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The Light (English) September 2013

The Light (English) September 2013

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English organ of the Ahmadiyya Anjuman Ishaat Islam of Lahore
English organ of the Ahmadiyya Anjuman Ishaat Islam of Lahore

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Published by: Ahmadiyya Anjuman Ishaat Islam on Aug 29, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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September 2013
Shahid AzizMustaq Ali
 The Call of the Messiah 1Islam is Way More Englishthan the EDL
Tim Stanley 3The Origin and Growth of HadithLiterature
by Hazrat 
MaulanaMuhammad Ali 3Revival of the Faith
MaulanaAbdul Haq Vidyarthi 4Mujaddids and Armed
translated by 
Shahid Aziz 7
Call of the Messiah
Mirza Ghulam Ahmad,the Promised Messiah and
 The four fountains
It should by now be evident that in Surah
, God Most High,having cited these four attributesas the four founts of good andgrace, has directed in the versesthat follow that one should seek benefit from each of thesesources. From the phrasedown to theseobviously constitute five different things
 - and the five phrases that followstand in a complementary relationship withthem as superbly expressed elaborations. Thestatement relates to
, indicatingthat only that Being with perfect attributesWhose name is Allah is worthy of worship and
adoration; the statement 
relates to
, pointing to the fact that we seek help
from the mighty fount of God’s
,which is the most extensive and comprehensivesource of good, since without the benefit of 
it is absolutely impossible tomake any progress or grow externally as wellas internally, or have any unimpaired change of condition, or have a share in spiritual renewal;the words correspond to
in that the person who recites and repeatsseeks benefit from thefountainhead of 
, for no one has any right or entitlement to guidance, but rather this
treasure is to be had only through God’s
; the term standsin relationship with in that the man whorecites and repeats seeksbenefit from the fountainhead of , for it 
Webcasting on the world’s first real
-time Islamic service at 
September 2013
means “O Thou Who answerest 
prayers out of thy mercy andgrace! Show us the path of theapostles and the truthful andthe faithful who, having thrown
themselves deeply in supplica-tion and striving, received fromThee the favour of variousforms of knowledge, truths,visions and revelations
, and at-tained to and reached the stageof perfect knowledge and wis-dom by means of their perpet-ual prayer, humility and noble
deeds”; the phrase
answers toin that one who recitesand repeatsseeks benefit from thefountainhead of and
it means “O! Thou Master of the
day of Requital! Save us fromthe calamity that, on account of thy displeasure,we be smitten in this world like the Jews withafflictions such as plague, etc., or that, havinggone astray like the Christians from the path of salvation, be held deserving of punishment in
the next world.” In this verse, the Christians
have been called for the reason that novisitation of Divine displeasure has come uponthem in this world, and this community has only
fallen away from the path to the next world’s
salvation and are, therefore, liable to be pun-ished in the Hereafter. But the Jews have beengiven the name of for the reasonthat, even in this world, great calamities andchastisements befell them and afflicted them onaccount of their wrongdoing, plague being oneof those instruments of punishment. Since theJews not only accused the prophets of God andrighteous persons of falsehood and rejectedthem, but also put many of them to death, con-spired against their lives and tormented and
troubled them with foul and filthy speech, God’s
indignation, being provoked from time to timeby their wicked behaviour, afflicted them withvarious chastisements. Many a time hundreds of thousands of Jews were annihilated by plague,and many a time thousands of them were eitherput to the sword or taken toother lands as prisoners. Thefinal result was that after thedeath of Jesus (peace be onhim), they remained perpetu-ally
(‘those uponwhom wrath is brought down’).
Since it was known to God Most High that they were a perversepeople, they had accordinglybeen threatened in the Torahfor the most part with the pun-ishments of this world. Many atime Divine wrath descendedupon them in a horrible form,since they used to oppress therighteous servants of God withtheir hands and tongues, and
this is why heaven’s wrath
waxed hot against them in thisvery world so that they might serve as a warning to those people who, in timeto come, would oppose the apostles of God andHis righteous servants in the same way and tor-ment them, or hatch dark plots to have them put them to death or held in disrepute.
 A warning
In the teaching of this prayer, therefore, there isan implicit suggestion that you should eschewand avoid the temperament and attitude of theJews and that, if an apostle of God should ap-pear among you, you should not, like the Jews,play a rash and reckless game, and subject himto torment or anguish, accusing him of false-hood, that it may not be that by calling a truthfulman a liar and subjecting him to a variety of agonies and speaking ill of and slandering him,you might also, like the Jews, become the target of Divine wrath. But it is regrettable indeed that the people of this
, too, have alwaysstumbled and fallen and have learnt no lessonfrom the history of the Jews. What a warning it was, of which heed should have been taken, that the Jews had been given the promise of the re-turn of the prophet Elias, and it was written inthe scripture that until Elias returned to thisearth a second time, Jesus would not make hisappearance. The Jews, then, putting their own
Yellowstone National Park 
September 2013
followers to cherish their families, to veneratewomen, to treat strangers kindly, to obey the lawof any country they are in (yes, yes, it really does),and to give generously. One recent poll found that British Muslims donate more money to charitythan any other religious group. Much is writtenabout the need for Muslims to integrate better intoEnglish society, although
I’m sure 99 per cent of 
them already do. But Ihope they retain asmuch of their religiousidentity as possible
it is vastly superior to thematerialist, secular
mess that they’re being
compelled to become apart of.
I’m not one of those
New Labour metropoli-tan types who wants tocreate a rainbow nationof hippies
I’m a cultural conservative, a Catholic
chauvinist and a defender of everything worth
venerating. But it’s precisely because I’m a tradi-tionalist that I look at Islam and see much to ad-mire – ordered, sensitive to the sacred, civilised…
Editor’s Note:
The above is a short extract from
Tim Stanley’s original online article on the blogs
pages of 
The Telegraph
. For the full article see
http://blogs.telegraph.co.uk/news/ timstanley/100230090/islam-is-way-more-english-than-the-edf/ 
The Origin and Growthof Hadith Literature
Maulana Muhammad Ali
Sunnah or Hadith is admittedly the second source
and undoubtedly a secondary one
from whichthe teachings of Islam are drawn.
a way 
manner of acting
mode of life
, and
literally means
a saying conveyed to man either through hearing or through revela-tion.
In its original sense, therefore, Sunnah indi-cates the practice, and Hadith the sayings, of theHoly Prophet; but practically both cover the sameliteral interpretation on the sacred text, unani-mously adopted the doctrine that the return of theprophet Elias to this earth was absolutely neces-sary and essential; and it was in accordance withthis belief that they could not accept Jesus (peacebe on him), and queried how Jesus could comewhen Elias had not as yet returned to this earth asecond time as prom-ised. This literalismlanded them in great trouble. It was, in reality,the root-cause of alltheir misfortune andadversity that they im-posed a literal interpre-tation on a metaphoricalstatement of the SacredScripture, and that alltheir divines subscribedwith one voice to theview that before the ad-vent of the Messiah thecoming of Elias to this world for a second visit wasabsolutely necessary, and laughed at and ridiculedthe interpretation that by Elias was meant John theBaptist (whom the Muslims call Yahya), who hadcome in the spirit and power of Elias, and queriedwhy, if it was meant that not Elias himself but hislikeness would return to this world, God Most Highdid not say so in the prophecy that the likeness of Elias would appear prior to the advent of the Mes-siah. In this way, their hearts became hardenedand obdurate, and they branded a righteous man aheretic and a liar.
Islam is Way More EnglishThan the EDL
Tim Stanley
. Today our meetings with foreign cultures are
awkward precisely because we lack a solid senseof who we are. A lot of the fear shown towardsIslam comes from the death of the Christian soul –
we see a people who actually believe in somethingand we are intimidated.By contrast, most Muslims cling on to valuesthat were once definitively English and that wecould do with rediscovering. Islam instructs its
Hamilton Pool, Texas, USA

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