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Pro-Russian Separatists Removed Bodies From Crash Site, Officials and Observers Say

Pro-Russian Separatists Removed Bodies From Crash Site, Officials and Observers Say

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Published by Thavam

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Published by: Thavam on Jul 20, 2014
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A Malaysia Airlines plane carrying 298 people and traveling from Amsterdam to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, falls in a Ukrainian eld.
 July 19, 2014
Ukrainian rescue orkers carry t!e "ody of a victim t!roug! a !eat eld at t!e site of t!e cras! of a Malaysia Airlines plane in #ra"ove, in re"el$!eld east Ukraine. Ukrainian o%cials say t!e plane as targeted "y separatist g!ters using a surface$to$air missile, possi"ly it! direct &ussian aid. 'omini(ue )aget*A)+*#etty mages
and Mic!ael -irn"aum and Karen 'eoung /uly 20 at 818 AM
KIEV, Ukraine — Ukrainian rebels on Sunday cleared away bodies of victims from the shoot-down of a Malaysian et liner, movin! at least some of them to refri!erated railway cars at a nearby train station to "revent them from decom"osin! in the heat, Ukrainian officials and international observers said#$he overni!ht removal of bodies came a day after a U#S# official said that the UnitedStates believes that %ussia su""lied so"histicated antiaircraft missile launchers to the rebels, who have been "reventin! international investi!ators from havin! unfettered access to the vast crash scene#Ukrainian officials accused the armed rebels of destroyin! evidence at the crash
scene, and on Saturday ni!ht the State &e"artment called rebel interference with international investi!ators 'unacce"table and an affront to all those who lost loved ones#( )t least some of the bodies moved Sunday were taken to Soviet-era refri!erated train cars in the nearby villa!e of $ore*, a s"okesman from the +r!ani*ation for Security and oo"eration in Euro"e +SE. said Sunday#
 /e were able to observe three cars# Indeed they were refri!erated# )ll of the ba!s  we saw were ta!!ed# /e were told there were 012 bodies there,( said +SE s"okesman Michael 3ociurkiw# 'If indeed these are actually bodies from the crash scene, I !uess this is a "ositive develo"ment that they4ve all been "ut in one location,( he added#$em"eratures over the "ast several days in eastern Ukraine have ran!ed in the mid-56s, and the bodies were ra"idly decom"osin! in the fields and villa!es where they fell# 3ociurkiw said local officials and rebel re"resentatives e7"ected to leave the railway cars in "lace until international e7"erts could ins"ect them and "rovide !uidance#
$he thinkin! is that the cars should be taken to Ukrainian-controlled territory and they should be "rocessed there,( he said#3ociurkiw said the refri!erator cars were bein! "owered by an electric link to the locomotive, which was runnin! when the monitors visited the site# $he area a""eared li!htly !uarded, he said, but there was a 89-hour "resence of railway officials at the train station and heavy locks had been "laced on the doors to the cars# ) s"okesman for rebels in the &onetsk area said Sunday that the se"aratists had moved the bodies because they were decom"osin! but were ready to hand them over to Ukraine4s central authorities# ':inally we4ve "laced them in a train, and now  we are waitin! for the e7"erts to come,( s"okesman Ser!ey Kavtarad*e said# '/e4re e7"ectin! Kiev to tell us where to take these bodies#($he move of the bodies came amid continued fin!er-"ointin! over res"onsibility forthe downin! of the Malaysian et liner# ) U#S# official said Saturday that  /ashin!ton believes that Moscow su""lied missile launchers to se"aratists in eastern Ukraine and that attem"ts were made to move them back across the %ussian border after the $hursday shoot-down of the et liner#
 /e do believe they were tryin! to move back into %ussia at least three 3uk ;missilelaunch< systems,( the official said# U#S# intelli!ence was 'startin! to !et indications ## # a little more than a week a!o( that the %ussian launchers had been moved into
Ukraine, said the official#$he official4s comments, made on the condition of anonymity to s"eak about intelli!ence matters, came as a to" Ukrainian counterintelli!ence official said his service has conclusive "roof that %ussia su""lied the missile that shot down Malaysia )irlines :li!ht 0= over territory controlled by the se"aratists#
$errorists are usin! their own vehicles, the vehicles of their choice,( said )ndriy >ysenko, a s"okesman for the Ukrainian ?ational Security and &efense ouncil# )viation investi!ators from around the world were conver!in! on Kiev on Saturday ho"in! to be!in their work, but it remained unclear when they would !ain full access to the crash site, dee" in rebel-held territory# Ukrainian officials warned that the chance for an im"artial in@uiry was @uickly sli""in! away as bodies were movedand at least some "lane remnants were loaded onto trucks#
International observers were allowed only brief access to the site Saturday and were restricted in their movements by the heavily armed rebels, some of whom appeared drunk, witnesses said.
$heir key task is to destroy "ossible evidence,( said )ndriy Aarubiy, head of Ukraine4s ?ational Security and &efense ouncil# 'It will be hard to conduct a full investi!ation with some of the obects bein! taken away, but we will do our best#(
There were conflicting reports about whether all of the bodies had been relocated to the railcars or whether some remained in a Donetsk morgue where they had apparently beentaken on Saturday.
$errorists have not told anybody where the bodies are bein! taken,( >ysenko said a briefin! in Kiev# Be said C56 local emer!ency workers were at the site of the crash, alon! with 86 emer!ency vehicles#
But “their rescue work is complicated because gunmen and terrorists are there, and they dont allow the workers to work,! he said."kraine and #estern officials have said that $ussia is providing support and e%uipment to the rebels.&ysenko said Sunday that $ussia was sending “heavy e%uipment and other types of weapons to the territory of "kraine,! even after 'light () was shot down. *e said "krainian intelligence had indications that four tanks, three armed vehicles, three +rad rocket launchers and other e%uipment had come over the border in the &uhansk region. It was not possible to confirm the claim.The remlin has denied that it has sent weapons to the rebels, and it has continued to

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