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Speech-Thought Bubble-Captions Rubric 2

Speech-Thought Bubble-Captions Rubric 2

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Published by c. reyes

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Published by: c. reyes on Oct 16, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Speech Bubbles and Captions Rubric
TOTAL ________/15
15= A+11= B+7 = C+4 = D
14, 13 = A10, 9 = B6 = C3 and below = F12 = A-8 = B-5 = C-
Assignment TraitsBeginner (1) O.K. (3)Expert (5)Accuracy-
Are the facts in thethought/speech bubbles and/or captionsaccurate AND related to the poster,image, photograph, or painting?
Just beginning to figure outwhat I want to say.
a.) The information provided isnot supported by the reading,visuals, maps, etc. b.) I don’t seem to know muchabout this topic. Mythought/speech bubbles and/or captions are very vague.
Some really good parts, somenot there yet!
a.) The information is correct butnot very detailed. b.) Some thought/speech bubblesand/or captions add more to themain idea or story.
Focused, clear, and specific. Itkeeps the reader’s attention.
a.) The information is correct and issupported by facts. b.) My thought/speech bubblesand/or captions show that I linkedtogether my ideas in an interestingand thoughtful way.c.) Every thought/speech bubbleand/or captions add more to the mainidea or story.
Did you use all of thevocabulary words given?
Did you use all of thevocabulary words given?
a) Most or all of the vocabularywords were not used. b) Most or all of the vocabularywords are not used in the correctcontext in which they were meantto be used.
Did you use all of thevocabulary words given?
a) I used some of the vocabularywords, but not all. b) Vocabulary words are notnecessarily used correctly in thecontext in which they were meantto be used.
Did you use all of the vocabularywords given
?a) Yes! I used all of the vocabularywords correctly.
Do you have G.U.M.?GrammarUsageMechanics— 
Did the writer(s) proofread his/her work? Were thereany punctuation, spelling, or grammar errors?
Editing not under control yet.It would take the reader a lot of time to decode and get themessage clearly.
a.) Spelling errors are common. b.) Capital letters are scattered allover or not at all.c.) Punctuation is very limited or overused.d.) Many grammatical errors are present throughout the writing.
About halfway there. Manyobvious mistakes still needcleaning up.
a.) Few spelling errors but enoughare there to make reading thespeech/thought bubbles and/or captions difficult. b.) Most sentences and proper nouns begin with capital letters, but a few have been overlooked.c) Problems in punctuation andgrammar make the reader stumbleand pause now and then.
Mostly correct. There are very fewerrors. Editing is evident.
a.) Spelling is accurate. b.) Capital letters are used correctly.c.) Periods, commas, exclamation points, and quotation marks are in thecorrect places.d.) My grammar is consistent andshows that I revised and edited myspeech/thought bubbles and/or captions before I handed it in.

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