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Painful Memories Part 2

Painful Memories Part 2



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Published by Courtney
THIS IS NOT MY WORK. www.fanfiction.net

Eight months after Edward left a lost and broken Bella, Alice comes across an item that can change everything. Is Bella broken beyond repair? Has she moved on? Can she ever forgive the family that left her behind?
THIS IS NOT MY WORK. www.fanfiction.net

Eight months after Edward left a lost and broken Bella, Alice comes across an item that can change everything. Is Bella broken beyond repair? Has she moved on? Can she ever forgive the family that left her behind?

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Published by: Courtney on Sep 26, 2009
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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When our time was up, Alice screamed that she was leaving. She dragged Jasper and Iout to her car and took off without a backwards glance.Luckily, the others were ready. They were able to race to Carlisle’s car and take off notlong after us, catching up within a minute.As I sat in the backseat by myself, I let my thoughts wonder. What would Bella look likenow? Would she ever forgive me? What has her life been like for the past eight months?How can she ever forgive me for what I did to her?The family doesn’t know all the facts, and I wanted to keep it that way. They left a coupledays before I did, so I could tie up loose ends and say goodbye to Bella. Although theyhave asked me for details, I haven’t told them. They were also frustrated that Alicecouldn’t answer their questions, because I told her not to look for Bella’s future beforethey left. It seems she listened to my request, because if she would have seen what I didshe would have killed me.I stayed for two days after her horrible birthday party. On the third day, I took her into thewoods and told her that we were leaving, my family and I. That she was no good for me,and that I didn’t want her to come with me. I didn’t love her.But that is not what I am ashamed and afraid to tell my family about. It is what happenedthe second night. I was trying to get my fill of Bella before leaving her forever. But I let itgo to far, and my self-control crumbled. That night I made love to Bella, my angel.“Edward? Are you ok?” Jasper asked warily from the front seat, bringing me back toreality.
 His emotions are going haywire. Love, guilt, shame, anguish, loss, pain, hope. I don’t know what to make of it. I wonder what he is thinking about.
“I’m fine.” I replied, a small smile playing on my lips. That is exactly what Bella wouldhave said.I could tell that he didn’t believe me, but he let it go, and for that I was grateful. I wasn’tready to share that secret with the rest of the family yet, if ever.“Alice, can you see what will happen when we find Bella?” I asked afraid.Alice looked at me, her eyes sad. Jasper, sensing her distress, reached out and stroked her leg lovingly, sending calming waves with it.She smiled at him in thanks before continuing. “I am sorry, Edward. I don’t know what’swrong, but every time I look all I can see is black.”“W-w-w-what do you mean? She’s alive, right? Nothing is wrong with her, is there?” Iasked panic threatening to take over everything as it rose inside my body.Jasper sent out calming waves to me, so much so I almost felt sleepy. I glared at him,warning him to knock it off. Or at least cut it down a bit.“I asked you to trust me and to do everything I say, Edward. You agreed!” She snapped.“And I say everything is just fine and we will see Bella soon.I reluctantly dropped it. I had to trust her. She says everything is ok, so I must believe her until I can see for myself. I will just make contingency plans, so if she is wrong I have a plan in place.“EDWARD!” Alice screamed so loudly that Jasper and I flinched. “You will not, I repeat NOT, do anything like that! We will stop you.”Shit, she saw my plan.“Stop him from what, Alice?” Jasper asked warily. She wouldn’t, would she?“He is planning to go to Italy and asked to be killed if Bella isn’t alive,” Alice told him
angrily, then turned towards me. “Which she is!”“You wouldn’t!” Jasper said turning towards me. “You wouldn’t do that to us, to Esme!Think of the pain it would cause her! We will stop you!”“Fine!” I said frustrated, turning to look out the window. I still haven’t given up on my plans.The rest of the car ride was silent. Mentally as well, they were blocking me out usingthoughts of each other; it was kind of sickening. And they kept exchanging meaningfulglances.“We’re here! We’re here!” Alice said pulling into a small bookstore parking lot. I can’t believe that we are going to see Bella! I jumped out of the car and turned to sprint intothe store, but was stopped when a strong pair of arms grabbed my shoulders.“We have to wait for the others, Edward.” Jasper said calmly. I growled at him. Who washe to tell me what to do, to tell me that I can’t see my angel?“EDWARD!” Alice snarled at me, as Jasper sent me waves of calm.I stopped struggling, but Jasper didn’t let go.The others arrived about two seconds after us. They quickly ran over to us. When theysaw Jasper’s hands on me, they looked at us questioningly.“Ok, they’re here. Can we go now?” I asked, still a little dejected. Upon my utterance,understanding hit the others.“We have to discuss something’s first, Edward.” Alice chirped. “The signing will be over in ten minutes. I want to go in when there are only a few people left in line. That way wewill have more time with her.”“I don’t know if any of you have noticed yet, but I smell another vampire here. Also, Ican smell at least four werewolves and something else that I have never smelled before.”She added, frustrated that she couldn’t identify the last scent.I inhaled deeply, and quickly picked up the scents I had missed in my eagerness to getinside. The vampire smelled familiar but I couldn’t place it. And the other scent, it was a perfect balance between the scent of the most beautiful perfume and the scent of the mostdelicious food. I have never smelled anything like it before.“What is that?” I asked, to no one in particular. “And does anyone else think that thatvampire smells familiar?”“Yes, I agree. That scent is very familiar, but I can’t place where we might have metthem. And that other scent. I have never smelled anything like it before.” Carlislemuttered.
 I smell the sweet vampire sent, but it is tainted, mixed with something else.What can it be?
“What should we do, Carlisle? Should we continue with Alice’s plan, or should we wait?”Esme asked.
 Is this a good idea with werewolves, a vampire, and an unknown creature,around? I do wish to see Bella though.
“I am
leaving here without seeing Bella!” I said through clenched teeth.“I agree. I want to see my little sister.” Emmett added.
 Anyway, if it comes to a fight weare sure to win. And it would be fun!!
Carlisle looked into each of our eyes, trying to decide what we should do.“We have to choose now, Carlisle. It’s almost time.” Alice added.Carlisle sighed.
 I do want to see my daughter. We are in public, so the other creatureswon’t attempt anything. It should be ok.
“Let’s carry on with our original plan. Theywon’t attempt anything in the public eye, but please keep your guard up.”
I let out the breath I didn’t know that I was holding.“Let’s go!” Alice chirped excitedly, turning and bouncing towards the entrance of the bookstore. We quickly followed.As we stepped into the bookstore, our eyes quickly searched for Bella. We found her sitting behind a table at the back of the bookstore, her head bent over a book she wassigning.We walked over silently, as she gave the book back to the fan with a sweet smile.“Next, please.” She called, looking at her hands. Carlisle cleared his throat, causingBella’s head to snap up. My mouth full open as her topaz eyes connected with mine.
She’s a vampire. That’s why the scent was so familiar, yet I was sure we never met before.She is a very young newborn, how can she stand to be around humans?
Carlisle thought.
She is beautiful!
Rosalie thought.
 Now we can be a family, forever!
Esme thought.
 I wonder what happened while we were gone.
Alice thought.
Maybe she will fight with me!
Emmet thought.
 Love, joy, hurt, pain, loss, anguish, agony, fear. Her emotions are changing so quickly,and they are so intense.
Jasper thought.Bella stood and slowly backed away from us.“Bella, please stay.” Alice pleaded. Bella stopped in her tracks, but didn’t say anything.Her eyes darted from person to person, she was extremely anxious.“Bella, I – ” I started to apologize, but was interrupted by a beautiful, clear, high sopranovoice.“Momma!” The small voice shouted. A little girl, around the age of four, came runningtowards Bella. She was the most beautiful little girl I have ever seen. Her face wasastonishingly beautiful. Her shiny bronze-colored hair fell in ringlets to the middle of her  back. Her warm chocolate brown eyes were aware, intelligent, and not at all childlike.Her skin was cream and roses, just like Bella’s use to be. Her heart was thrummingquickly, almost like a bird’s. The strange scent we smelled earlier was coming from the blood in her veins.Bella held her arms out at exactly the right moment as the little girl leaped into them, buther eyes never left ours.
 Bella has a daughter? How? That girl has to be around four years old, and we were only gone eight months.
Rosalie thought.
She looks . . . she looks . . . she looks like Edward. She has the same colored hair.
She must be Bella’s daughter. She has the exact same color eyes and skin. But she has Edward’s hair. That is imposable. Vampires can’t have children.
Carlisle was arguing withhimself.
 Edward! You didn’t!
Alice thought shocked. Oh, crap. She knows.
 Edward, I feel extreme protectiveness coming from Bella. We better be careful.
Jasper thought.The little girl reached up and placed one small hand on Bella’s check.In my mind I saw Bella’s face through the girl’s eyes.
What’s wrong momma?
Her thoughts were worried.“Nothing sweetie.” Bella answered tenderly, still staring at us.Wait! What! Did Bella just answer the child’s thoughts?

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