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may03.2014 b.docSolon: Mobile libraries will encourage citizens to read again

may03.2014 b.docSolon: Mobile libraries will encourage citizens to read again

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Published by pribhor2
Solon: Mobile libraries will encourage citizens to read again
Solon: Mobile libraries will encourage citizens to read again

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Published by: pribhor2 on May 05, 2014
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Solon: Mobile libraries will encourage citizens to read again
People who love to read but could not afford to buy books may soon have access to reading materials. Two lawmakers have filed a bill, which seeks to create mobile libraries to bring these facilities closer to the users and encourage citizens to once again read books and other useful and informative materials.House Bill 2!!, otherwise known as the "#obile $ibraries %ct of 2&'(,) is in compliance with the policy of the *tate to protect and promote the right of citizens to +uality education and to take appropriate steps to make such education accessible to all.ep. -iosdado #acapagal %rroyo 2nd -istrict, /amarines *ur0 said the ob1ective of the bill is to give meaning and accord full significance to the constitutional provision by  promoting one of the most significant aspects of education, which is reading.%rroyo, who authored the bill together with his mother, ep. loria #acapagal3%rroyo 2nd -istrict, Pampanga0, said the same thing could be achieved through the creation of mobile libraries."The mobile library is a service or an activity of many types of libraries. 4t is settled to facilitate users who find it inconvenient to go to the library because of the distance, time, e5pense, lack of knowledge on library, and the lack of reading habit,) %rroyo said.The measure appropriates P'&& million from the combined earnings of the Philippine %musement and aming /orporation Pagcor0 and the Philippine /harity *weepstakes 6ffice P/*60 for the creation of mobile libraries.The bill provides that budgetary support must be continued for seven years or longer upon reasonable determination of the usefulness, relevance and effectiveness of mobile libraries as tools for education and empowerment of citizens.7nder the bill, the 8ational $ibrary of the Philippines shall be the main government agency to implement the provisions of this %ct ad shall consult relevant and concerned  private and public offices, non3government organizations, members of the academe and local government leaders on matters that will best promote and implement the establishment of mobile libraries and its effective utilization.The -epartment of 9inance is mandated under the bill to issue the relevant guidelines that will provide fiscal and ta5 incentives to private companies, organizations and foreign donors that will adopt, donate or establish mobile libraries in the country.
NR # 3455BMAY 3, 2014

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