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Critical thinking PRO Political religious optimist

Critical thinking PRO Political religious optimist

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Published by Frank Gallagher
A flea backstroking with reserved erection calls for the draw bridge to be raised
A flea backstroking with reserved erection calls for the draw bridge to be raised

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Categories:Types, Presentations
Published by: Frank Gallagher on Nov 10, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Critical thinking PRO Political religious optimistA flea backstroking with reserved erection calls for the draw bridge to be raised Polls see sanity bottoms while let us pray topsPriorities eh? NE! "A#R$C A%E
 Never Ending ar !tory "iduciary Accountable #enevolence Righteous $mperialist Capitalist Aspiring %ruth Evaders
&ow much truth can one be e'pected to swallow?&oly &eadline #atman yep R(R Robbings Robin)ein *ampf )edia essential intellectual neuter *leptocratic authenticity manifests proficient fools"ree power + humanic of thin air like banksters money + satanic%,%%radition ,nsinkable %itanic%ut irrefutable proof ya can-t take it with youPRO.E%AR$A%
Political Religious Oppress .ight-s E'ponential %ran/uility Accountable Responsible $lluminate %yranny
And the .ord sayeth unto me 0ou are 1odand set out with the cutting edge to slice through the shit segregating the human family from%hy *ingdom Come,nknown 1enius of Nikola %eslahttp233www4youtube4com3watch?v56pn77Eun1!)http233www4youtube4com3watch?v5vu$Nhm%7890 Nikola %esla : %he secrets hidden in the pyramids of Egypt)oses stole the Ark from Ramesses $$ turning the lights out on EgyptReality is the %ruth impervious to perception yet precisely due to perception%ruth that which 1od would observe whether or not &e e'isted or whether or not one believes &e e'ists;
$6EA.!imply Reality !anely 6ealt ith,nited Perception !olidaritywww4ups;74com ,ltimate Potential !ocietyEpitaph Edison Profit $ntellectual %esla authentic Prophet &umanity)E < )oses Edison =,!%$CE < =esus ,niversal !ocrates %esla $ntellect Confucius Electromagnetism 0es ya better watch out 8irginia no !atanic Clause!anta Clause is coming around with >udges gown0es we got no bananas at C6"=$ : Constitution 6iligence "iduciary =udiciary $ndependentsCan we afford not to ask "ord?hat caused him to go crackers?ould "ord be crackers to divulge what induced his crackers and perhaps more importantould Polly want a cracker?@
%,%%radition ,nsinkable %itanic%ut irrefutable proof ya can-t take it with youwww4!ap#oat;74com!anity a popular #elief of artificial truthshttp233www4scribd4com3doc3;@B++73Only:the:Eccentric:*now:the:Nightmare#ias Osmosis !morgasbord of kaleidoscopic ricochet%A#.E%!%ruths antithesis #eliefs .i/uid E'ponential %ranscendental http233www4youtube4com3watch?v5+7k)09O"ND(feature5related$n the name of 1od and forgive it-s >ust politicsPRE!!,RE! Political Religious Egalitarian !egregated !olidarity ,bi/uitous Righteous E'plosive !anctimonious%hy kingdom come)c Pig)usical Chairs Puppets in glomming Puppets in 1overnance )edia Elusives
P$1 )E
%he re/uest for 1odFs kingdom to come is usually interpreted as a reference to the beliefG common at the timeG that a )essiah figure would bring about a *ingdom of 1od4%raditionally the coming of 1odFs *ingdom is seen as a divine gift to be prayed forG
not a human achievement
%his idea is fre/uently challenged by groups who believe that the *ingdom will come by the hands of those faithful to work for a  better world4 $t is believed by these individuals that =esusF commands to feed the hungry and clothe the needy are the *ingdom to which he was referring4
P$1 )EO
Puppets in 1overnance )edia Elusives Opposition eb$n the name of 1od ofG for with the People %"

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