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Technology Workshop Lesson Plan Day 5

Technology Workshop Lesson Plan Day 5

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Published by Brenda Estupinan
day 5
day 5

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Published by: Brenda Estupinan on Aug 07, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Technology Workshop Lesson Plan
Your Name
Brenda Estupinan
Workshop Title
Using Guided Interaction with EnglishLanguage Learners (ELLs) 3-5 gradeteachers
Day #
Subject(s) of the day’s workshop
How to structure lessons forguided interaction for ELLstudents..
Perquisite Knowledge
Knowledge of SMART Notebook and Wikispaces
Knowledge of ELLs
Content (Describe in a paragraph)
This workshop will teach teachers the importance of using guided interaction for ELLs.Participants will be shown examples of how they can do this in language arts, writing, science,social studies and math using SMART Notebook and Wikispaces. Participants will learn how tostructure lessons so students can work together to understand what they learn. Teachers willthen use SMART Notebook and Wikispaces to create resources that they might use in their classbased on what they learned during this session.
List the Objectives for this lesson.
Participants will outline the structure of a lesson for ELLs.
Participants will discuss why interaction is important for ELL students.
Participants will create a Wikispaces classroom for their students to use.
Participants will design a lesson in SMART Notebook that demonstrates proper modeling fortheir ELL students.
How will you teach the lesson? Details help.
Part 1 (2 hours)Participants will
see a video from a teacher’s classroom that shows what
guided interactionlooks like. Participants will be asked to write down one or two things they liked from the video.They will then share with their neighbor. Participants will use Think Pair Share again, so theycan see how easy it is to use as a teaching strategy in their classroom. Groups will then sharewith the entire group. The presenter will present some information about guided interactionand why it is important for ELLs. The presenter will then show examples of what this looks likein different subjects using SMART Notebook and Wikispaces. After each subject presented, thegroup will use Think Pair Share to discuss thoughts and ideas.Break (10-15 minutes)Part 2 (approximately 1:45)Participants will work either in groups or individually to create lessons that they can use in theirclassroom with students. They will use SMART Notebook and Wikispaces to create materialsthey can use in their classroom. Before the workshop ends, participants will have theopportunity to share with the group what they worked on and how they will use it in theirclassroom.
Additional Materials you will use and how you will use them.
Smart Notebook will be needed for all teachers so each teacher needs to have a computer towork on.

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