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Huguenot Cemetery Inventory 1892

Huguenot Cemetery Inventory 1892



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Published by Moultrie Creek
Inventory of Huguenot Cemetery (also known as the Old Public Burying Ground) in St. Augustine, Florida taken in 1892 and transcribed from multiple volumes of the New England Historical and Genealogical Register (1893 - 1896).
Inventory of Huguenot Cemetery (also known as the Old Public Burying Ground) in St. Augustine, Florida taken in 1892 and transcribed from multiple volumes of the New England Historical and Genealogical Register (1893 - 1896).

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Categories:Types, Research, History
Published by: Moultrie Creek on Jul 25, 2009
Copyright:Attribution Share Alike


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New England Historical and Genealogical Register 
 This graveyard is just without the old north gate of the town. It has for its southern boundary thetown ditch or moat, eastwardly the shell road, a continuation of George St. northward, and northand west the grounds of the large (Saint) San Marco Hotel. Two lots outside (west side of itsnorth-west corner) of the nearly square area of the yard proper are burial lots (one or both) for Jews, but containing no inscribed stones. The fence of the graveyard proper is of posts andboards the entrance gate on its east side being mainly of wrought iron and upheld by cementposts. A hedge, additionally, of low cedars runs along and inside its east line. Scattered aboutwithin are various planted trees, the cedar predominating, some of which are hereafter men-tioned as occuring close to graves. The yard and its contents are in very fair condition, though Iam told without a care taken.The list following, of the occupants of graves covered with inscribed stones, is complete. I havealso noticed the graves indicated by fencing, or uninscribed boards, or stones, whenever suchoccur. The rows are somewhat irregular - being out of a straight line so that they allow of the in-sertion of half rows. A good many of the graves are without monuments, some of which mustcontain several bodies, if one may guess from the quite long list of interments between 1877and 1884. During the latter year, the yard was finally closed as a place of interment. The previ-ous list, or lists, of burials, I am told by Mr. G. T. Bunting, a resident of the town, was, or were,destroyed during the war. Many colored people, their graves unmarked with an exception or two, lie in this yard.Since this yard was closed Protestants have buried in the cemetery on the outskirts of New, or West, St. Augustine. The old Catholic cemetery on Cordova St. within the ancient town lines isperhaps about the size of the old Protestant yard, but how it can contain the dead of 300 years,almost or quite, without placing them from 2 to 10 deep, I can hardly see. The new Catholiccemetery is outside the old gate, some distance, and to the east of the shell road. Near theArmy Barracks (on St. Francis St.), south end of town, and connected therewith, a walled grave-yard holds the victims of the Dade massacre, and a number of soldiers that have died at thispost. An old graveyard, supposed to have been used by the Indians, perhaps those convertedby the Catholic missionaries, is now covered by the Lynn House, south side of the Plaza. Thisran out into the street, bounding the plaza on the south side.In making the following list I began copying at the south end of the rows and worked north-wardly. The commencement of Row 1 is in the yard's south-east corner. The work of copyingwas done early spring, 1892, and was reviewed February, 1893.B. Frank Leeds.St. Augustine, Fla.
Row 1.
Cromwell G. son of William and S. A. George died in Palatka, Fla. Oct. 20, 1881. Aged 5 years18 days.
This grave is about 7 feet from the south fence of the yard. Godfrey Foster, born Mch. 4, 1818, died Sep. 3, 1879.This and the preceding stone near each other and nearly alike.Flora Fairbanks, daur of C. & G. Foster, died Feb. 10, 1879, aged 25 years.Marble upright head and footstone.My husband P. O. Craddock born Sep. 22, 1824 - died Jan. 8, 1884.White marble head and footstone and wooden curbing.The four above graves are in the south-east corner of the yard - lot apparently one - 36 to 40feet north and south, 9 to 10 feet east and west, paling fence partly down.
Row 2.
Mrs. Mary T. Smith a native of Liberty Co., Georgia, died at St. Augustine April 27, 1860. Aged77 years. Stone erected by her daughter.Marble upright head and footstone.
Row 3.
An enclosed child's grave with four substantial posts and 3 rails on each side - no monument.Mary Almyr Mickler, died Augt 7, 1882.This grave has a wooden headboard, and stands north-east of the two Meckler graves in theadjoining row, 4.
Row 4.
Doctor Wm Robertson - by his only child.Mrs. Ann Robertson - by her only child.Lot close against the south fence of the yard - 9 feet by 9 feet, raised a foot above the generalsurface and entirely covered with coquina and cement. A cast-iron railing enclosed the tworaised tombs each with a broad white slab placed horizontally atop.Next the above lot northwardly a wooden curbed grave - no monument.Captain Robert Mickler - who was born at St Mary's, Georgia the 7th of May 1800, and died atSt Augustine, Fla., 9th Dec. 1848. Aged 48 years, 7 mos., 2 days.
A horizontal marble slab on cemented foundation - a cedar at north-east corner.James A. Mickler, died Jan. 29, 2878. Aged 53 years. A native of St. Mary's, Georgia.Upright wooden head and footboard adjoins preceding northward.Mrs. O. Howes of New Haven, Conn., died May 29, 1883.A headboard in a lot with slatted curbing 2 feet high. 
Row 5.
A large lot with cemented curb and paling fence above enclosing 3 graves - two adults and achild between; each grave with a cemented curbing and 3 cemented horizontal stones (appar-ently) at head. No inscriptions.Nancy Pinkham, died Jan. 31, 1876, aged 73 years. Erected by her niece S. J. Mitchell.Sallie Pinkham, died Sept. 11, 1875, aged 69 years. Erected by her niece S. J. Mitchell.Each of the Pinkham graves has erect marble head and foot stones on brick foundation. A largeosage orange to the north of the S. Pinkham grave.George H. Emery, died July 30, 1880, aged -0 years.Only one figure of the age decipherable - doubtless an adult. Wrought iron fence in good condi-tion, set in a cement foundation, under gate an iron plate with the name Emery.Lot 10 by 15 with paling fence around, contains several graves - one marked by a large cross -another by a small headstone with the letters A. T. on it. Two large cedars, one at the north-eastcorner of the lot, the other at the foot of the cross-marked grave. A 3d small cedar at the lot'snorth-west corner.To my husband John Manucy, born Dec. 24, 1820, died Oct. 20, 1879 - aged 59 yrs. 9 mos. 27days.White marble head and footstone and white marble curbing.An adult's grave with coquina head and footstone, both low. 6 feet north of the Manucy graveand east of the Whilden grave.Dr. J. Hume Simons.Lot with paling fence around - the size of one grave, and nailed to paling at head of grave aheart-shaped shield with zinc plat nailed to it containing above name.A fond father and mother have caused this stone to be erected to the memory of their dutiful andaffectionate son Edward S. Robinson, who departd this life 21st Oct. 1821 agd 20 y. 1 m. 8 d.A large cedar west of the broad marble upright headstone.

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