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Thy Word is Truth

Thy Word is Truth

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Christian Book Study
Christian Book Study

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Published by: Rev. Dr Jeffry David Camm on Jun 29, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Thy Word is Truth
ByJeffry David Camm
Thy Word is Truth
 © New Light Ministries andConsulting Services Pty Ltd
Table of ContentsChapter Description Page
DEDICATION 3COPYRIGHT 3FOREWORD 3Prophetic Words from the Lord 42
July 1992 48
July 1992
January 1993 59
June 1993 519
October 1999 54
November 2001 7Letters whilst on the move 819
March 1992 9April 1992 912
May 1992 9The Church
A Change in Direction 10Go Ye and Witness to All Generations 12Pentecost Sunday 15God Likes Righteous People 17Jewish Festivals 19The Epistle of James 22Word From the Lord 23Passing the Tests in the Christian Walk 24Is the Bible The Word of God ? 26The Nicodemus Experience 28
Do God’s Work – 
God’s Way
31The Woman at the Well 33Do Miracles Still Happen Today 38In Heaven It Maybe Hell for Some People 41Grace 42What Does Galatians 2:9 Really Mean 44Communion 45The Covenant 46The Faith Healers 47At the Pearly Gates 48Where is the Heart of the Australian Government 52Are you a player or a spectator ?? 53The Driving Instructor 55If the Lord Came Today 56Why did Jesus Come, Why did Jesus Die 56
If That Isn’t Love
57Communion 19
August 2001 58Acts Chapter 5 59
God’s Strength or Man’s Strength
60John Chapter 17 63The Light of God 65The Lord Your God 67The God of Grace 67He is a Light 69Proclaim Me before the People 70Shall We Kill the Innocent with the Guilty? 70Matthew Chapter 28, Verse 5 71
Thy Word is Truth
 © New Light Ministries andConsulting Services Pty Ltd
This book is dedicated to my wife Rani, who has served as my helper and co-
worker in God’s serv
ice for the last nineteen years. It has not been easy for her to leave her beloved Pakistan, culture and family, and go outinto the unknown world to serve the Lord, firstly in the Sultanate of Oman, then Australia, Thailand, back intoPakistan and now, back here in Australia.Rani has been my constant travelling companion, as well as a loving and caring wife, under all sorts of 
difficult circumstances. It is with God’s help that she has been able to do this.
 During the nineteen years on the mission field, we have travelled to preach in more than 40 countriesthroughout the world, pioneering churches and have been blessed by God Almighty to see more than 15,000 people make commitments for Jesus Christ.It is my desire that, in reading this book, you will feel a conviction to serve the Lord more and more in
whichever area of the Lord’s work, He has called you to become involved.
In serving your employer, work as if unto the Lord, who by His grace has provided the work for you todo. In all things remember to lift up the name of the Lord Jesus Christ, whilst remaining a humble personyourself, not allowing pride or other worldly desires to cause you to move away from the divine grace of JesusChrist which has been placed inside you for the betterment of all.In all things, and in all situations, be a living example, worthy of the name of Jesus Christ, as you showHis pure love to all those around you, both believers and unbelievers alike.
The contents of this publication remains the sole property of New Light Ministries & ConsultingServices Pty. Ltd. Permission is given to reproduce text and diagrams from this publication for evangelisticand/or teaching purposes, provided the said text and/or diagrams are not sold for profit, but are used to glorifyGod Almighty .
 New Light Ministries & Consulting Services Pty. Ltd. are pleased to release the ninth book in the series by Rev. Jeffry David Camm, called:-
“Thy Word Is Truth”.
Over the last twenty-five years in studying, teaching and prea
ching from God’s Word I am amazed at all
the wonderful truths and promises which are found in the Scriptures, but also surprised at how many people whoclaim to be Christians are not aware that these promises are available for them in their lives today.The book contains a series of teachings/preaching I have undertaken during the last 15 years and I hopeyou are challenged by its contents.In addition there are a series of prophetic words given to me by the Holy Spirit, which are of specialimportance in this time and in the circumstances we find ourselves, after the September 11
terrorist attacks.I trust that as you examine these words and the teachings which follow that you will be challenged toonce again do and audit of your own spiritual position with the Lord.Are you in the correct place in your walk with Him? Are you doing the things He has asked you to doand are you doing them in the place He wants you to be? If so, are you doing them with all your might so thatyour actions glorify Him? These are only questions you (the reader) can answer. May God Almighty bless youall.

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