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Published by ruditacitrahaha

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Published by: ruditacitrahaha on Feb 02, 2014
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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 Questions 1–4 are incomplete sentences. Beneath each sentence you will see four words or phrases, marked A, B, C and D. Choose the
 word or phrase that
 completes the sentence. Then, on your answer sheet, find the numer of the !uestion and fill in the space that corresponds to the letter of the answer you ha"e chosen.
Look at the following examples:
 Example I 
#eysers ha"e often een compared to "olcanoes $$$$$$$ they oth emit hot li!uids from  elow the %arth&s surface.a'due to 'ecausec'in spite od're(ardless of The sentence should read, )#eysers ha"e often een compared to "olcanoes ecause they oth emit hot li!uids from elow the %arth&s surface.) Therefore, you should choose answer B.
 Example II 
Durin( the early period of ocean na"i(ation, $$$$$$$$ any need for sophisticated instruments and techni!ues.a'so that hardly 'where there hardly wasc'hardly wasd'there was hardlyThe sentence should read, )Durin( the early period of ocean na"i(ation, there was hardly any need for sophisticated instruments and techni!ues.) Therefore, you should choose answer D.
1. *efri(eratin( meats $$$$$$$$ the spread of acteria.a'retards 'retardin(c'to retardd'is retarded+. Throu(hout the animal kin(dom, $$$$$$$$ i((er than the elephant.a'whale is only the 'only the whale isc'is the whale onlyd'only whale is the. The fact $$$$$$$$ money orders can usually e easily cashed has made them a popular form of payment.
a'o 'thatc'is thatd'which is4. The first article of the -nited tates Constitution (i"es Con(ress $$$$$$$$ to pass laws.a'the powe 'has the power c'the power isd'of the power 
Rea%ing Comprehension
/n the si0teenth century, an a(e of (reat marine and terrestrial e0ploration, erdinand 2a(ellan led the first e0pedition to sail around the world. As a youn( 3ortu(uese nole, he ser"ed the kin( of 3ortu(al, ut he ecame in"ol"ed in the !ua(mire of political intri(ue at court and lost the kin(&s fa"or. After he was dismissed from ser"ice to the kin( of 3ortu(al, he offered to ser"e the future %mperor Charles  of pain. A papal decree of 145 had assi(ned all land in the 6ew 7orld west of 89 de(rees 7 lon(itude to pain and all the land east of that line to 3ortu(al. 2a(ellan offered to pro"e that the %ast /ndies fell under panish authority. :n eptemer +9, 1815, 2a(ellan set sail from pain with fi"e ships. 2ore than a year later, one of these ships was e0plorin( the topo(raphy of outh America in search of a water route across the continent. This ship sank, ut the remainin( four ships searched alon( the southern peninsula of outh America. inally they found the passa(e they sou(ht near a latitude of 89 de(rees . 2a(ellan named this passa(e the trait of All aints, ut today we know it as the trait of 2a(ellan. :ne ship deserted while in this passa(e and returned to pain, so fewer sailors were pri"ile(ed to (a;e at that first panorama of the 3acific :cean. Those who remained crossed the meridian we now call the /nternational Date <ine in the early sprin( of 18+1 after ninety=ei(ht days on the 3acific :cean. Durin( those lon( days at sea, many of 2a(ellan&s men died of star"ation and disease. <ater 2a(ellan ecame in"ol"ed in an insular conflict in the 3hilippines and was killed in a trial attle. :nly one ship and se"enteen sailors under the command of the Bas!ue na"i(ator %lcano sur"i"ed to complete the westward >ourney to pain and thus pro"e once and for all that the world is round, with no precipice at the ed(e. 1.The si0teenth century was an a(e of (reat $$$e0ploration. A. cosmic B. land C. mental D. common man %. none of the ao"e +. 2a(ellan lost the fa"or of the kin( of 3ortu(al when he ecame in"ol"ed in a political $$$. A. entan(lement B. discussion

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