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Lesson 11-2,3 (What do you want to do)

Lesson 11-2,3 (What do you want to do)

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Published by: api-19763103 on Dec 04, 2009
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Lesson Plan
Monday October 20, 2008
2 (9:50-10:30)
Matthew (Native Teacher \u2013 NT)
Emma (Korean Teacher \u2013 KT)
Lesson 11-2 (What do you want to do?)
The students will be able to ask and understand expressions about what
they and other people will want to do.
Compuer with CD-Rom, Textbook, Flash Cards, Masks for game
Introduction and Review (5 minutes)
Do a short introduction and review to prepare the class with the previous day materials
and teachers. This introduction will go as follows:
\ue000NT & KT:
\u201cGood morning students\u201d
Students (Ss) \u201cGood morning Matthew Teacher\u2026\u201d
\u201cHow are you today?\u201d
\u201cI\u2019m fine, thank you\u201d
\u201cHow\u2019s the weather today?\u201d
\u201cOk, very good!\u201d
Next, the KT will do a short review with what was introduce what we studied last time
and what we are going to study this time.
Listen and Repeat (5 minutes)
The teachers introduce the listen and repeat to the class and tell the student\u2019s first to
listen to dialog

Jinho What do you want to do?
Peter I want to play computer games.
Jinho Ok, that\u2019s a good idea.


Nami What do you want to do for mom?
Namsu I want to make a card. How about you?
Nami I want to cook for mom.

Then with the teacher\u2019s help, the students practice the listen and repeat together as a

class. Then the teacher splits the class (boys & girls, row-by-row) and then practice the listen and repeat. Then the teacher chooses two volunteers to practice the listen and repeat. The teacher can do this part 2 or 3 times with the students.

After the first listen and repeat is completed, the teachers can do this with the second
listen and repeat exercise.
Let\u2019s Read (5 minutes)

The students look to page 90 and try to read the sentences from the book. The teachers will read the sentences together with the class. Then on their own, the students have to attempt to read and say the words. If there is extra time, the teacher can ask the students some questions about what is written.

On the next page, the teacher will go over the example that is already done (I will have a party). The students have to complete the other parts of the sentence, on their own, in their books. After the students are finished, you can check the answers using the CD- Rom.

Let\u2019s Sing (5 minutes)
The teacher introduces the sing to the children and they listen carefully to the song and
rhythm for the first time.
After the first time, the students can start singing together as a class and do the song

together as a class.
Then, you can split the class up (boys & girls, row-by-row) and sing different section of
the song.

After that, you can replace some of the actions in the song with different actions (like
play computer games, study, watch tv, read a book, exercise)
Let\u2019s Writing (5 minutes)

The students look at the pictures on page 92. First they should try and read the sentences out-loud. If there is any difficulty they can read together with the teacher. Next the students should watch the computer screen, while the teacher ask questions about the people involved like \u201cWhat does Ann what to do?\u201d, \u201cWhat does Peter want to do?\u201d

Next, have the students write the answers in the book. The teachers should then go over
the answers with the students.

After part 1 is finished, the teachers should introduce part 2. The teachers introduce the words and then ask the students to fill in the answers on their own. After the students have filled in the answers, the teachers can ask the students their response and answers.

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