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Paris Jackson Deposition

Paris Jackson Deposition

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Published by croberts621
In a deposition recorded on March 21, Paris Jackson recalled the King of Pop's problems with longtime nanny Grace Rwaramba.
In a deposition recorded on March 21, Paris Jackson recalled the King of Pop's problems with longtime nanny Grace Rwaramba.

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Published by: croberts621 on Jun 20, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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31016_Jackson v AEG TrialJackson, Paris-Michael (Vol. 01) - 03/21/2013 [HIGHLY CONFIDENTIA...]
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PARIS71-121 SEGMENT (RUNNING 00:02:23.072)1. PAGE 71:12 TO 73:18 (RUNNING 00:02:23.072)
12 Q. Okay. Now, was Grace Rwaramba there at the13 time?14 A. Sometimes. My dad didn't like her so he15 tried to like keep her away from us so he'd send her16 to run errands a lot.17 Q. But then eventually she kept coming back?18 A. Yeah.19 Q. If he didn't like her, do you have an20 understanding why he didn't get rid of her21 permanently?22 A. He felt bad.23 Q. Do you know why he felt bad?24 A. Because she didn't really have a lot of25 money so...00072:01 Q. And did your father say why he didn't like02 her?03 A. Yeah. He said she was sneaky, she wasn't an04 honest person, and she lied a lot.05 Q. Did he say what she lied about?06 A. Nope.07 Q. And what did she do in the house at the08 time? Was she also one of the nannies?09 A. She used to be but she like got really10 creepy. Like one time -- this is going to freak you11 out. One time I think it was -- like when me and my12 brother were really, really, really young. Like13 before Blanket was born. You're going to get14 creeped out. No joke. Like the doctor -- like I15 don't know, like when he would stay in the hotel or16 whatever like she would call the -- like the hotel17 and say that she was his wife. Like she was18 obsessed with him. She called and said that she was19 his wife and they'd let her in and he'd wake up and20 she'd be like in his bed. So that -- I saw your21 expression. You're like what? That -- yeah, that's22 what he told us and, yeah, it's kind of creepy23 but --24 Q. It's a little creepy.25 A. Just a little bit.00073:01 Q. Why didn't he just make her just stay away?02 A. He sent her to like India, I think. He said03 go to India to get some stuff. I don't know. She04 kept coming back.05 Q. Was there also a chef in the house at the06 time?07 A. Yes, Kai Chase.08 Q. And was this the first time she ever worked09 for you all that you know of?10 A. I think so, yeah.11 Q. And is she now working for your grandmother?12 A. Yes.13 Q. When did she start working for your14 grandmom?15 A. I don't remember when. I think it was over

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