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Minutes July 2007

Minutes July 2007

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Published by: api-19987050 on Dec 03, 2009
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Minutes of NZALT Executive Meeting
July 28/29, 2007-07-28,
held at Rangi Ruru, Christchurch
Present: Ad\u00e8le Scott (President), Anne Jacques(Senior Vice President), Jane Lee

(Treasurer), Sue Sutherland (Secretary), Pam Mabin (Auckland), David Hall (Waikato), James Donaldson (Massey), Philippa Doig (Victoria), Jo Rittey (Canterbury)Jenness Riethmaier (Otago/Southland)

Ad\u00e8le welcomed the 2007/2008 executive and thanked Jo Rittey for organization of
venue and accommodation. Thanks to be sent to Jo Guthrie and Judy Lafdal for their
organization of Langsem and their support of the AGM by giving incentives to
attendees. Rangi Ruru to be written a note of thanks for use of venue.

Minutes of the March 07 meeting were confirmed.
Matters arising from the minutes.
The Executive Summary of the Minutes, prepared by James D, will be published on
the website.

Incoming Royal Soc \u2013 Fiona Craven: invitation to take part in the promotion of
the Digital Learning Object (DLO)
Dennis Cunningham, FIPLV \u2013 various
Regional officers P. Doig, J. Rittey, J. Riehtmaier, D. Hall \u2013 nomination forms.
Sayako Oliver re NZALT membership requirement for Certificates of Excellence
MoE Research Div: Monitoring Teacher Supply 2007
International Baccalaureate Org: IB Wolrd Schools Yearboook 2007

Attendance, Absence, ND truancy in NZ Schools 20006
Fiona Craven : Subject Association Newsletter
MoE: Early Childhood Funding Education
NZ Teachers Council \u2013Learning to Teach, a survey of PRT in NZ
Univeridad of Zaragoza \u2013 Courses
MoE: Te Kotahitanga, Improving the Educational Achievement of Maori
Students in Mainsteam Education. Phase 2: Towards a whole school approach.
MoE: School ICT Network Infrastructure Upgrade Project: Evaluation of Early

BabelM ay2007
Government House :Governor General Anan Satyanand has agreed to be the
Association\u2019s patron
Outgoing to

Gail Spence on her retirement from MoE \u2013 thanks for leadership in and passion
for language learning
Deborah Rattray and Mairi Ferguson \u2013 thanks for organization of Conference
Laura Collins Executive Officer of TRCC for support in the Leading Languages
course in January 2007
Janet Sirisomphone requesting Asia New Zealand report
Sayoko Olliver re membership and certificates of Excellence
Simon Curnow of Kings re complaint about online subscription payments
Richard Steel re native speakers and scholarsh

President\u2019s address to Executive. (Ad\u00e8le)

1. Development of a strategic plan
The Assoc needs a sense of where the assoc is going.
Meetings are predominantly transactional; some rationalization would be prudent so
that meetings can be looking forward. Exec members would need to come prepared
for more focussed and in-depth discussion. Everything is open for negotiation. The
necessity for synergy was stressed.
A Project Proposal: Development of a Strategic Plan by Susan Miller-Thevenard was
circulated and discussed. There was wide executive support for the development of a
Strategic Plan as proposed in the paper - cost $1800 for three days\u2019 work
+disbursements and expenses. The proposed workshop will be of seven hours\u2019
Comments arising from the discussion - need to convince more teachers of the value
of belonging to the Association; an analysis of Assoc\u2019s role timely with the
introduction of the Eighth learning area.
It was moved that the Association accept the Project proposal for the development of
a strategic plan AS/PD. Adele is to meet with SMT to clarify expectations around
disbursements and expenses.
Anne, Sue, Adele will discuss how the business of the October meeting will be

2 ERO. The Assoc has been recommended by Frances Salt to contribute to questions

that ERO can use to gauge a school\u2019s readiness to implement the new Curriculum,
Do you have the capability\u2026\u2026?
How ready are you?
What are you offering?
How do you interpret \u201coffering\u201d?
How do you make the choice of languages?
Resource for questioning - Learning Languages \u2013 a guide for NZ schools (slightly
AJ/AS/PD to have a conference call to develop questions for Frances; these will later
be circulated to the rest of exec. Frances Salt to be invited to October exec meeting

3. The New Learning Area

Ad\u00e8le is to write a letter to Steve Maharey congratulating the govt on creating the new
learning area, thus affirming the suggestions from the Curriculum Stocktake that
language be offered to all Year 7-10 students.
The following points were suggested:

The new learning area was created because of a huge concern over lack of language
learning. There have been many excellent initiatives which have supported the
Curriculum Stocktake recommendations. Continued support is expected.

The Assoc. looks forward to seeing the final curriculum doc which will affirm the
intention that all schools will offer a language to pupils from Years 7-10. Assoc\u2019s
hope is that all students of Years 7-10 will be learning a language in the near future.

At the recent Perth Conference the Australians were envious that NZ has a national curriculum and approved the PD opportunities for primary teachers to receive PD in language teaching/learning and culture.

Letter will refer to Loewen, Ellis and Hackam\u2019s research finding that two years\u2019
language learning necessary for significant progress
The letter is to be circulated prior to sending.
4 The Negative L2 Climate- Understanding attrition rates, Alastair McLauchlan\u2019s

four years\u2019 research. The final page of this publication, critical of NZALT, was
circulated for reading overnight and response. No decision was made about a response
due to lack of time.

Badges (Philippa D) \u2013 a stocktake was conducted. The badges project has broken

even. Additional badges were handed to Jane Lee and James Donaldson and Jo Rittey
for further sales.
Naomi Collins (Sasakawa) has 600 unsold Japanese badges. She has offered them to
NZALT. It was moved that Adele contact Naomi Collins with suggestions for
distributing the badges to teachers of Japanese. PD/AJ
Philippa was thanked for her excellent organization of the badges competition and the
badges\u2019 sales through the regional officers.

Treasurer\u2019s report (Jane Lee)
The audited report for 2007 was distributed. Jane was thanked and congratulated for a
clear report. AJ/DH
Membership (David Hall/Jane Lee)

David has analysed the membership numbers as detailed below
He has introduced a lapsed category for membership. After three years\u2019 inactivity
members will be moved to the lapsed list where their names will be kept indefinitely.

NZALT Membership Data, July 2007
Membership type

New Members registered
this year = 91 (of which
67 have paid up)
Paid Up Members(by



52 72 26


382 Total
Payment method
Direct debit

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