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South Dallas Sexual Assaults

South Dallas Sexual Assaults

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Published by Eric Nicholson
Timeline of Van Dralan Dixson's alleged attacks.
Timeline of Van Dralan Dixson's alleged attacks.

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Published by: Eric Nicholson on Sep 12, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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South Dallas Sexual Assaults
The following timeline is designed to give the reader an understanding of the series of eventsfrom offense through investigation and ultimately resulting in the apprehension of the suspect.June 22, 2013 Victim survivor #1 4600 Metropolitan 4:45 a.m.The first offense believed to be part of these series of sexual assaults was reported andoccurred on this date. In this offense, the victim survivor was given a ride in the car by a malewho stated he believed that he would be offered sex for pay from the victim. Prior to anydiscussion of this type, however, the male told the victim he needed to urinate and she directedhim to a nearby building. After exiting the vehicle, the male was approached by the suspectwho produced a gun and demanded money. The male was able to escape the suspect and fleethe scene. After robbing the male, the suspect forced the victim survivor into the vehicle anddrove off in with the victim inside. The suspect then committed the sexual assault. The suspectthen set the vehicle on fire, burning it, and then fled the scene.Both the male and the female victim survivor contacted the police department to report theincident. The female victim survivor of the sexual assault declined medical treatment and didnot want to submit to an exam to gather evidence of the assault. The female victim provided
the reporting officer’s with erroneous contact information, which prevented sexual assault
detectives from conducting any further investigation. After September 3, 2013 when it wasdetermined that this victim survivor might have been the first of a series of sexual assaults,Southeast Division Deployment officers conducted an extensive search to locate her for follow-up the investigation. This victim survivor was located and scheduled an interview withdetectives on September 6, 2013. The victim survivor did not show up for the interview andhas not responded to repeated attempts to schedule a new appointment.June 30, 2013 Victim Survivor #2 4100 Malcolm X Blvd. 2:00 a.m.The second offense occurred and was reported on this date. The victim survivor and a femalefriend were leaving a nightclub when they got separated and the suspect approached the victimand committed the assault. The victim survivor received medical treatment at ParklandHospital and evidence of the sexual assault was collected. The victim survivor in this case wasfirst interviewed by a Sexual Assaults detective on July 8, 2013 and again on September 6, 2013after it was determined a related series of attacks had occurred. DNA evidence from thisoffense was linked to suspect Dixson on September 9, 2013.It should be noted that when detectives conduct follow-up interviews, they are working toguarantee that sufficient information is obtained to ensure the victim survivor of a sexualassault is able to see justice served with the apprehension and successful prosecution of their
attacker. These interviews are typically scheduled at a date and time most comfortable to thevictim survivor to ensure the least amount of trauma for the victim survivor. Forcing a victimsurvivor to participate in an investigative interview too soon could result in unnecessary traumaas well as incomplete or inaccurate information being gathered to assist in the investigation.June 30, 2013- August 20, 2013During this time period, no further sexual assaults were reported from which to base asuspicion that a serial offender was committing assaults.August 20, 2013 Victim Survivor #4, #5 4300 Spring Ave. 2:30 a.m.Offenses 3 and 4 occurred and were reported on this date when the suspect approached twovictim survivors that were walking down the street together and sexually assaulted both of them at gunpoint. Both of the victim survivors were treated at Parkland Hospital and evidencekits were collected. One of the survivors was interviewed on August 23, 2013; however, theother victim survivor could not be contacted based on the original contact information.Detectives were eventually able to obtain good information and the victim scheduled aninterview on September 3, 2012 as this was the earliest date she was available.DNA collected from these offenses was positively linked to suspect Dixson on September 9,2013.August 22, 2013 Victim Survivor #6 2800 Warren Ave. 5:45 a.m.The fifth offense occurred and was reported on this date. The victim survivor was at a bus stopwhen the suspect approached her, presented a gun, directed her to walk behind a building, andthen robbed and sexually assaulted her. The victim survivor was treated at Parkland Hospitaland an evidence kit was collected. From August 23, 2013 to date, detectives have attempted tocontact this survivor multiple times by phone, postcard or email with no success. A friend of the victim survivor has been asked to pass a message to her. It is believed that she has movedto another city and has not been interviewed as of this time. Results from the evidence kit arenot yet available for this offense.August 27 - 30, 2013During these dates a Southeast Patrol Division and the METRO taskforce unit began to respondto the sexual assaults in the area. Uniformed and covert patrols were assigned to the area onthe 30th. These patrols focused on the area where the assaults had been reported andconducted during the times the offenses had occurred.
 At the time that additional patrols were initiated, detectives had only been able to interview 2of the 5 reported victims (offense #2 and #4). This made it extremely difficult for the detectivesto definitively announce that a serial offender was responsible for all of the offenses reportedin this area. The first two offenses had occurred 8 days apart and then no other offense wasreported in the area for 50 days. This further complicated establishing a definitive link betweenthe offenses.August 30, 2013 Victim Survivor #8 3200 Meadow St. 5:45 a.m.The sixth offense occurred and was reported on this date. The victim and her two children(f/15, m/9) were walking to a DART station when they were confronted by the suspect androbbed at gunpoint. The suspect told the children to leave and took the victim survivor toanother location where he sexually assaulted her. This victim survivor was treated at Parklandand an evidence kit was collected that resulted in a positive match to the suspect on September7, 2013 the first match linking suspect Dixson to the crimes. The survivor had to cancel twointerviews, but was able to meet with detectives on September 9, 2013.September 1, 2013 Victim Survivor #9 3800 Spring Ave. 4:15 a.m.The seventh offense occurred and was reported on this date. The victim survivor was walkingfrom work when approached by the suspect, robbed and sexually assaulted. This survivor wastreated at Parkland and an evidence kit was collected. Results of this kit are not yet available.September 3, 2013The Crimes Against Persons Sexual Assault Unit completes its assessment of reported sexualassaults in the South Dallas Area and believes sufficient cause exists to announce the presenceof a serial offender in the area to the public at large.A press conference is scheduled and the announcement is made. In determining the propertiming for such an announcement, multiple factors must be reviewed. These include whetheror not victims have been interviewed and do the interviews bear out the existence of a serialoffender, the need to capture the offender without alerting him, the necessity of thecommunity to be alerted for public safety, the likelihood of additional trauma for victims due tothe public pronouncement, whether or not the announcement will deter or encourage othervictims to come forward and ensuring criminal cases will not be jeopardized by theannouncement. The Police Department recognizes that the timing of such announcements iscritical and has reached out to the community and victim advocates for feedback to continue tomake these decisions in a timely and informed manner.

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