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Energy Saving Equipment List

Energy Saving Equipment List

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Published by Maintenance Circle

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Published by: Maintenance Circle on Jan 03, 2010
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Sl.NoEligible Equipment/Technology AdvantagesExpectedEffects of EnergyConservation(Bench Mark)SpecificationsReference
Electrical Equipment
# Variable Frequency Drives (VFD)Energy Saving; Extended equipment life;reduced maintenanceJEM201,225,226,227JCI# Energy Efficient MotorsReduction 20~30% Loss by adopting of Highlevel material Efficiency 3-5% upJISC4212 Over 98%High VoltageJCI# Energy Efficienct TransformersImprovement no load lossTotal Load Loss lessthan 0.3%JCI
JCI# Energy efficient fluorescent lamps (e.g. T5)EC25% CutBEE# Compact Fluorescent Lamps (CFL)EC25% CutLuminous efficiencyover 80lm/wBEE# Metal Halides LampsEC25% CutLuminous efficiencyover 60lm/wBEE# High Pressure Sodium Vapor lampsEC25% CutLuminous efficiencyover 110lm/wBEE# LEDBEE# Microprocessor based intelligent controlBEE# Exclusive transformer for lightingBEE# Servo Stabilizergives stable output even under severeunbalanced voltageBEE# Electronic BallastBEE
Other electric loads
# Energy efficient Air Compressors, BlowersJCI# Energy efficient Fans, Pumps# Capacitors# Automatic Powerfactor Controllers (APFC)reduces reactive power hence reduces totalcurrent from the sourceBEE# Soft Starters for MotorsProvides smooth and stepless acceleration anddeacceleration of AC Induction Motor; lessmechanical stress; improved power factor; lowermaximum demandBEE# Maximum Demand ControllerEnergy Saving achieved by monitoring poweruse turning of non essential loads during periodsof high power useBEE
2Thermal Equipment
JCI# Water-tube Boiler (by replacing conventional Smoke-tubeBoiler)# Condensate Recovery & Recycle System# Energy efficient BoilersReduces carbon dioxide emissions by 12%;JCI# RecuperatorsIncreases trhe overall efficiency of the GasEngineJCI
Energy Saving Equipment List (Revision 3.0), Released on : 20th July, 2009
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Sl.NoEligible Equipment/Technology AdvantagesExpectedEffects of EnergyConservationBench MarkSpecificationsReference
# CogenerationCogeneration is a thermodynamically efficientuse of fuel. In separate production of electricitysome energy must be rejected as waste heat,but in cogeneration this thermal energy is put togood use.JCI# Heat PumpsMore Energy Saving and Faster operationCOP 1.32up*JCI# Energy efficient Refrigeration SystemTurbo ref.COP 2.2upJCI# Automatic combustion control for boilers / furnacesJCI# Regenerative burners for furnaceJCI# Condensate recovery & recycle systemJCI# Heat Recovery Systems for Boilers (E.g. Economizer, Air Pre-heater)Reduce Energy ConsumptionJCI# Sludge combustion BoilerJCI# Outdoor intake Control / VAV (variable air volume) / HeatexchangerIt controls the capacity of HVAC SystemJCI# High efficiency DG Set for power generation (low fuelconsumption with pollution control canopy)Improvement in quality and efficiencyCLCSS List
JCI# Thermal Insulation for hot & cold systemsReduces Heat Loss,emissions and increase safetyJCI# Heat Absorbing Glass; Low Emissivity Glass (Window panel)Makes walls, ceilings, and floors warmer in thewinter and cooler in the summer.JCI
4Commercial Buildings
JCI# Building Energy Management System (BEMS)Lighting control, Electrical Plumbing Lift, Securitymanagement system, Energy Management,Facility ManagementJCI# Energy eficient Air Conditioners20% electric energy savingJCI# Energy Eficient Refrigerators (high efficiency compressors,improved insulation, and precise temperature and defrostmechanisms to improve energy efficiency)JCI# Vapour Absorption Refrigeration (VAR)JCI# Heat PumpsReduction of Running cost by 1/3JCI# Fuel Cell Cogeneration SystemReduction of 28% Energy Consumption, 42%reduction of CO
emissionJCI# CogenerationMore than 80% Energy efficiency, Reduction of CO
by 1/3JCI# Energy efficient ElevatorsReduction of Electricity by 12.6%JCI# Equipment, machinery and construction material contributingto increased energy savingsSME EC law# Heat reclaim ventilation/air conditioning system SME EC law# High efficiency EscalatorSME EC law# High efficiency Automatic DoorSME EC law# High efficiency Automatic Revolving DoorSME EC law
Heat insulating building material
SME EC law# Inorganic textile InsulatorSME EC law# Woody textile InsulatorSME EC law# Forming plastic InsulatorSME EC law# Heat insulating opening materialSME EC law
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Sl.NoEligible Equipment/Technology AdvantagesExpectedEffects of EnergyConservationBench MarkSpecificationsReference
# Air sealing support materialSME EC law# Other building material contributing to increased heatinsulation performance of building & building equipmentSME EC law
Incineration & Energy Generation from Solid waste
JCI# Waste Heat Recovery BoilerSME EC law
Industrial Furnace
SME EC law# Automatic temperature ControllerSME EC law# High-frequency induction irradiationSME EC law# High-frequency Melting FurnaceSmall volume, light, high efficiency and lesselectric energy consumption, Less environmentalPollutionSME EC law# Highly sensitive and responsive Arc FurnaceSME EC law# High-performance Electrolytic FurnaceSME EC law
SME EC law# Electromagnetic irradiationSME EC law# Dehumidification DryerSME EC law# Infrared irradiationSME EC law
# Automatic Board Plant# Case Maker & Printer Slotter# Common Effluent Treatment Plant (CETP)# High speed Automatic Board line & Converting lineEnergy Saving30~35%# Common Incinerator alongwith power generation facilities# Screw Compressor# Computer Desktop Virtual Machine
Energy Saving 90 - 95%
# Vehicle using CNG / LPG as fuel
Glass Industry
CII# Waste heat recovery from Regenerative Tank FurnaceUtilisation of waste heat; reduction in fuelconsumptionCII# Wate heat recovery from Recuperative Tank FurnaceUtilization of waste heat; reduction in fuelconsumptionCII# Insulation for FurnaceReduction in heat losses; reduction in fuelconsumption; improved work environment;improved safety & health of workersCII# Mechanical Conveyor for Soda Ash (by replacing PneumaticConveyor)Reduction in electrical energy consumptionCII# Natural gas fired Pot Furnace with RecuperatorUtilisation of clean fuel; reduction in energyconsumption; utilisation of waste heat; reductionin pollutionEnergy Saving25~50%TERI# Natural gas fired Muffle FurnaceUtilisation of clean energy source, Utilisation of waste heat,Reduction in pollutinEnergy saving10~15%TERI#Thermal gasifier (biomass/coal as input fuel)Utilization of renewable energy; reduction inenergy consumptionEnergy Saving35~60%TERI
# Oxy-Fuel Fired Glass Melting Technology
Energy Saving15~20%
Ceramics Industry
Industry Subsectors
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