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Born Again

Born Again

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Published by David J. Ellis
After a tragic accident robs a engaged college student of his memory, his parents have to step back into his life as full-time caregivers.
After a tragic accident robs a engaged college student of his memory, his parents have to step back into his life as full-time caregivers.

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Published by: David J. Ellis on Aug 21, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Born AgainWritten byDavid J Ellis
INT. LAWRENCE'S OFFICE - NIGHTThe view from the corner office is magnificent.LAWRENCE COLE, early 30's, his furrowed brown not yetproducing wrinkles, does not notice the view. Instead hefocuses on a memo on his desk. The words URGENT andCONFIDENTIAL are visible. He scowls.Lawrence presses the call button on his phone.LAWRENCEKatie? Katie, I need the acquisitionforms for the Connors' account. And acup of coffee.KATIE (O.S.)Right away, Mr. Cole.Lawrence leans back in his chair.KATIE, her dress accentuating all her best features, walksinto the office. She smiles.KATIEHere's your coffee, and theacquisition forms. Anything else Ican do for you, Mr. Cole?Lawrence takes a deep breath.LAWRENCENo, thank you, Katie.She smiles again, and walks away, hips swinging seductively.Lawrence lets his breath out slowly. He dials a speed dialnumber.INT. COLES' HOUSE - NIGHTSHANNON COLE, young, attractive, wearing shorts and a tiredsmile, chops vegetables for a salad. A little hand reachesinto the pile of vegetables and grabs a carrot.Shannon looks at her son TYLER COLE, a cute, blond-haired, 5year old with mock disapproval.SHANNONNot till dinner.
YOUNG TYLERIs Daddy coming home?Shannon looks at the kitchen table, and the three placesettings. She sighs.SHANNON(brightly)I'm sure he'll be here tonight.Tyler nods, unconvinced. He sits down directly under Shannonand plays with a car.SHANNONTyler--The phone RINGS.TYLERI got it!Tyler jumps up and darts to the phone on the table. He picksit up and takes a deep breath.TYLERHello, you have reached the Coleresidence, this is Tyler speaking,how may I can help you?Tyler's eyes light up. Shannon smiles at him.TYLERDaddy!beat)(Are you coming home, daddy?Tyler makes a face.TYLERMommy's making eggplant.INTERCUTLAWRENCEEggplant? That vegetable alwaysconfused me. Is it an egg? is it aplant? No one knows.Tyler laughs.LAWRENCEHey tiger, can I talk to mommy?2.

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