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Hack 12

Hack 12



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Published by mobilecrackers

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Published by: mobilecrackers on May 21, 2009
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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gtmhh1-1Thank you for joining the HAPPY HACKER email list. Moderatoris Carolyn P.Meinel. If you have hacking tips that you wouldn't mindbeing read by lawenforcement types, please send them in! In the meantime,welcome to theflagship ezine of this list. Here's...The inaugural issue of..._______________________________________________________GUIDE TO (mostly) HARMLESS HACKINGVol. 1 Number 1Hacking tip of this column: how to finger a user via telnet._______________________________________________________Hacking. The word conjures up evil computer geniusesplotting the downfallof civilization while squirreling away billions inelectronically stolenfunds in an Antigua bank.But I define hacking as taking a playful, adventurousapproach to computers.Hackers don't go by the book. We fool around and try oddthings, and when westumble across something entertaining we tell our friendsabout it. Some ofus may be crooks, but more often we are good guys, or atleast harmless.Furthermore, hacking is surprisingly easy. I'll give you achance to proveit to yourself, today!But regardless of why you want to be a hacker, it isdefinitely a way tohave fun, impress your buddies, and get dates. If you are afemale hackeryou become totally irresistible to all men. Take my word forPage 1
gtmhh1-1it!;^DThis column can become your gateway into this world. Infact, after readingjust this first Guide to (mostly) Harmless Hacking, you willbe able to pulloff a stunt that will impress the average guy or galunlucky^H^H^H^H^H^H^Hfortunate enough to get collared by you at a party.So what do you need to become a hacker? Before I tell you,however, I amgoing to subject you to a rant.Have you ever posted a message to a news group or email listdevoted tohacking? You said something like "What do I need to become ahacker?" right?Betcha you won't try *that* again!It gives you an education in what "flame" means, right?Yes, some of these 3l1te types like to flame the newbies.They act like theywere born clutching a Unix manual in one hand and a TCP/IPspecificationdocument in the other and anyone who knows less is scum.*********************Newbie note: 3l1t3, 31337, etc. all mean "elite." The ideais to take eitherthe word "elite" or "eleet" and substitute numbers for someor all theletters. We also like zs. Hacker d00dz do this sor7 of th1ngl0tz.********************Now maybe you were making a sincere call for help. But thereis a reasonmany hackers are quick to flame strangers who ask for help.What we worry about is the kind of guy who says, "I want tobecome a hacker.But I *don't* want to learn programming and operatingPage 2
gtmhh1-1systems. Gimme somepasswords, d00dz! Yeah, and credit card numbers!!!"Honest, I have seen this sort of post in hacker groups. Postsomething likethis and you are likely to wake up the next morning todiscover your emailbox filled with 3,000 messages from email discussion groupson agriculturalirrigation, proctology, collectors of Franklin Mintdoo-dads, etc. Etc.,etc., etc....arrrgghhhh!The reason we worry about wannabe hackers is that it ispossible to breakinto other people's computers and do serious damage even ifyou are almosttotally ignorant.How can a clueless newbie trash other people's computers?Easy. There arepublic FTP and Web sites on the Internet that offer cannedhacking programs.Thanks to these canned tools, many of the "hackers" you readabout gettingbusted are in fact clueless newbies.This column will teach you how to do real, yet legal andharmless hacking,without resorting to these hacking tools. But I won't teachyou how to harmother people's computers. Or even how to break in where youdon't belong.******************************You can go to jail tip: Even if you do no harm, if you breakinto a portionof a computer that is not open to the public, you havecommitted a crime. Ifyou telnet across a state line to break in, you havecommitted a federal felony.*************************************Page 3

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