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Henry Long Fellow

Henry Long Fellow

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Published by calis69
a 6 paragraph report on Henry Long Fellow
a 6 paragraph report on Henry Long Fellow

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Categories:Types, Research
Published by: calis69 on Oct 13, 2009
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Calixtro SantosMrs. WellsEnglish III -56 October, 2009Henry Wadsworth Longfellow reportHenry Wadsworth Longfellow born in February 27, 1807 was in a group calledthe fireside poets which includes famous poets like John Greenleaf Whittier, OliverWendell Holmes, James Russell Lowell, and William Cullen Bryant. Henry Longfellowwas reputed to be the most popular poet of his day and the most outstanding poetthe country had produced. Henry Longfellow was also consider one of the firstAmerican celebrities and was also well known in Europe.Henry parent’s Stephen Longfellow and Zilpah (Wadsworth) Longfellow hadeight children and thanks to them we have one of our best know poet, who is HenryLongfellow. Henry was name after his mother’s brother Henry Wadsworth, a Navylieutenant who died only three years earlier at the Battle of Tripoli which took placeduring the First Barbary War between the United States Marines and the forces of  Tripoli. Henry went to dame school (a form of elementary school usually taught bywomen.) at the age of three and by the age of six he went to Portland Academy. AtPortland Academy he was known as a very studious student and became fluent inLatin. His mom saw his hunger for knowledge and encourages it so that sheintroduced him to well know people like Don Quixote de la mancha. He stayed atPortland Academy till the age of 14. At age 15 Henry and his brother Stephenenrolled at Bowdoin College in Brunswick, Maine. Henry’s grandfather was one of the founders of the college and his father was a trustee (whatever that is), but inthe college Henry met Nathaniel Hawthorne a lifelong friend. This guy love literaturea lot especially poetry that he wrote 40 minor poems between January 1824 and hisgraduation in 1825 ,but only 24 of them appeared in a newspaper call “The UnitedStates Literary Gazette” which didn’t last very long. Henry was rank fourth in hiswas and gave the student commencement address.After he graduate he work as a professor of modern languages, and BenjaminOrr had being very impressed by his translation of Horace that he was hired only if he travel to Europe to study French, Spanish, and Italian, but that’s only how a storygoes but whatever it was that motivated him to travel the main point is that hetravel. He began to travel Europe in May 1826 aboard the ship Cadmus. He travelfor 3 years and it cost his father 2,604 dollars with 24 cents. France, Spain, Italy,Germany ,and England were the places he visited before he return to the Unitedstates in Mid-August 1829 ,but when he was traveling he learned French, Spanish,Portuguese, and German, most without having a teacher. Henry spent time withWashington Irving in Madrid and kind love Irving’s work ethic. Irving encouragesHenry to pursue his writing. While in Spain his sister Elizabeth died of tuberculosisat the young age of 20. Henry didn’t like the pay of $600 dollars so he wrote to thepresident of Bowdoin to increase his pay to more cash. His demands were pleasureand got a pay of $800 dollars plus $100 if he serve as the college’s librarian ,buteven the pay didn’t really made up for the fact that he hate working at Bowdoinespecially because he hate ink and paper. On September 14, 1831, Henry marriedMary Storer Potter and settle in Brunswick, yet they hated the place. Josiah QuincyIII, president of Harvard College offer him a job in Modern Languages on the
condition that he travel for a year, so he did and study German ,Dutch, Danish,Swedish , Finnish, and Icelandic. While Henry traveled his wife had a miscarriage atthe six month of pregnancy and later died due to constantly being ill. Henrylamented her death and started to write poems like "One thought occupies me nightand day... She is dead—She is dead! All day I am weary and sad" and other poems.Henry took the job at Harvard and war required to live in Cambridge to be close tothe campus, so he rented rooms at the Craigie House in the spring of 1837. He wasa good professor, but he disliked being “constantly a playmate for boys” rather than“Stretching out and grappling with men’s minds.Henry began flirting with Frances Appleton, the daughter of a wealthy Bostonindustrialist, Nathan Appleton and sister of Thomas Gold Appleton. Henry was verypersistent and in 1839 he published Hyperion a book in prose inspired by his tripsabroad and his unsuccessful courtship of Fanny Appleton (Frances Appleton). in1842 Poems on Slavery were published as Henry’s support of abolitionism, but hispoems were so mild that it was said that” a slaveholder might read it without losinghis appetite for breakfast”. Finally after seven long years on May 10, 1843 FannyAppleton agree to marry him. They married and their birthday present fromFanny’s father was the Craigie House where Henry would live the rest of his life in.Henry wrote “the Evening Star” and “O my beloved, my sweet Hesperus! Mymorning and my evening star of love!” which made his love for Fanny evident.Fanny and Henry had six children together and Henry’s salary kept increasing witheach passing year.Fanny burn and later die when her dress caught on fire, though it is unclearexactly how it happened. Henry tried to save her and got his face burn so due to hisfacial injuries he stop shaving, therefore wearing the beard which has become histrade mark. He never fully recovered from her death and would beg not to be put inan asylum. Eighteen years pass and he wrote the poem “The Cross of Snow” to tellhow nothing had change even when fanny was not with him. He was making over$48,000 per year by 1868 and supported abolitionism. He also hoped for the southand the north to recover from the American Civil War. In March 1882, Henry got asevere stomach pain and survived several days but later die on Friday, March 24,1882 surrounded by his Family.Most of Henry work is categorized as lyric poetry, but he also tried many formlike hexameter and free verse and others. He didn’t believe in addingautobiographical elements to his poetry and he would pick his subject for a longtime. Allegory, didacticism, metaphor he use often in his poems. While Henry was agreat poet he was also a well know translator and it was his job as well. HenryLongfellow help shape the American character by poems like “Paul Revere’s Ride”and others. His subjects were pleasing to the majorities and he was criticize forthat ,but to say the true is isn’t ever criticize and why is criticism taken assomething bad may be is because he was doing something good, but I do hate theguy because of him I am writing this report.Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

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