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Don Moen lyrics: God Is Good

Don Moen lyrics: God Is Good

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Published by John Park
GOD IS GOOD (Don Moen)

CD 13112 / CS 13114 / DVD 40041 / VHS 13113
GOD IS GOOD (Don Moen)

CD 13112 / CS 13114 / DVD 40041 / VHS 13113

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Published by: John Park on Dec 17, 2009
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Don Moen 
When you lift your hands up high/And you sing a song of praise toMe/ It brings Me great delight/Such a lovely sight/ And yes it istrue/ Praise looks good on you/Morning night and noon/ Yourpraise ascends to Heaven/ Like thesmell of sweet perfume/ Fillingevery room/ And yes it is true/Praise looks good on youYou bring your sacrifices/ And youoffer up your praise/ You lift yourvoice with singing/ But your heartseems far away/ More than asacrifice/ I am looking for yourlife/ Holy and acceptable/ Andpleasing in My sightSo offer up your lives/ Holy andacceptable/ A willing sacrifice/Precious in My sight/ But in allthat you do/ Remember all I wantis youSo lift your hands up high/ Andworship Him before the altar/Consecrate your life/ A willingsacrifice/ But in all that you do/Remember all He wants is you/ And yes it is true/ Praise looks good on you
1990 Integrity’s Hosanna! Music 
Don Moen 
We’re here because of grace/ Apart of Your great plan/ We havecome to seek Your face/ Not thewonders of Your hand/ And yes weneed Your touch/ But You’ve givenus so much/ That we just want tothank You/ For all You’ve done forusCHORUSWe’ve come to bless Your Name/King of kings and Lord of lords/We’ve come to give You praise/You are the One that we adore/ OLord cleanse our hearts with fire/And fill us with desire for Yourcourts/ For Your presence in ourlivesLord You’ve made a way/ Becauseof Your great love/ And our heartsare filled with praise/ For all thatYou have done/ There is none likeYou/ So faithful and so true/ Andwe just want to thank You/ For allYou’ve brought us throughWe’ve come to bless to bless tobless to bless Your Name/ King ofkings and Lord of lords/ We’vecome to give You praise/ You arethe One that we adore/ O Lordcleanse our hearts with fire/ Andfill us with desire for Your courts/For Your presence in our lives
1997 Integrity’s Hosanna! Music 
Paul Baloche and Ed Kerr 
I love to be in Your presence/With Your people singing praises/I love to stand and rejoice/ Liftmy hands and raise my voiceYou set my feet to dancing/ Youfill my heart with song/ You giveme reason to rejoice/ Rejoice
1992 Integrity’s Hosanna! Music 
Don Moen and Paul Overstreet 
CHORUSGod is good/ All the time/ He put asong of praise/ In this heart ofmine/ God is good/ All the time/Through the darkest night/ Hislight will shine/ God is good/ God isgood all the timeIf you’re walking through thevalley/ There are shadows allaround/ Do not fear He will guide you/ He will keep you safe andsound/ He has promised to neverleave you/ Nor forsake you/ AndHis Word is trueWe were sinners so unworthy/ Stillfor us He chose to die/ He filledus with His Holy Spirit/ Now wecan stand and testify/ That Hislove is everlasting/ And Hismercies/ They will never endThough I may not understand/ Allthe plans You have for me/ My lifeis in Your hands/ And through theeyes of faith/ I can clearly see
1995 Integrity’s Hosanna! Music & Scarlet Moon Music (Administered by Copyright Management, Inc.) 
Don Moen and Claire Cloninger 
All that I am/ All that I have/ Ilay them down/ Before You OLord/ All my regrets/ All myacclaim/ The joy and the pain/ I’mmaking them YoursCHORUSLord I offer my life to You/Everything I’ve been through/ Useit for Your glory/ Lord I offer mydays to You/ Lifting my praise toYou/ As a pleasing sacrifice/ LordI offer You my lifeThings in the past/ Things yetunseen/ Wishes and dreams/ Thatare yet/ To come true/ All of myhopes/ All of my plans/ My heartand my hands/ Are lifted to YouWhat can we give/ That You havenot given/ And what do we have/That is not already Yours/ All weposses/ Are these lives we’reliving/ And that’s what we give/ ToYou Lord
1994 Integrity’s Hosanna! Music and Word Music (a div. of WORD,Inc.) & Juniper Landing Music (administered by Word Music) 
GOD IS GOOD (Don Moen)CD 13112 / CS 13114 / DVD 40041 / VHS 13113
Lynn DeShazo 
I have made You too small in myeyes/ O Lord forgive me/ And Ihave believed in a lie/ That Youwere unable to help me/ But now OLord/ I see my wrong/ Heal myheart and show Yourself strong/And in my eyes and with my song/O Lord be magnified/ O Lord bemagnifiedCHORUSBe magnified O Lord/ You arehighly exalted/ And there isnothing You can’t do/ O Lord myeyes are on You/ Be magnified/ OLord be magnifiedI have leaned on the wisdom ofmen/ O Lord forgive me/ And Ihave responded to them/ Insteadof Your light and Your mercy/ Butnow O Lord/ I see my wrong/ Healmy heart and show Yourselfstrong/ And in my eyes and withmy song/ O Lord be magnified/ OLord be magnified
1992 Integrity’s Hosanna! Music 
Don Moen 
God will make a way/ Where thereseems to be no way/ He works inways we cannot see/ He will make away for me/ He will be my guide/Hold me closely to His side/ Withlove and strength/ For each newday/ He will make a way/ He willmake a wayBy a roadway in the wilderness/He’ll lead me/ And rivers in thedesert will I see/ Heaven andearth will fade/ But His Word willstill remain/ He will do somethingnew today
1990 Integrity’s Hosanna! Music 
Don Moen 
Let Your glory fall/ We are thirstyLord/ Hear us as we call/ Fill usnow/ Let Your glory fall/ Let Yourglory fall/ Let Your glory fallEvery tongue and tribe/ Gatheredround Your Throne/ With one voicewe cry/ Holy Lord/ Every tongueand tribe/ Every tongue and tribe/Every tongue and tribeGlory to the Lamb/ Lamb upon theThrone/ All the saints proclaim/Jesus reigns/ Jesus reigns/ Jesusreigns/ Jesus reigns/ Glory to theLamb/ Glory to the Lamb/ Glory tothe Lamb
1997 Integrity’s Hosanna! Music 
Eugene Greco 
Whom have I in Heaven but You/There is nothing on earth/ I desirebeside You/ My heart and mystrength/ Many times they fail/But there is one truth/ Thatalways will prevailGod is the strength of my heart/God is the strength of my heart/God is the strength of my heart/And my portion foreverForever
1989 Integrity’s Hosanna! Music 
Darlene Zschech 
Shout to the Lord all the earth letus sing/ Power and majesty praiseto the King/ Mountains bow downand the seas will roar/ At thesound of Your Name/ I sing for joyat the work of Your hands/Forever I’ll love You forever I’llstand/ Nothing compares to thepromise I have in YouMy Jesus my Savior/ Lord there isnone like You/ All of my days Iwant to praise/ The wonders ofYour mighty love/ My comfort myshelter/ Tower of refuge andstrength/ Let every breath/ Allthat I am/ Never cease to worshipYou
1993 Darlene Zschech/ Hillsongs Publishing (administered in theU.S. and Canada by Integrity’s Hosanna! Music) 
Don Moen and Debbye Graafsma 
Lord I stand in the midst of amultitude/ Of those from everytribe and tongue/ We are yourpeople redeemed by Your blood/Rescued from death by Your love/There are no words/ Good enoughto thank You/ There are no wordsto express my praise/ But I willlift up my voice/ And sing from myheart/ With all of my strengthCHORUSHallelujah hallelujah hallelujah/ Tothe Lamb/ Hallelujah hallelujah/By the blood of Christ we stand/Every tongue every tribe/ Everypeople every land/ Giving glorygiving honor/ Giving praise untothe Lamb of GodLADIESLord we stand by grace in Yourpresence/ Cleansed by the bloodof the Lamb/ We are Your childrencalled by Your Name/ Humbly webow and we prayMENRelease Your power/ To work in usand through us/ Till we arechanged/ To be more like YouALLThen all the nations will see/ Theglory revealed/ And worship YouGOD IS GOOD (Don Moen)CD 13112 / CS 13114 / DVD 40041 / VHS 13113

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