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17 17 Company Law Ready Referencer

17 17 Company Law Ready Referencer

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Registers and Documents to be kept by companies
1. List of Statutory Records to be kept or maintained by a Company under the Companies Act,
1956 and Rules made thereunder
 Section Registers/ Books/ReturnsParticulars to be entered applicability49(7) Register of investment inshares orsecurities madeby a companythat are not heldin its own name(a) The nature, value andsuch other particularsnecessary foridentification of shares or securities.(b) Name of the Bank orthe person in whosename or custody theshares or securitiesare held.All companies58A [Read with rule 7 of Companies(Acceptanceof Deposit) Rules, 1975]Register of deposits(a) Name and address of the depositor.(b) Date and amount of each deposit.(c) Duration of depositand when repayable(d) Rate of interest(e) Date or dates onwhich interestbecomes due.(f) Any other particularsrelating to deposits.All companies77A Register of Securities boughtback(a) Consideration paid forthe securities boughtback.(b) Date of cancellationof securities.(c) Date of extinguishingand physicallydestroying of securities.(d) Such other particularsas may be prescribed(refer Form No.4B&rule 5C of CompaniesGeneral Rules andForms).All companies84[read with Rule 7(2)Companies (Issue of Share Certificate )Rules,1960]Register of Renewed andDuplicateCertificates(a)Name of person towhom certificate isissued.(b) Number and dateof old certificate(c) Number and date of new shareAll companies
certificate issued(d) Cross reference in‘Remarks’ columnof Register of Members86[read withcompanies(issue of share capital withdifferential votingrights)Rules,2001Register of shareholderswith differentialvoting rights(a) Name, address andoccupation of eachmember.(b) Number of sharesheld by each memberwith distinctivenumbers, nominalvalue and the amountpaid or agreed to bepaid on such shares(c) The date on whicheach person wasentered in the registeras member.(d) The date on whichany member ceasedto be a member.(e) Particulars of differential rights towhich theshareholder isentitled to.Public companyand privatecompany which isa subsidiary of public company136 Copy of everyinstrumentcreating anycharge requiringregistrationunder Part V.A copy of everyinstrument of chargeswhich require registrationwith the Registrar of Companies.All companies143 Register of charges( to bekept at registeredoffice of company)(a) Short description of the property charged(b) Amount of charge(c) The name of thepersons entitled tocharge(except in thecase of securities tobearer)All companies150 Register of members(a)Name, address andoccupation of eachmember.(b)Number of shares heldby each member withdistinctive numbers,nominal value and theamount paid or agreed tobe paid on such sharesAll companies
(c) Date at which enteredas a Member(d)The date of ceaseationof membership.151 Index of members underSection 151The name of themembers, containingsufficient indication toenable to find out entriesin the register readilyAll companieswhere there aremore than 50members exceptwhere registeritself is in indexform152(1) Register of Debentureholders(a)Name, address andoccupation of eachdebenture holder(b)Number of debenturesheld by each debentureholder with distinctivenumbers, nominal valueand the amount paid oragreed to be paid on suchdebentures(c) Date at which enteredas a Debenture holder.(d)The date on which heceased to be a debentureholder.All companies152(2) Index of debentureholdersShould contain sufficientindication to enable tofind out entries in theregister readilyAll companieswhere there aremore than 50debenture holdersexcept whereregister itself is inindex form157 Foreign registerof members anddebentureholders undersection 157This register should bemaintained as register of foreign members or of foreign debenture holdersas the case may be.All companies158 Duplicate of every foreignregister of members anddebentureholdersAll companies193/196 Minutes books of  –(a) generalmeetings;(a) the minutes of eachmeeting should contain afair and correct summaryof the proceedingsAll companies

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