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The Great Return and 2012

The Great Return and 2012



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The two largest catastrophes of the Great Year occur when a/. the Galactic Centre aligns with the summer solstice, as it did 12,500 years ago, or b/. aligns with the winter solstice, bringing a Great Year to an End, as it is beginning to do now. This was at least a major reason for the Mayan Prophecy.
But where will the catastrophe centre and what is it about?
The two largest catastrophes of the Great Year occur when a/. the Galactic Centre aligns with the summer solstice, as it did 12,500 years ago, or b/. aligns with the winter solstice, bringing a Great Year to an End, as it is beginning to do now. This was at least a major reason for the Mayan Prophecy.
But where will the catastrophe centre and what is it about?

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Categories:Types, Research
Published by: Susan Seymour Hedke (b. Susan. S. K. Haub). on Sep 11, 2009
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S. Seymour HedkeSeptember 11 2009 Nearly five years research, since the Tsunami occurred in December 2004, leave me certain that thealignment of the galactic axis with the solstice axis, of Orion's club with the summer solstice, andthe Galactic Centre with the winter solstice (especially when one or the other is transited by the Sunin late June or December), will intensify catastrophic occurences, particularly in the years 2010 to2013. Moreover these events will affect one area more than others.The alignment of the Galactic Centre with the winter solstice brings the end of a Great Year cycle.As the Galactic Centre aligned with the summer solstice, half a Great Year ago, a conflagration onEarth led to a 1,300 year ice age called the Younger Dryas, at which borderline a massivecatastrophe occurred with mass extinctions. 
The Chronicles of Akkakor 
by Karl Brugger is one written source of my certainty that thiscatastrophe really occurred half a Great Year ago. The chronicle binds together so many loose endsin our story.
It records the meeting of the author, a German journalist
, with the chief from anAmazonian tribe called the Ugha Mongulala, who tells the journalist of his tribe's 15,000 year history. The records he shares had been saved from destruction in large cities created beneath theearth surface. Now again, we stand at the brink of such a catastrophic period. The Ugha Mongulala tribe haswithdrawn within the Earth after attempting to give us a warning. Their knowledge has in the pastallowed a small percent of their people to survive all of the past disasters, disasters which haveerased the memory of most other cultures. As occurs be each disaster, most people will be unaware:as the last Pope told a small audience about the Third Secret Part of the Fatima Prophecy, the
oceans will flood entire sections of the earth,
 but who wants to share such a message. Jesus said inthe Bible (Matthew) people will be again eating and drinking when it happens „
 For as in the Daysthat were before the Flood,...so shall the coming of the Son of Man Be.“
Because the role of the alignment of the Galactic Centre with the winter solstice was known of bythe Maya (who are likely remnants of a once much older and enormous empire that included theUgha Mongulala before the First Catastrophe occurred in 10,468 BC - 12,477 years ago), theycould warn us that this End Time would be associated with disaster.The Bible has, according to my research, the same source of information connected to the GreatYear cycle, as Graham Hancock suggests there has been a great civilization on Earth that wasdestroyed, we are only beginning to reconnect the pieces. Isaiah, in the Old Testament, alsoconnected the Bible and its knowledge to the Great Pyramid in Egypt. I believe the Great Pyramidrepresented the world mountain, a mountain placed at the equator (as I show elsewhere), Giza
1For instance its description of the Earth overheating, fires breaking out and resin being sweated from the trees ties into the same details told of in the Greek myth of Phaethon. Also further dates (3160 BC for the return of the gods) tiein to the beginning of the Mayan last age in 3114 BC and the first Egyptian Dynasty c. 3100 BC and the beginningof the Indian Age- Kali Yuga- just twelve years after the Mayan calendar began again at -3102 BC.2The book was removed from the market for many years, most copies hunted down and demolished. An older friendgave me his prized copy of the original version to read. In the 1980s the author of the book was shot on the streetwhile supposedly carrying out more research. Many believe he was murdered.3 Who is this Son of Man you wish to know. He is Orion, and he is also the only man in the zodiac -Aquarius. Bothareas are at present aligned with the celestial equator and connected by the river Eridanus and they are both symbolsof the beginning of the new Great Year.
means border and represents the border between two hemispheres: Upper and Lower Egyptrepresent the two halves of the globe. The belt of Orion was also associated with the equatorial beltof the Earth. It is now vertically above our equator on the celestial equator. Such a layout for thestate- to reflect the whole globe was a typical layout once upon a time
.The Great Pyramid seems also to warn of a coming disaster and tell of the date of the past disaster,as it aligns to the present period 2012 and the next few decades (as
The Star Mirror 
by Mark Vidler shows, and in both cases it does this through aligning to
Orion as he was placed 12,500 years ago
and now. The earlier period is thought of the
First Time of Osiris
and this period when Orion begins to move in the opposite direction is thought to suggest the return of Osiris, in the
Last Timeof Osiris
.The Great Pyramid is not the only memory of the loss and return of the world mountain. Anelaborate copy of the once existing central mountain, remembered in the east as Meru, is found inCambodia, a temple called Angkor Wat. Angkor Wat connects us to another culprit of the Fall byaligning to Draco ( the serpent-dragon constellation that winds around the north pole and ecliptic pole). Here too the alignment is made to
Draco as it was placed 12,500 years ago
.The Chinese understanding of Yin and Yang, detailed in the
 I Ching,
can explain how the cycles of day, year and Great Year function, and why and how this disaster occurred back then and why itmay arise now.In brief 
, and according to this understanding, I can say that the catastrophe half a Great Year agowas associated with a Fall. We moved into a descending (Yin) half of the Great Year cycle andwaters covered many previously existing continents, this was connected to a volcanic eruption (sucheruptions are told of in histories as great battles between heavenly and demonic forces-overworldand underworld) and fall of the great mountain that had been the centre of a Golden Age.It was this event, and not a comet (as Firestone and West have suggested
), that in the first place broke the axle of the Earth and caused it to wobble. Evidence of the volcanic involvement lies in thefact that the mammoths, flash-frozen by the enormous catastrophe 12,500 years ago, weresurrounded by volcanic ash.A part of the volcano as it exploded may have shot into the stratosphere and rained down in pieceseven over North America like a comet. Because the catastrophe of that time stretched over a longer  period, a volcanic eruption is more fitting then a comet. It also fits with the ice age that followed.The ejection of much of the erupted substance into the stratosphere may explain that such a megavolcanic disaster at this time was not so obvious, as also the collapse of the remains into the IndianOcean. It is also possible that although great disasters did occur at around 12,900- 400, as recorded by a number of scientific papers the mountain did not fall completely into the sea until c. 11,600BC, which would fit Plato's description of the fall of Atlantis in a day and a night, as told him by the priests of Egypt who had before much was destroyed, excellent records.The alignment of the Galactic Centre with the winter solstice now is only just beginning. In 2010the Galactic Centre is still from the absolute winter solstice point, at 27° Sagittarius. Nevertheless other planetary aspects and patterns suggest that in the years 2010 to 2013 may causea major catastrophe, or catastrophes. Yet hope may be given in connecting this to a healing process,like the removal of a decaying milk-tooth to allow a new and stronger one to grow. For thistribulation, which will involve great earthquakes, is about the Great Return.This is what prophecies the world over tell us: the end of the age brings the return of Jesus, the Sonof Man, of Osiris or his son Horus, of Kulkulkan or Quetzalcoatl, Baldur, Kalki and a number of others. Each tribe of the earth had a name for the saviour-king who will return. This king-saviour 
4Orion's belt is now aligned with the celestial equator vertically over the Earth's equator at the so called „highest point“ in its Great Year cycle where it reverses its direction in the next 80 odd years. This layout is described byO.D. Miller in other states ie Chaldea.5I go into this in much greater details in other articles on scribd and in my book 
„THE GALACTIC CENTRE 2012and the Great Waves Coming in December“
Book: The Cycle of Cosmic Catastrophes: How a Stone-Age Comet Changed the Course of World Culture
has been here once before but was lost and we have lived in the promised of his return.Yet a root understanding of what this return is about can be had through the
 I Ching,
in which thetime of winter solstice, where the galactic Centre is now aligning to mark the end of a Great Year, iscalled the time of 
meaning "Return". This return means the return of Yang energy within theEarth: a fiery, electric, rising energy from below associated with „
Thunder in the Earth
“.I believe that it is this simple Chinese understanding that is at the root of all prophecies of return.The return is about a rising of something that will have a good affect, an effect caused by a rising of the Earth, where it sank in the Yin descending phase, as recorded in the Greek myth of Phaethonand the Chronicles of Akakor and the story of Atlantis. This good Yang energy will cause thecontinents that sank near the equator, and particularly the central mountain, (known andremembered in many different names, but everywhere associated to Orion, as representative
of thegood and Risen God) to rise again. The fall of the Yang power caused a split in our thinking andrequired Orion to get a good and bad face, for he had been a symbol of all good, yet his fall causedevil. This was explained away with a number of methods, in him being attacked by his evil brother or by Seth Typhon, or as in the case of Phaethon cleverly explained away by the Egyptians: it wasno terrible fault of the good hero but caused by his youth and a weakness of a loving father for his
7 The Pleiades and the Bull Taurus are also close by and part of the Galactic Anti-Centre „Duat“.

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