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Recipes Tried & True (1894 Cookbook)

Recipes Tried & True (1894 Cookbook)

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Published by aboonader00

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Published by: aboonader00 on Oct 11, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Ebook - Recipes Tried And True (1894 Cookbook).txtRECIPES TRIED AND TRUE.COMPILED BY THE LADIES' AID SOCIETY OF THE FIRST PRESBYTERIAN CHURCH,MARION, OHIO."We may live without poetry, music, and art;We may live without conscience, and live without heart;We may live without friends; we may live without books;But civilized man cannot live without cooks."--OWEN MEREDITHMARION, OHIO:PRESS OF KELLEY MOUNT.1894.Entered according to Act of Congress in the year 1894 by theLADIES' AID SOCIETY OF THE FIRST PRESBYTERIAN CHURCH, MARION, OHIO.In the Office of the Librarian of Congress at Washington.To the Mothers, Wives, Sisters and Sweethearts of the Good Men ofAmerica this Book is Dedicated by the "TRUE BLUES."PREFACE.Although in putting forth this little book we do not claim that we arefilling a "Long felt want," yet we do feel that its many tried andtrue recipes from our own housekeepers will be very welcome. We alsobelieve that it will not only be welcomed by those who recognize thenames and merits of the various contributors, but by all housekeepers,young and old. There can never be too many helps for those who, threetimes a day, must meet and answer the imperative question, "What shallwe eat?"To the many who have helped so willingly in the compilation of thisbook, the Editorial Committee would extend a grateful acknowledgment.For the literary part of the work, we would beg your indulgence, sincefor each of us it is the first venture in the making of a book.MENUS."All the labor of man is for his mouth, And yet the appetite is notfilled." --SOLOMON.SUNDAY BREAKFAST (WINTER). MRS. T. H. LINSLEY.Oat Meal. Boston Brown Bread. Boston Baked Beans. Coffee.PLAIN DINNER. EUGENE DE WOLFE.Tomato Soup. Boiled Fish. Lemon Sauce. Roast Lamb. Mint Sauce.Stewed Tomatoes. Sweet Potatoes. Spanish Cream. Coffee.PLAIN DINNER. EUGENE DE WOLFE.Bouillon. Boiled Spring Chicken. New Potatoes. New Peas. Lettuce,Mayonnaise Dressing. Rhubarb Pie. Cheese. Crackers. Coffee.Page 1
Ebook - Recipes Tried And True (1894 Cookbook).txtOLD-FASHIONED THANKSGIVING DINNER. GAIL HAMILTON.Roast Turkey, Oyster Dressing. Cranberry Sauce. Mashed Potatoes.Baked Corn. Olives. Peaches. Pumpkin Pie. Mince Pie. Fruit.Cheese. Coffee.FAMILY DINNERS FOR A WEEK IN SUMMER. OZELLA SEFFNER.Sunday.Green Corn Soup. Salmon and Green Peas. Roast Beef. Tomatoes. NewPotatoes. Strawberry Ice Cream. Cake. Coffee. Iced Tea.Monday.Lamb Chops. Mint Sauce. Potatoes. Escaloped Onions. CucumberSalad. Orange Pudding.Tuesday.Veal Soup. Fried Chicken. Green Peas. Rice Croquettes.Strawberries and Cream.Wednesday.Broiled Beef Steak. Potato Croquettes. String Beans. Tomato Salad.Fruit Jelly. Cream Pie.Thursday.Potato Soup. Roast Veal. Baked Potatoes. Beet Salad. Asparagus.Strawberry Shortcake.Friday.Boiled Fish. Egg Sauce. Lamb Chops. Peas. Escaloped Potatoes.Lettuce, Mayonnaise. Raspberry Iced Tea.Saturday.Chicken Pot Pie, with Dumplings. Spinach. Cucumber Salad. Radishes.Lemonade.PLAIN FAMILY DINNERS FOR A WEEK IN WINTER. OZELLA SEFFNER.Sunday.Cracker-Ball Soup. Roast Beef and Yorkshire Pudding. CreamedPotatoes. Celery. Mince Pie. Apricot Ice Cream. Cheese. Coffee orChocolate.Monday.Cold Roast Beef. Mashed Potatoes. Cabbage Slaw. Pickles. PlainPlum Pudding. Cheese. Tea.Tuesday.Tomato Soup. Leg of Mutton. Caper Sauce. Baked Potatoes. StewedTurnips. Apple Pudding. Coffee or Tea.Page 2
Ebook - Recipes Tried And True (1894 Cookbook).txtWednesday.Lemon Bouillon. Baked Fish, with Drawn Butter. Roast Chicken.Potatoes. Boiled Onions. Pickles or Olives. Cottage Pudding.Thursday.Roast Beef Soup. Stewed Tomatoes. Mashed Potatoes. Boiled Rice.Turnips. Troy Pudding. Egg Sauce.Friday.Corn Soup. Chicken Pie. French Peas. Stewed Potatoes. Cream Slaw.Suet Pudding.Saturday.Boiled Corn Beef, with Vegetables. Pork and Beans. Pickles. IndianPudding. Cream Sauce.BREAKFASTS. Fall and Winter.OZELLA SEFFNER.1. Melon. Fried Mush. Fried Oysters. Potatoes. Rolls. Coffee orCocoa.2. Melon or Fruit. Graham Cakes. Maple Syrup. New Pickles.Broiled Steak. Corn Oysters. Coffee or Cocoa.3. Melon or Fruit. Fried Oat Meal Mush. Syrup. Bacon, Dipped inEggs. Fried Potatoes. Coffee.4. Oranges. Warm Biscuit. Jelly. Broiled Oysters on Toast. RiceBalls. Coffee.5. Oranges. Mackerel. Fried Potatoes. Ham Toast. Muffins.6. Breakfast Bacon. Corn Griddle Cakes. Syrup. Boiled Eggs. BakedPotatoes.Spring and Summer.1. Fruit. Muffins. Ham. Eggs. Radishes. Onions. Coffee.2. Fruit. Light Biscuit. Breakfast Bacon. Scrambled Eggs. FriedPotatoes. Coffee.3. Fruit. Corn Meal Muffins. Veal Cutlets. French Toast.Radishes. New Onions. Coffee.4. Strawberries. Lamb Chops. Cream Potatoes. Graham Muffins.Coffee.5. Raspberries. Oat Meal and Cream. Sweet Breads. Sliced Tomatoes.Hamburg Steak. Fried Potatoes. Coffee.6. Berries. Breakfast Bacon, Dipped in Butter and Fried. SlicedTomatoes. Baked Potatoes. Muffins. Coffee.Page 3

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