. This side effect may only be applied to a character three times, each time they gain an extra +1 to Intimidateallowing a maximum of +4. If this effect is already in place three times, re-roll.
Animal Terror:
Very young children and mundane, non-magical animals will seek toavoid you at all costs and will attempt to remove themselves from your presence in thequickest way possible. If restrained in any way, their distress will be obvious, with kodosshying away and dogs barking, for example. It will be quite impossible to ride suchanimals as a mount (raptors are an excepting for they appear to have more respect tothose with this side effect.). The first time this side effect is gained, animals and veryyoung children will only attempt to avoid you if you move within five feet of them. Thisrange increases by ten feat every time this side effect is rolled. This is no maximumradius for this effect.
Light Sensitivity:
Your eyesight becomes unusually sensitive to bright sources of light,to the point where they can actually cause physical pain. Form this point on, you willsuffer a -1 penalty to attack rolls when in bright sunlight or within the radius of a
spell. However, you will also gain low light vision extending to a range of 60feet if you did not already possess it. Existing low light vision will be extended by 60feet. This side effect may only be applied once to a character. If it is already in place, re-roll.
Stench of Death:
Because of the amount of times you have spent trying to communewith spirits a perpetual stench of corpses and disturbed graves constantly surrounds you,resisting all attempts to alleviate it. This may be masked by the use of ever more potent perfumes and musks though their application will, of course, be painfully obvious to anyyou meet. Such fragrances will cost 10gp per day every time this side effect is rolled for the stench of death gets progressively worse, should you choose to disquise it. A -1circumstance penalty to Hide checks must also be applied every time this side effect isrolled for unless the character is in an environment that also permits the smell.
You have been medaling with the spirits for far too long. The voodoo energy haschanged your sense of hearing that now you constantly here a voice of a spirit, at first asif mere whispers in your ear. Voices of ‘evil’ spirits are easier to hear then others andthey constantly will whisper evil desires in your ear. Neutral or good spirits can be hear also depending on the Game Master’s choosing. To ignore the spirits voice you bustmake a DC 14 Will save and they will not bother you for the rest of the day. If this effect
is rolled again the character will here another voice or a different alignment compared tohis previous one. Ex: Juntook was already hearing the voice of an ‘evil’ spirit. Now hehears the voice of a ‘good’ spirit. A character can have this effect three times max, in theend having all three alignments. Once the character gains a voice he is also consideredinsane for he will be found talking out loud to the spirit in parts of the game making partymembers and NPCs suspicious of his sanity their for suffering a -2 to all Charismaticrolls. Note: You may try to speak to the spirits but they will not here you unless you usethe voodoo feat,
Spirit Voice (Voodoo)
Soul Trap:
Medaling with voodoo energy your very soul has been ripped out of your  body and placed into a material object of the Game Master’s choosing. Be it a sword,ring, necklace, or gem your character becomes very protective of it and with right hissoul is trapped in it. If the item should be broken or destroyed the character would die.But with that said the character is considered immortal and can not die even if his HP is brought down below -10, for he has no spirit to leave his body allowing him to be healed by other means. If it is already in place, re-roll.
Spirit Carrier:
Dealing with spirit is a dangerous thing especially the spirits of death andundeath, as you seek to inflict your voodoo curses on other, have all but eroded your spirits defenses against corruption, disease and infection. However, as you continue totransform through the constant flow of voodoo energy flooding through your system,such spirit of disease and plague cease to have any real effect upon you. The GM willcreate a spirit that will plague your body. You are now a carrier of this spirit. Whilstimmune to its effects yourself (even from outside sources), anyone coming into contactwith you runs the very real risk of being tormented by the spirit according to how the GMconstruct it to be (For example spirits please see below). The use of a banishing spell willvanquish this spirit but it will automatically return within 1d6 days. Subsequent rolls of this side effect will cause yet another spirit to be carried.
Spirit example:
 Too-kus (Spirit of Crippling)
The target suffers penalties of attacks, damage, Reflex saves, jumping, and Strength.
Effect: The creature can take only a partial action each turn for he is tormented a Too-kus spirit.Additionally, it suffers a -2 penalty to AC, melee attack rolls, melee damage rolls, and Reflex saves. Theaffected creature jumps half as far as normal.Additionally, the affected creature suffers a -1d6 penalty to Strength. Spirit lasts until creature makes a WillSave of DC20. If spirit is to be carried, character must have experienced spirit personally for 1d20 +characters ECL days.
It is thought that the corrupting affects of voodoo magic’s negative energydrives you too debase acts that defy all normal conventions of society. It has been knownthat most Troll tribes have always been cannibalistic in their voodoo rituals making mostnormal Trolls expectable to this effect.You develop a highly unnatural desire to feast on the flesh of the dead, an abhorrent actto all but the most primitive of creatures. The first time this side effect is rolled, you mustconsume a small amount of flesh from a humanoid corpse at least once a day or suffer thecumulative but temporary loss of one Strength point each day you abstain. The secondtime this side effect is rolled, you may only eat flesh of humanoid corpses, normal food

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