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Issue 64

Issue 64

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Published by thesacnews

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Published by: thesacnews on Sep 14, 2009
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Sac City’s Journal of Politics and Opinion
Photo courtesy Bruce PerryMay not be reproduced withoutPermission
driving on the main route to the country club…
Curtis Bloes<!---------->
Sac City Council to addressSac Aquatic Center complaints
The pool does need a lot of work but to keep thefacility in top working condition needs to be done. Imissed this meeting as I had to work but some of mythoughts are when getting close to the end of the sea-son make a trip every other day to get concessions. Itis not that far to the store and concessions are a bigmoney maker. There were more days than not whenthe doors of the pool did not open as scheduled at1pm but closer 1:30. I would not have minded asmuch if the guards would have been cleaning chairsor picking up litter around the pool but they wereusually just sitting in the concession area ignoringthose of us standing outside to get in to swim. Therewas even one day when the guards did not get intotheir chairs till 1:45 pm. If the kids do not want to fol-low opening time schedules then maybe the manager needs to be there to be they open on time. I have alsofound that they abuse water break schedules whichare supposed to be 10 minutes that usually turned into 20 minute breaks. I am paying to swim and wasfrustrated this year with the way the pool was be-ing ran as were many others. This has gotten worsethan the previous season when I also had issue withconcessions and upkeep of the pool. The heater notworking is another issue that needs to be addressedif the Aquatic Center wants to remain a place where people want to swim. Otherwise the pool will con-tinue to lose customers.
Charlene Green<!---------->
Community Announcements
Sac City Arts Council and Sac City Mu-seum will work together to honor Ron Nelson and his work for both organi-zations. On Sunday, September 20, theMuseum will be open from 1:00-4:00 pm. Area performers will entertain inthe Historic Village’s gazebo at 2:00 pm. Mark your calendars! More detailswill follow.
Bruce Perry
TheSacNews.com September 14, 2009 Issue 64
Page 01
Tony Wernimont featured inthe Daily Yonder 
That is great to read Tony!!
VIDEO : Old Methodist ChurchBeing Torn Down
Thanks for making meetings available to those
of us unable to attend. As a point of clarcation, it
is the former Free Methodist Church, which is in noway connected to the (United) Methodist tradition or to the church on 9th and Main. Actually, the buildingslated for demolition was constructed in 1888 as theBaptist church. It was moved from its former loca-tion on Main Street to its current location on EarlyStreet in 1911 when the Free Methodists purchasedthe building after the Baptists erected a new church.
Bruce Perry<!---------->
Reader wants stop signs onS 9th
Sac City Resident2.
Wow, I also believe there are several streets intown that have yield signs instead of stop signs. In
fact, I drive past them almost every day. By deni
-tion, yield signs mean slow down, make sure theintersection is clear, and proceed. There is nothingwrong with the signage - it’s the drivers that don’t pay attention (or don’t care) you have to watch for.And remember, an intersection with no signs at allis to be treated as having yield signs all the wayaround. There is absolutely NOTHING wrong withthe signage in Sac City.I used to walk along 9th quite a bit, and still do onocassion, and the only times I ever witnessed a vehi-cle going anywhere near 35 mph was a teenage driv-er. Guess what - you put a stop sign in, and they’regoing to do a California Stop, hammer on the gasand race off to the next sign. You may have made thesituation WORSE by doing this.As for the kids… you say “How many have to be hit before something is done”. Well… how many HAVE been hit? Yes, one is one too many, but you make itseem like it’s happened (and I’m implying recently).And I have to ask, where were the kids’ parents?Why wasn’t the child taught to look before enteringa street? I ask because I have been in a similar situa-tion (before I lived here). Pulling construction equip-ment behind a pickup, driving UNDER the postedspeed limit, and a small girl rode her bike onto theroad in front of us. Swerving was not an option be-cause of the load we had, and we literally stopped
the truck 3″ from her. Not a damn thing we could
have done differently to prevent the situation, but wewould have been blamed because somebody didn’t bother to teach their daughter to look both ways.
Sac City Driver 3.
Wow is all i have to say to that last comment!I live close to south 9th street and have 4 children.I have taught each and every one of my children tolook both ways before crossing, to stay out of thestreet, and to be very careful when playing outside.Kids are kids. It took me a long time to let any of mychildren play outside without me. There are timesthat I may look away for 5 seconds when my 2 year old may run close to the street. Believe me, I runafter him, but I do have to agree that the cars thatgo down 9th street are going extremely fast. Theyare NOT just teenagers that do this. 13th street is theexact same way. I do understand accidents happen,kids dont always pay the best attention, but I think the last comment was just a bit harsh.
Wow is all I can say about comment #2!!! I betyou may even been the one that was driving fastdown that road!! The person I saw was a BUSINESSOWNER that was pulling a heavy piece of machen-ery. Not too many teenagers own businesses now dothey?? And I never said anyone was killed or hurt onthat street I was just simply saying that it could hap- pen. If the speed was reduced by stop signs then itis less likely to happen. And also where are the par-ents for not watching the kids?? UH where is your  brain?? Kids will be kids, and not all situations can be helped!! All a person has to do is turn their headfor just one second and something could happen!!Just for kicks why don’t you sit on 9th street for ahour or so and watch how many speeding peoplecome by and also observe how many are teenag-ers!! Most are not!! And just wait another wreck isgonna happen when a drunk driver comes from thegolf course and hits a kid insted of a tree!! As far as the whole “california roll” thing, thats where our Sac City Police come in and need to moniter them.I think they need to do a little better job at moniter-ing that street anyway. Lets see what comments thisgets!! 9th Street Tenant 
I agree with comment #46.
It would suck if the police suddenly decided tostart enforcing the laws against speeding and drunk 
TheSacNews.com September 14, 2009 Issue 64
Page 02
082409 library dept headreport
I have become very upset with our public library.Everytime I got in to get a book or return one,the librarians are either not helpful WHATSOEVER or they are in terribly grouchy moods.We also need to get more of the newer books thatcome in too, but the librarians claim,\No one really wants to read them.\ I think some-thing really needs to be done.
I just wanted to say that since Mrs. Ledford hastaken over as the library director the place has tak-en a much needed new outlook and is much morefriendly than it was before. There are still some thatneed to work on those “public skills” but it is much better!! It seems like a much more friendly place for  people of all ages. My daughter just loved the sum-mer program and cant wait for next year.i am a bit upset though that I returned a few booksfor my daughter to only get a phone call 2 weeks
later saying the books were overdue and I had a ne
to pay. If I hadnt taken the books to the library my-self the statement may have been believable. Thishas happened more than a few times in the past fewyears.Great job Brandie and staff.
A few things
STATE OF IOWAVs.Acosta, Nicolas Rodriguez - Defendant
Address 907 Denison AveStratford, Iowa 50249Date of Birth May 5, 1973Criminal Case No. owcr011476
According to records obtained from the Sac County Courthouse, The defendant is accused of the crime of Operating While Intoxicated 1st offense in violation of (Section 321j.2 of the code of iowa) in that the de-fendant on the 14th day of August , 2009, at East Main Street Sac City, Iowa in Sac County, did: OperateA Motor Vehicle While Intoxicated
All people accused of crimes are innocent until proven guilty.The disposition of all cases are subject to change without notice.These documents are freely available for inspection at the Sac County Courthouse.
STATE OF IOWAVs.Campbell, Rosanna - Defendant
Address 600 W 6th StreetOdebolt, Iowa 51458Date of Birth 03-27-1985Criminal Case No. odsmcr011477
According to records obtained from the Sac County Courthouse, The defendant is accused of the crime of Dog at large in violation of (Section 85.06 of the City of Odebolt) in that the defendant on the 18th day of August, 2009, at the Mandernach Drive in Odebolt in Sac County, did: Allow dog to run at large.
All people accused of crimes are innocent until proven guilty.The disposition of all cases are subject to change without notice.These documents are freely available for inspection at the Sac County Courthouse.
Des Moines man arrested inEarly for Possession
All people accused of crimes are innocent until proven guilty.The disposition of all cases aresubject to change without notice.This is a SacCounty Sheriff’s Department press release
Sac County Sheriff’s Ofce arrested 34-year 
old Jeremy Lee Taff of Des Moines, Iowa onthe night of September 8, 2009.A deputy sheriff stopped the car Taff was oper-ating for a speed violation that occurred withinthe City of Early at 7:45PM. The deputy askedTaff if there were any drugs in the car as Taff’s
driving history reected prior drug related con
-victions. Taff told the deputy that there wassome marijuana. The deputy located and seizeda small baggie of marijuana.Taff was placed under arrest and charged withPossession of Marijuana a 3rd subsequent of-fense. Taff was booked in the Sac County Jailon $2000.00 cash bond.

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