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syllabus chem

syllabus chem



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our II sem. syllabus
our II sem. syllabus

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Published by: shaikh rizwan mustafa on Mar 08, 2008
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Swami Ramanand Teerth Marathwada University, Nanded
School of Technology
M.Pharm. Syllabus (Credit System)
Effective from June 2007
M. Pharm. (Semester – II)Pharmaceutical Chemistry
Subject code : MPY - 221Subject: ADVANCED ORGANIC CHEMISTRYI] Stereochemistry
8 hrsMolecular dissymmetry, compounds with one, two or more unequal asymmetriccarbon atoms and recimic modifications, configuration modifications, configuration absoluteand relative, synthesis of optically active compounds ,conformations in cyclic compounds,optical isomerism ,shape of cyclohexanes and six-membered heterocyclic rings, shape of rings other than six membered ones. Stereoselective synthesis, role of inductive, resonanceand steric effects in structure and relativity, dynamic stereochemistry
II] Mechanism, stereochemistry and applications of:
13 hrsBirch reduction, Clemensen reduction, arranged reactions, Meerwein-Pondroff readuction,Reduction with metallic hydroxides, Oppennauer oxidation , Wolf Kishner reduction,Witting Reaction, Allylic bromination,use of diazomethane and peracids insynthesis. Hydrogenation. Free radical reactions. Pinacol and related rearrangements,Beckmann rearrangement, Hoffman rearrangement, Claisen rearrangement andd ozonolysis,Schmidt, Lossen and Curtius rearrangement.
III] Heterocyclic Chemistry
6 hrsSynthetic approaches for attaching heterocyclic ring systems in ring molecules havingfive membered and six-membered heterocyclic rings and fused ring systems
IV] Photochemical Reactions
4 hrsBasic theory, orbital symmetry rules and their applications
V] Catalysis
4 hrs
Introduction, phase transfer catalysis in anhydride, epoixde, ester, nitryl, sulphideformation, ester formation, ester hydrolysis and reduction reactions
VI] Pericyclic Reactions
4 hrsMechanism, types of Pericyclic reactions-cycloaddition, electrolytic reaction,sigmatrophic rearrangement
5) Synthon Approach
6 hrsa) Definition of terms- disconnection, synthon, functional group interconversions(FGI)b) Basic rules in disconnectionc) Use of synthon approach in synthesis of following components:Trimethoprim,Terfenadine,Ibuprofen,Propranolol,Fentanyl,Ciprofloxacin,Cimetidine,Piroxicam,Rosiglitazone,Diclofenac,Captopryl,Nifedipine, Losartan.
Home Assignment:
Green Chemistry
Study of some reduction of synthetic importance
Recommended Books:
1)“Advanced Organic chemistry, Reaction mechanisms and structure”, J.march, john Wileyand sons, N.Y.2)“Mechanism and structures in Organic chemistry”, E.S Gould, Hold Rinchart andWinstone, NewYork 3)“The Organic chemistry of Drug Design and Action”, R.B. Silverman, Academic pressIn., San Diego,19924) “Asymmetrical Synthesis”, R.A Aitkin and S.M. Kilengi, Ed., Blackie Academic and professional London, 19955)“Organic chemistry” Clayden, Greeves, Warren and Woihers., Oxford University press20016)“Organic chemistry” Vol I and II. I. L. Finar. ELBUS, Sixth ed., 19957)A guide to mechanisms in Organic chemistry- Peterskyes (Orient Longman, New Delhi)8)Reactive intermediates in Organic chemistry- Tandom and Gowel.9)Molecular reaction and photochemistry- C.H. Deupuy and O.L. Chapman10)Drug stereochemistry Wainer Stering 1
Edn. 1996 Marcel Decker.
Subject code : MPY - 222Subject: ADVANCED MEDICINAL CHEMISTRY1) Medicinal chemistry of:
12 hrsa) Antiviral Agents and agents under development of HIV infection. b) Immunosuppressant and Immunostimulants.c) Agents used in Neurodegenerative disease
Like Alzheimer’s and Parkinsonism.d) GABAnergic Agonists
Gastric Proton Pump Inhibitors
5 hrsIntroduction, Gastric acid secretion and its inhibitors, test assay for studying gastricacid inhibitors, irreversible gastric proton pump inhibitors
3) Proteins and Peptide Drugs:
6 hrs
Chemistry, structure and stability, Reactivity of proteins and peptides. Different waysto synthesize these Drugs- Study of insulin, Relaxin, Somatostatin, DNAse interferon.
Combinatorial Chemistry
8 hrs
Combinatorial approaches
Chemical peptide and small molecule libraries
Applications, methodology
Combinatorial Organic Synthesis
Assays and screening of combinatorial libraries
Introduction to high Throughputs Screening (HTS)
5) Chiral Technology
8 hrsIntroduction to chirality and Techniques used in asymmetric synthesis of Diltiasm,Timolol, Vitamin C, Ampicillin, dextra-propoxyphen, thinenamycin, Citrenalol, propanolol, Atenolol and Naproxen
6) Prodrug Design
6 hrs

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