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Oxford Environmentally Displaced People

Oxford Environmentally Displaced People



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Published by Kayly
2008 study in progress by the Refugee Studies Centre at Oxford University.
2008 study in progress by the Refugee Studies Centre at Oxford University.

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Published by: Kayly on May 19, 2009
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Environmentally displaced people
Understanding the linkages between environmentalchange, livelihoods and forced migration
AuthorsDr Camillo BoanoProfessor Roger ZetterDr Tim MorrisNovember 2008Refugee Studies CentreOxford Department of International DevelopmentUniversity of Oxford
Forced Migration Policy Briengs
Te Reugee Studies Centre’s (RSC) Forced Migration Policy Briengs highlight the very best and latest policy-relevant research ndings rom the elds o orced migration andhumanitarian studies. Designed to provide a clear and accessible means by which rigorousand objective research and analysis may inuence a wider audience o policy makers andhumanitarian practitioners in a manner that is current, credible and critical. Te seriesprovides a unique orum in which academic researchers, humanitarian practitioners,international lawyers and policy makers may share evidence, experience, best practiceand innovation on the broad range o critical issues that relate to orced migration andhumanitarian intervention. Te Reugee Studies Centre invites the submission o policy briengs on all topics o relevance to policy and practice in the elds o orced migration,reugee protection and humanitarian intervention. Further details may be ound at theRSC website (www.rsc.ox.ac.uk).Te series is supported by the UK Department For International Development(DFID).Te opinions expressed in this paper are solely those o the authors and should not beattributed to DFID, the Reugee Studies Centre or to the University o Oxord as a whole.Series Editor: Simon Addison simon.addison@qeh.ox.ac.uk 
Executive summary 11. Introduction 42. Describing and categorising the environmentally displaced 73. Do environmental reugees exist? 94. Struggle over data: the politics o numbers, the need or typologies o displacement and mapping 125. Environmental change impacts on livelihoods: the case or resilience,adaptation and sustainability 146. Putting resilience, sustainability and adaptation rst 187. Environmental degradation and conicts: a causal chain? 208. Institutional capacity and unding arrangements: developing new responses 249. Conclusion and policy recommendations 30Reerences 33Endnotes 39

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