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Music Video Treatment

Music Video Treatment

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Published by hanyaz

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Published by: hanyaz on Oct 06, 2009
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Music Video Treatment
Song: I’m GoneArtist: Naina K Ft. FazeConcept The artist we are working for is Naina K, who writes, produces and performs herown songs.We have chosen to produce a music video, and a Digi pack which will includedesigning the DVD cover and Magazine advert promoting the artist and the Digi-Pack.
 The song is about a girl who is torn between what she wants and what is right forher, and the majority of the video is narrative with performance elements at theend when both artists come together. There is a small scene at the beginningwhere we see Naina n Faze disputing and walking out, then the songs begin andthe artists are introduced. The song then begins and Naina is performing withinthe scene of the narrative. As she does so she is looking through or comingacross certain things that remind her of her boyfriend for example, gifts,pictures, videos. These items represent flashbacks of the good times they hadtogether. Towards the end of the song we see scenes/flashbacks show theproblems and arguments that lead up to the break up. For example there arescenes where:-She finds another girl’s number in his pocket.-She is standing at their meeting place waiting for him.-Faze saying bye to Naina at the door but he then sneaks off to meet anothergirl.-they are disputing (which is the prequel to the introductory scene)
 The main idea of the music video is for it to convey heartbreak, loneliness andconfusion felt by the performer. This is shown through the conventional locationswhich represent these emotions i.e. bedroom, park etc. The locations we will beusing is mainly Manisha’s house, Popular tourist spots in London e.g. Southbankand Russell square park. Each verse is set in a new location where Naina will besinging to herself and reminiscing about the past.
 The end choruses become slightly faster in pace are dedicated to show hertaking action i.e. getting ready to leave. The video ends on a cliff-hanger whenthen two artists are standing face to face just as she is about to leave.
 The entire video will be in black and white (greyscale), while the flashbacks arein colour to signify the sadness without him in her life and the happiness shefeels when she thinks about him. The pace of the video is fairly moderate as ithas to fit the beat of the song which is not fast at all. The DVD cover and magazine advert are consistent in theme of black and goldwhich represents sophistication and class. The main image is close up of theartist. This is simple and effective as it requires little effort from the audience todecode.
 The Artist/Style and Form The look we want to go for Naina K would be quite classy yet she would have anelement that makes her unique from other female R n B artists. She would havea natural look similar to an Eva Longonria’s appearance. Through the mise-en-scene we will represent her in this way.We will be endorsing some of the modern conventions of an R&B music video aswe will be using:FlashbacksBlack & white as well as colour shots.Locations: such as Russell Square park, the house & places of themtogether. therefore this signifies that they are an official couple, yet shestill is uncertain about being with him.Idea of her watching the home video of them together on the TV.Narrative- we won’t be using a conceptual style of video, as this followsthe R&B conventions.Aesthetics- the style will be modern yet have a unique style it would befairly representative of the genre.Although these elements are seen to be conventional of an R n B video we willbe challenging the ideology that R&B videos typically have flashbacks in blackand white. We will be representing her moments with him as being happy andtherefore they will be shown in colour. In contrary her present moments withouthim will be in black and white. The key look we want for our DVD cover is to have a close up image of theartist. As shown above most of the singers have had a neutral plain backgroundwith their image on top. This is the kind of look we want for our cover. Also forthe typography on our DVD Cover we want the artists name (Naina K) to look likea signature. The colours black and gold will be kept throughout in relation toconventions of an R&B video, as well as maintaining the sophisticated/classyfeel. This simply represents the genre as stylish and therefore relates to theartists image as being simple yet elegant. The male artist would berepresentative of a typical Asian rapper living in the slums of London, and wouldbe the complete opposite to Naina.
Picture frame/Photo Album: the audience is able to understand how theirrelationship was by little things such as this. It also emphasises the unity andhow she was happy then compared to now.Necklace/Watch/Jewellery: This would be representative of the artist as beingquite sentimental and she cares about her image.Costume/Make-Up: At times we will see Naina wearing loose baggy clothes whichwill show that she is a relaxed and calm person, but during the shots that will befilmed on the street etc, she will be wearing smart/sophisticated/high fashionclothes which will emphasise her uniqueness and elegance. Faze will consistentlywear loose sports clothes such as tracksuits which will show that he is casual andstress-free.Lighting: There will be shots of Naina playing the keys of the song on a pianoalone in a darkened room with strong light from the window. The objective of this
shot is to highlight her loneliness and how she is independent and in control of her own life. TechnologyAs well as using the technology required to produce this video, we will be tryingto extend our use of technology to as much as there is available to us and makethe most of it, although it is limited compared to what signed artists have.
When filming, we will be using a DV camera to capture our footage. The camerais generally good quality and has effects which can be made use of; for example,if we wanted our footage to be captured in black and white/sepia or the date tobe added at the bottom etc. There will also be some shots of Faze filming Naina& the surroundings on the Southbank as a type of home video, and for this wewill be using a Sony HD camera which will appear in these shots. We have theidea that this will then be incorporated into the music video by playing it on a TVand then capture Naina watching it (as part of the narrative). The other idea forthis is to edit the shot so that this footage plays on top of the other footage so itlooks as if it’s playing on the TV. (See
Final Cut Pro
Photoshop will be heavily used in the production of our Digi pack. Firstly we willbe using this, as well as iMovie, to
capture screen grabs from the footage whichwill be used as ‘Photos’ within the music video. Secondly, we will also be usingPhotoshop for the DVD cover & Magazine advert. Photoshop is extremely usefulin this way as it allows us to edit the image of Naina to format the DVD coverstructure the way we want it. We can also edit the colour, saturation, brightnessof the images as well as adding interesting effects.
Final cut pro
Final cut pro will mainly be used to create effects for our video. We may edit theentire video on FCP or edit in iMovie and only add special effects using FCP.Examples of such effects include, lighting adjustments, movement adjustments,sound adjustments etc. FCP is effective with layering footage and this is why wewant to use it for the scene of Naina watching the home videos. By using FCP forthis shot, the footage playing on screen will not only be clearer, but also to makeit look more realistic. With Final Cut Pro we can create the glam lighting that iscreated in a lot of R&B videos. Although they have the complex technology andour technology compared is rather limited we still will manage to create some of the effects.
Although iMovie is substantial enough to edit our video on, it is quite limited interms of the range of effects that can be used. For this reason, we may stick tousing iMovie for transitions and cuts and also for the super imposition effects of the photos. As well as fast cuts, we will be using quite a few fades and slowmotion on scenes that display flashbacks to make it look more like a memory.Another concept we will be incorporating into our music video is the crane ideato create the effect that a crane is being used without actually using the crane. This can be done by simply folding the front leg of a tripod all the way up, andmoving backwards/forwards. This therefore will exploit the technology availableto us just by simply being creative with what we do have.

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