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The Kalabagh Dam

The Kalabagh Dam

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Published by neoindus
If the Kalabagh dam is constructed by the Punjab against the will of the people of other three provinces, consequences will not be in the interest of the country in the long run.
If the Kalabagh dam is constructed by the Punjab against the will of the people of other three provinces, consequences will not be in the interest of the country in the long run.

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Published by: neoindus on Dec 28, 2009
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TThheeaallaabbaagghhDDaamm--wwhhoowwaannssiinnoo hheeppeeoopplleeooPPaaiissaann
By Zulfiqar Mirani
This refers to ARYONE TV re
peat program “View on News” telecasted on 25th July
2005.Palijo Sahib has very boldly pleaded the Case of Sindh regarding Kalabagh dam. Heis one of the most respected persons in Sindh today. Still there are lot of thingswhich can not be said in such debates.I do not know much about the dam technicalities. Those who oppose the dam saythere is no water available to fill the dam but the water of Sindh will be taken forthe purpose. Punjab has other point of view. NWFP concerns are different than thetwo. Baluchistan takes water from Sindh. If there is no water left for Sindh,Baluchistan will also be deprived of water.Being a common person what I observe for the last twenty years is stated below:
• Zia ul Haq wanted to construct the dam, but the Gene
rals from NWFP opposed itand he restrained. Most prominent of them was General Fazal Haq. Zia himself haspublicly stated so at number of occassions.
• All the provincial assemblies except Punjab elected in 1985 passed resolutions
against the construction of the Kalabagh dam. The majority of the members werenot nationalists but those who traditionally used to be either with PPP or PML. Whenban on political activities lifted majority of them joined official Muslim League.
• The scenario repeated once ag
ain and all the provincial assemblies except Punjabelected in 1988 passed resolutions against the construction of the Kalabagh dam,without any opposition from any of the member of these assemblies, In Sindhparticularly there were members of assembly from Muslim League factions, MQM,IJI (including NPP of Ghulam Mustafa Jatoi).
• Provincial assemblies of the three provinces (except Punjab) elected in 1990 also
passed resolutions against the dam. The government was not of PPP in any of theseprovinces but of the Muslim League (IJI).
• Provincial assemblies elected there after in 1994 and 1997 also passed resolutions
against the dam.It is after the elections of 2002 that members are not allowed (extra assembly way
not constitutionally-by the president Musharaf) to pass such bill [President
Musharaf has stated in a meeting with the Sindhi press editors in august 2005 thatnone of the assemblies will pass the bills against the dam]. Whereas the situation isas under:1) PPP through out Pakistan including Punjab wing has openly opposed the dam.2) PML (N) through out Pakistan including in Punjab oppose the dam.3) ARD is against the construction of the dam.4) MMA categorically oppose the dam.5) Majority of members of ruling (official) Muslim League oppose the dam, outsidethe assemblies. SDA that lately joined PML (Q) openly oppose it.6) Pir Pagara, Makhdoom Amin Fahim, Ghulam Mustafa Jatoi, Illahi Bux Soomro,Hazar Khan Bijarani, Mumtaz Bhutto, Jalal Mehmood Shah (ex-deputy speaker andgrandson of GM Syed), Syeds of Nawabshah and Noushero Feroz (Sindh), Syedsand Talpurs of Mirpur Khas, Talpurs and other influential personalities of HyderabadSyed Qamar ul Zaman Shah, Ameer Shah (the ex-minister of Sindh in the Musharaf Government), name it every body in Sindh oppose the construction of dam, exceptthe two Ghous Bux Mahar and Liaqat Jatoi (the two ministers in the Mushraf Government).7) All political parties of Sindh oppose the dam. MQM some times oppose sometimes is silent on the issue but has never supported the dam. But the support of theMQM does not count, as for the opinion of Sindh is concerned, because it representsthe people who historically do not belong the province and settled by theFederation/Punjab in Sindh for some specific purpose (better known to them
thisdiscussion is beyond the scope of this subject).All the members of assemblies and the top leadership as stated above is fool,childish, lack the sagacity. Question One. Then what about the other decisions theyhave taken as for the legislation on other matters is concerned.
Track record of Punjab on water issue:
1) They defied the 1945 water accord between Punjab and Sindh as Palijo Sahibquoted in the said TV program).2) They set aside the Indus Water Basin Treaty in which right of Sindh is acceptedon river Indus.3) They did not fulfilled their pledge made at the time of construction of Mangladam4) They did not fulfill their pledge as for the Tarbela dam is concerned even Sindh
has paid huge amount for the share of construction and compensation to theaffectees.5) They constructed the FLOOD canal Chashma-Jehlum link canal saying that it willflow only when there will be excessive water, but it is in every bodies knowledgethat the canal flows through out the year. Even in worst days of drought in Sindhthe canal flow is not stopped.6) Punjab does not accept 1991 accord which was drafted by them and signed bytheir puppet Chief Minister in Sindh.7) Punjab does not respect the advise of IRSA (Indus River System Authority)which is formed by none other but themselves. It is history that Punjab does notrestrain in taking water even after disallowed by the IRSA. Record of last severalyears is evident.Punjab has never fulfilled its commitments before and after partition of India, neverrespect any accord or agreement, international commitment.This is why people of Sindh and of other smaller provinces are not trusting Punjab.As for the constitutional guarantee is concerned, the first question is who willgurantee for the constitution. It has been thrown in the dust bin at least for the twooccasions by the Generals (Zia and Musharaf). The generals and all those whosupported Zia were never treated as the constitution [article 6] clearly states . It is just a paper which is used to snatch the rights of smaller provinces, neverrespected by the biggest province, as felt by the people of smaller provinces. NFC,CCI are all witness to it. The second question is "what about other constitutionalcommitments" made at the time of its formation in 1973 such as provincialautonomy etc. The abolition of concurrence list (which again is drama
since nosignificant subjects are in it), Punjab even is not ready to give such insignificantsubjects to the province. The jobs and employment, it is only Punjabi and Muhajirevery where in the Government and Non-government jobs. The right of representation from the Sindh has been snatched. Dummy leadership has beencreated to lead the Sindh (MQM, Unpopular Waderas which do not have a singlevote except of themselves are imposed as Chief Ministers from Islamabad
Jam,Mahar, Arbab all are appointed by Islamabad
establishment dominated bybureaucracy from Punjab and Muhajirs). What is not happening in Pakistan, there islong list where constitution should intervene and stop. Constitution can not restrictall this happening extra-constitutional way. How it will guarantee the (next) wateraccord.The Judiciary is a joke in Pakistan. From Moulvi Tameezuddin case till today look atall critical cases. The dissolutions of so called elected (??) Governments, impositionof Martial laws. The role of Judiciary is in front of every body (what ever the
reasons may be, the pressures, compromise, anything). Was Musharaf’s take over
constitutional and legitimate. Does law allow him to hold the two offices together.Why Honourable Juduciary had allowed a single person to amend even the supreme

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