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PCYC Membership Assignments

PCYC Membership Assignments

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Published by Catawba Security

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Published by: Catawba Security on May 02, 2014
Copyright:Traditional Copyright: All rights reserved


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NameWill Chair/Co ChairCommittee AssignmentChair or Co-Chai
 NoBest Sandwich Ever Adkins, Patrick D. and Paula - Co-ChairYes/YesCo-ChaiOS Chili Cook-O!!  No/Yes"all #ork Part$Co-Chair Ale%ander, Steven &. and 'i!!an$ - Co-ChairNo/YesSnow "lurries BB( ChickenCo-Chai NoA)ril BYOSA*os, 'o* '. and +inda - Co-Chair&ul$ BYOSCo-Chai No/No"NSCo-Chair Andrews, Ed and DonnaCa)tains "NS "ish "r$Arthur, &a*es #. and Nanc$No/No"NS Artisan Show No/Yes&ul$ th our*et BurersCo-Chair  Noe*orial Da$ "ish "r$Yes/YesChaiCa)tains "NS "ish "r$Baile$, eo!!re$ A. and Nanc$No/NoCo**odores0 BallBaile$, eo!!re$ A. and Nanc$ - ChairYes/YesChaiBarne$, &a*es C. and 1arenNo/NoChaiBarrows, &e!!re$ S. and Denise"NSBasil, 2& and +indse$Christ*as DecorationsBasil, 2& and +indse$No/NoBasil, 2oer &.No/NoSou) and Su3 PotlucBasil, 2oer 4. and loriaNo/NoSou) and Su3 PotlucBast, 2ichard and 1ath$No/No"NS Artisan ShowBeck, Dean 2.Yes/Yes5alloween Bar Part$Beck, Doulas +. and ichelleDinner at the Clu3/Sweetest Da$Chaie*orial Da$ "ish "r$ Not Checkedol! Outin "NS No/Noens StaChaiYesCa)tains "NS "ish "r$Chai NoCa)tains "NS "ish "r$Berer, 1enneth &.NoBest Sandwich EveBer*an, Christo)her and Courtne$No/noOcto3er!estBerndt, Paul #. and ArleneNoreen 6sland BB( 2i3sYes/YesChrist*as Decorations No/Nowed Niht SnacksA3raha*son, #end$ +. and DavidChildrens 5alloween Part$Adorni, Cath$ and Bo3Adrick, &a$ C. and ar$ Ann - Co-Chair Al*endiner, 'odd and 1ath$Childrens 5alloween Part$A*ato, &a*es 2. and CharlaAnderson, 1assieAuker*an, 2on and 1ristinaAu%ter, Dean +. and elindaAu%ter, 1i* and Anie - ChairChildrens Pool Part$ 1-7Ba3uka, 2ick and 1i*'uscan$ S)aetti Dinner Childrens Easter Part$Deco*ission DecorationsBehr*an, 'rac$Beier, ike and ShariBenedek, ichael and Nanc$Childrens Pool Part$ 1-7Benner, Seth and Erin - Chair Bere*an, Dennis and &eannine - Chair Bere*an, &a*esBickle$, 'odd and Bo33iBickle$, 'odd and Bo33iDeco*ission DecorationsBi%ler, Doulas and &anet
YesDer3$ Bar Part$ChaiBlack3urn, Douand 'a*iChrist*as O)en 5ouse/Chane o! #atch Noa$ BYOSCo-Chair  NoSnow "lurries BB( ChickenCo-Chair  NoSnow "lurries BB( Chicken NoSnow "lurries BB( Chicken No/Yes&ul$ BYOS No'a% Da$ Bar Part$Co-Chair  No+a3or Da$ "ish "r$ No/Yes"NSCo-Chair &ul$ th "ishin Der3$ No&ul$ th "ishin Der3$'ent Part$Boss, &e!! and Dani"NSBoss, &e!! and Dani5al! #a$ 'o 8'he Ba$8 )art$ Bowers, Patrick A. and Bar3araNo Best Sandwich EveYesBurers in ParadiseChai NoBurers in Paradise No/NoA)ril BYOSBo$er, Eric and Pa*ela"NSBrand, Dalton and Elisa3ethNo/No'a% Da$ Bar Part$Brand, Darrell and ConnieNo/No"NSBrand, StewartConcert on the deck with snacks Noa$ BYOSBrenner, &ose)h . and ChristineNoreen 6sland BB( Chicken'ent Part$Co-ChaiBrown, 2uss and art$Christ*as O)en 5ouse/Chane o! #atch No5alloween Bar Part$Ca3ral, Allen . and Bar3 Noe*orial Da$ "ish "r$Cadian, Daniel and DianneNo/No2econition DinneCahill, &a*es P. and arciaNool! Outin"NSCairns, Susan and &e!!Yes/$es"NS"NSCa*)3ell, alcol* S. and ChristinaNo/Noreen island 339 ri3sCantu, Adrian'ent Part$ No/No No/No"NS Case$, Ed and w$nNo'a% Da$ Bar Part$Case$, &enni!erNo/No'a% Da$ Bar Part$Cas)er, Sandra O. and 2oland"NS - Deck Part$Bi%ler, Doulas and &anet - Chair Blickle$, 1aren and 2ichard - Co-Chair Bodaer, &ason '. and Dianne - Co-Chair Bodaer, 'err$Bodaer, '$son C. and Su:$Bodie &r., &ohn and eBodie, Dr. David A. and ichelle - Co-Chair Bodie, Dr. &ohn and +eihBolte, Cind$ - Co-Chair Bolte, &ohn and A*anda ArewBolte, &ohn 5. and erriBolte, Phili) and &ennBowlus, &a*es E. and Bonnie - Chair Bowlus, Scott &. and ChristineBowlus, #illia* and ClaraBred3eck, +ee and NatalieBrin*an, Dave and Cind$Bu3ee, &e!! Ca*)3ell, Eileen A. and StraunCar)enter, Corr3in and EricaChildrens Christ*as Part$Carrisales, il3ertCellier, Ste)hen E. and &ohnette"NS - uchos Nachos
Cha*3erlin, &i* and 2uthNo/NoCherr$, Susan 1. and &a*esNo/No5alloween Bar Part$Cho9uette, +ori$es No/NoOcto3er!estChristiansen, 2o3ert and arareta$ BYOS No/No#inter Brunch No/Noa$ BYOSClark, 1athr$n A.Co**odores0 Ball No/NoDinner at the Clu3/Sweetest Da$Cle*ens, 1enneth A., Sr. and Bar3arano/$es"NSCle*ons, Donald 1. and Beck$No/NoCa)tains "NS "ish "r$ No/No No/Yes No/No&ul$ BYOS No/YesCoolide, Dennis and &ulie&ul$ th "ishinDer3$Coon, ar$ and ichelle - ChairYesSnow "lurries Saturda$ Break!astChai No/No"NSCover, Dr. Barr$ and ar$ &oYes/Yes"e3ruar$ BYOSCo-ChaiSnow "lurries Sunda$ Break!astCrai, "rederick +. and ChristineNo/No'uscan S)ahetti Dinne No/No#inter BrunchCo-Chair Crone, ichael and CarolNo/NoOcto3er!estCrosser, &ohn 2. and &ud$No/No&ul$ BYOS No/No#inter BrunchCo-Chair Culver, Del and elinda Coole$'ent Part$Culver, Del ichael and elindaNo/No No/No No"NS - Chair Darr, Dr. &ose)h and StevieNo/Yes&ul$ th "ishinDer3$Da$ton, 'ed"NS No/No&ul$ th our*et Burers No/No"NSDia:, Dann$ and Beck$No/Yes No/NoSnow "lurries Sunda$ Break!astDill, David A. and SusanNo/Nool! Outin"NS No/No"NS No/NoSnow "lurries BB( Chicken No/NoSnow "lurries BB( ChickenYese*orial Da$ "ish "r$Co-Chaiens Stareen 6slan BB( ChickenCinco De a$oChra)kiewic:, Patrick and StasiaChud$, &ohn and DonnaChura, 2ichard P. and +isaClawson, &ack C. and De3 PinkertonClune, &ason'uscan$ S)aetti DinneCoan, &e!! and &ulieChildrens &ul$ th Pool Part$Colston, 'rac$ and 'erriConte, Sa*uel &. and De33ieCinco De a$oCouhlin, PenneCo$le, SueCrall, 1arenCul), &ohn 2. and Carol$nChildrens Easter Part$Cuttaia, Anelo and ar$il$nCinco De a$oDacker*ann, Paul and &eni!er Deis, ichael and &eanDenos, loriaChildrens ovie NihtDiels, 'ro$ and arianneDo3nikar, "rank &. and Eli:a3ethDorn3usch, &e!! and CassieDorn3usch, &i* and &oDorr, 'ho*as . - Co-Chair Dracka, Charles

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