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Environment Philosophy

Environment Philosophy

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Published by anugulmohar

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Published by: anugulmohar on Jan 04, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Dr Synthia anDrewS getS uS up-to-Date with the Mayan CalenDar…
You may have head that the wold is going to end on De-cembe 21, 2012. Who decided this and whee did the ideacome om? Te answe lies 2,000 yeas ago in the jungles o theYucatan whee the cultue o the Maya ouished. Living inhighly develoed communities amongst yamids and alaces,the Maya wee some o the most advanced astonomes o theancient wold. Without telescoes o moden equiment they obseved the movement o lanets, the Milky Way and othe
galaxies, and undestood advanced astonomical concets.Tey calculated the tue length o the yea (365.2425 days), theecession o the equinox (25,630 yeas), and the eccenticity cycle o the eath’s obit (100,000 yeas), to name a ew o theiaccomlishments. Tey wee extaodinay mathematicians, a-chitects and timekeees. Accoding to the Mayan calenda,time is unning out. Te calenda o the cuent eiod ends onDecembe 21, 2012.Te debate as to what this means ages. o the Maya, the endo one calenda maks the end o a aticula cycle and the be-ginning o the next. What makes the end o this calenda cycledieent is that moe than one cycle and moe than one calen-
End of the world?
environment sciencephilosophy heroes paranormal sportstravel
Will 21st December 2012 be a Defining Date in time? arethree years all We have or are We falling foranother DoomsDay hoax? in the folloWing pages
 Anu GulmohAr
brings you the convictions ofthe scholars, scientists anD seers…
21st December
the sunday indian
27 december 2009
l i f e

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