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Anti-TFA Story Planning

Anti-TFA Story Planning

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Published by Chris Stewart
Document detailing an anti-TFA campaign.
Document detailing an anti-TFA campaign.

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Categories:Types, Research
Published by: Chris Stewart on Jun 26, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Pre and Post Story Engagement
(updated 6/7/2013)
We are trying to increase readership through more conscious, systematic use of  pre- and post-story engagement. Here's what that means:
Story pitch:
What is the story? Why will anyone want to read it?What's the controversy or issue? (This can be just a sentence or two.)
The College of Education and Human Development at the U of M iscurrently considering partnering with TFA.
U says its “TERI” model is best for training teachers (Teacher 
Education Redesign Initiative: http://www.cehd.umn.edu/teri/). It puts student teachers in a classroom for one year before they get licensed. **Proposed U of M partnership would train TFA recruits for 5-8 weeks, maximum, before putting
them in charge of a classroom. U’s Cehd staff acknowledgeds this is not a good
model. Why host it, then? Would this legitimize a system the U finds fault with?There is no official plan to put in a separate 2 year TFA licensure program at this point.
Think about your audience and answer these questions:
Who are the primary stakeholders - people with a stake in the subject matter of your story?
Teachers, Parents, School Communities, UofM students and alumni,MN Taxpayers, U of M staff, College of Ed people, TFA recruitsand employees
Who needs the information that will be presented in the story?
MN residents unaware of this proposed partnership and theimplications of it; those with more of a vested interest who maywant to influence whether or not this happens. Also, people whowant to know why the U would consider this.
Who will be interested in reading this story?
Those interested in education, policy, the U of M, along withfamilies, teachers, etc.
List individuals or groups who will comprise this audience:
1) Teachers, Unions
2) TFA leadership (based in MN)
3) Parents, U of M staff, students, and alumni
(add more as needed)
Where are people talking about the topic of this story? List organizational websitesor Facebook pages or other locations in the community.
’s Facebook page; U of M CeHD cohorts
2) MFT, TFA supporters in MN (especially within the ed reform community)
3) It has national implications, too, with attention from national figures like DianeRavitch
(add more as needed)
Assignment and pre-story engagement, part one:
Right now, when the story is assigned,
post on your Facebook page, somethinglike:"I'm writing a story about [your story topic] for the Daily Planet. Let me know if you have something to say, or know someone who does."or "I'm going to this public meeting about [subject of meeting]. What would you liketo find out about [subject of meeting.]"
 Date and message: June 14.
I'm writing a story about the U of M potentially partnering with TFA to providetraining through the College of Education. Any thoughts?
2) Tweet the same message.
 Date tweeted: June 14
3) Send the message to us, so we can put it on the Daily Planet Facebook andTwitter feeds.
 Date sent to TCDP: June 14
4) Send a message, via email or Facebook message, to stakeholders, asking for their input. List the stakeholders you have contacted, the date, and their addresses:1.
Contacted Jean Quam, U of M on June 12.  jquam@umn.edu
Contacted Bill Lundquis
t, Associate Dean @ Hamline on June 14.wlundquist@hamline.edu
Contacted TFA Twin Cities on June 14 at 612-333-1158. No one answered;email to follow up.
I have contacted TFA Twin Cities’ PR person. June 14.
Contacted Megan Marsnik, MPS teacher who attended an info session abtthis partnership at the U. 
Contacted U of M Cehd faculty members for their view: Tim Lensmirelensmire@umn.ed, Nina Asher  nasher@umn.edu,Kendall King kendall@umn.edu
Contacted Donald Easton-Brooks, former ELL Dean at Hamline onJune 14 b/c he is rumored to have objected to TFA at Hamline and kicked a
TFA recruit out of his class. He’s left Hamline for Oregon and says he does not
want to talk.
Contacted MPS teacher Pia Payne-Shannon for her position on TFA inMPS. She is African American and I feel this perspective needs to bevoiced. http://www.linkedin.com/pub/pia-payne-shannon/1b/743/6ab
Contacted Jolinda Simes. Says she knows someone with info aboutHamline and TFA. https://www.facebook.com/jmsimes
Pre-story engagement, part two:
We want to build interest in the completed story and to reach stakeholders andinterested people as you are in the process of writing. So, as you work on thestory:
1) Use Facebook and Twitter and TC Daily Planet to tell people about the story-in- progress. How to do this?
Share a small part of the story on Facebook (e.g., "I talked to a parent whotold me that her son is very stressed and anxious, but that the schoolcounselor said he couldn't even make time for an appointment unless her son had an IEP, or needed one. There are 800 students and only onecounselor.") Or ask a question: "What's the student/counselor ratio in your school?"
Write about your reporting-in-progress, and we'll publish it as a Reporter's Notebook. This could be something like:
June 10
: Lots of background reading about history of TFA and its partnerships with Colleges of Ed/graduate schools. Trying to find purposefor this and goals/outcomes. Read a lot about Brown Univ and the focus onurban ed.
June 10:
Not many know about TFA potentially partnering with U of M. but lots of teachers are concerned. Had an email from dean Jean Quamforwarded to me by MPS Teacher Val Rittler. Who else is aware of this?Asking for feedback and input.
June 12:
Emailed Dean Quam for her perspective/purpose for partneringwith TFA. Want to know more.

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