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Macedonian Diplomatic Bulletin No. 73

Macedonian Diplomatic Bulletin No. 73

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Published by: Macedonian Information Centre on Jun 25, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Diplomatic Bulletin
Prime minister Gruevski Attends AstAnA economic Forum
PAGe 3
Fm PoPoski Attends conFerence“10 YeArs AFter thessAloniki: An APPrAisAl oF theeu PersPective And chAllenGes in the Western BAlkAns”
PAGe 5
intervieW: h.e. mr. JuhA ottmAn
PAGe 11
From mY AnGle: mr. deJAn Proshev
PAGe 13
    m    D    B    n   o .    7    3    m    a    y    2    0    1    3
ministry of foreign affairs of the repuBlic of maceDonia
PAGe 6 - 7
diPlomAtic neWs
Macedonian Diplomatic Bulletin wasounded in October 2006 by the Ministry o Foreign Aairs o the Republic o Macedonia.Filip II Makedonski 7, 1000 SkopjeRepublic o Macedoniawww.ma.gov.mk mdb@ma.gov.mk 
Vladimir Eremovski
Editorial Board:
Saso Markovski, Zuko Rizvanski,Shaban Jashari, Katerina Stavreska,Olga Janevska Jovanovik, Sejullah Shaqiri,Elena Georgievska, Dragan odorovski,Natasha Hroneska, Nikola Gjorchev,Boris Mircevski, Kristina odorovska,Bojana Jovanoska,
Goce Karajanov 
Ljupco Blagoevski
Published monthly by:
Macedonian Inormation Centre
Dragan Antono
Chief Translator:
Aleksandra Ilievska
No. 73
 My 2013
Te articles published in MacedonianDiplomatic Bulletin do not necessarily represent the views o the MacedonianMinistry o Foreign Aairs or theMacedonian Inormation Centre.© 2013Naum Naumovski Borce 73,1000 Skopje, Republic o Macedoniawww.micnews.com.mk 
A delegation o the Parliament o theRepublic o Macedonia led by ParliamentSpeaker rajko Veljanoski paid a 2-day ocial visit to Ireland, the country thatcurrently presides over the EuropeanUnion, on 8-9 May.Aside rom meeting his host, SeanBarrett, Speaker o Dail Eireann, theLower House o the Irish Parliament, inthe course o his visit, Speaker Veljanoskialso met Irish President Michael D.Higgins, Minister or European AairsLucinda Creighton, and representatives o the Joint Committee on European UnionAairs, the Irish-Macedonian FriendshipGroup, and the Macedonian community in Ireland. He also attended meetings o the Lower House o the Irish Parliamentand the Irish Senate.In cooperation with the Agency orPromotion and Support o ourism o the Republic o Macedonia, the Embassy o the Republic o Macedonia in iranaand the Agency or Foreign Investmentsand Export Promotion o the Republic o Macedonia organized or the rst timethe Macedonian-Albanian Business andInvestment Forum in irana on 22 May.Te commitments o both Governmentsto promoting economic relations betweenthe two countries through direct targetingo sectors, such as tourism, ood, wine andagro-business, in which there is potentialor urthering cooperation, were voiced atthe orum.As or the promotion o the touristpotentials o the Republic o Macedonia,the organization o this orum coincidedwith the period in the course o which theMacedonia imeless campaign organizedby the Agency or Promotion and Supporto ourism o the Republic o Macedoniawas in ull swing and within the ramework o which, during a period o one month,Macedonia’s tourist potentials werepromoted on over 200 billboards, on themost popular television channels and in thetop newspapers in Albania.Te Memorandum or Cooperationbetween the Agency or ForeignInvestments and Export Promotion andthe Albanian Investment and DevelopmentAgency, expected to be one more impetusor closer cooperation and exportpromotion, was signed at the orum.
sPeAker velJAnoski PAYs
2-Day official Visit to irelanD
mAcedoniAn-AlBAniAn Business Andinvestment Forum
helD in tirana
diPlomAtic neWs
A high-ranking delegation o the Government o the Republic o Macedonia led by Prime Minister Nikola Gruevski paid a visitto the Republic o Kazakhstan rom 22 to 25 May. During the visit, Prime Minister Gruevski had a bilateral meeting in Astanawith Serik Akhmetov, his Kazakh counterpart, and a workinglunch with Nursultan Nazarbayev, President o the Republic o Kazakhstan.Prime Ministers Gruevski and Akhmetov agreed at theirmeeting that there were no open issues between the two countries,stressing that the good and riendly relations should go hand inhand with closer economic cooperation.Prime Minister Gruevski also attended the VI AstanaEconomic Forum and took part in the session “Dialogue o leaders: Ensuring sustainable economic growth in G-Globalormat.” He said on that occasion that the global economy was stillunder the inuence o the global challenges, as experts were stillunable to pinpoint the solutions to the problems generated by theEuropean debt crisis.On the sidelines o the economic orum, Prime MinisterGruevski had a meeting with Romano Prodi, ormer Italian PrimeMinister, Néstor Osorio, President o the UN Economic and SocialCouncil, and Supachai Panitchpakdi, Secretary General o the UNConerence on rade and Development (UNCAD), as well as abrie encounter with Vuk Jeremić, President o the 67th Session o the UN General Assembly.Te Tird World Conerence on Inter-Religious and Inter-civilization Dialogueocusing on “Freedom and Dignity-Fundamental Values in Inter-Human,Inter-Religious and Inter-CulturalRelations” marking three jubilees –1,700 years o the Edict o Milan, theproclamation that permanently establishedreligious toleration or Christianity within the Roman Empire, 70 years o theHolocaust o the Jews and 10 years o theDialogue Among Civilizations, the Summito Heads o State o Southeast Europeorganized in Ohrid by UNESCO and latePresident Boris rajkovski and sending outthe message o peace – was held in Skopjeon 10-12 May.Te plenary sessions “PluralisticSocieties and Religious olerance,” “Livingogether by Respecting Diversities” and“Media Contribution to Inter-Religiousand Inter-Cultural Dialogue” were held atthe conerence. Te issue o strengtheningand urther encouraging dialogue was alsotabled. Te orum entitled “Te Role o Religion in Raising a olerant Youth” alsotook place within the ramework o theconerence.Macedonian Prime Minister NikolaGruevski, the patron o the conerence,said in his opening address that individualhuman rights and values were prerequisitesor prosperous inter-human, inter-religiousand inter-cultural relations and thatdialogue was a mechanism to put them intopractice. He also added that the need ordialogue and religious tolerance today wasindispensable and that as never beore thisdialogue had an impact on the protectionand maintenance o global security.Culture Minister Elizabeta Kanceska-Milevska and Valentina Bozinovska,Director o the Commission or Relationswith Religious Communities and Groups,addressed the conerence as well.Macedonian President Gjorge Ivanov underlined in his closing address that inthe past six years Macedonia, organizingthree world conerences, demonstrated thatit was capable o brining dierent religiousleaders at the same table. He also said thatMacedonia had a centuries-long traditiono coexistence and religious tolerance andwas one o the ew countries in Europewhere Orthodox Christians and Muslimsworshipped God under the same roo.
Prime minister Gruevski Attends
Vi astana economic forum
third World conFerence on inter-reliGious
anD inter-ciVilization Dialogue helD in skopje

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