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We Are Sooooo Dead

We Are Sooooo Dead



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Published by Abbie
What happens when Carlisle, Esme, Edward, and Bella go on a hunting trip and leave Nessie and Jacob with Emmett when he gets an idea? *Gulp*
What happens when Carlisle, Esme, Edward, and Bella go on a hunting trip and leave Nessie and Jacob with Emmett when he gets an idea? *Gulp*

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Published by: Abbie on Jan 14, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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We Are Sooooo Dead!Renemee’s POV “We’ll be back around 7, mind your uncles and aunts. We love you!” my mother lectured.You’d think that after 8 years of life, she’d know that I’m more mature then my UncleEmmett and best friend Jacob combined. “I love you too Mom. Goodbye.” I heard the phone click and I knew she had hung up.My parents and grandparents had left on a hunting trip this morning, leaving me with myfashion loving Aunts and hell raising Uncles, not to mention my 6’8’’ werewolf best friendJacob Black. Yes I, Renesmee Carlie Cullen, an 8 year old in a 16 year old body with themind of a Collage student, was staying home with Emmett McCarthy Cullen, 20 year oldturned vampire with the common sense of a kindergartener.This day should be barrels of fun. “Hey Ness!” I turned to see Jacob Black himself coming up the porch steps. His black hairwas styled into a faux hawk
(note: looks like Taylor Lautner’s Hair)
and was clad in ablack dress shirt, opened to reveal his bronze six pack, and jeans. “Jake!” I cried. I ran full tilt towards him and jumped into his waiting arms. Even after 8years that I’ve known him, he is always surprised to see me react to his presence. “Well, I should go take care of pack business more often if I’m going to get a welcome likethis every time.” He laughed. I felt his chest rumble as he said this and it never failed tomake me feel at home.He and I walked into the house to get something to eat. Seeing as we’re both part humanwe have to eat. I had finally gotten used to human food and even learned to like it. He satdown while I busied myself getting everything ready to make hash browns, bacon, andsausage. “So, where’d ya parents go?” he asked, playing with the salt and pepper shakers. “Hunting.” I answered, flipping the bacon. “Soooo…” he began but I cut him off. “I have to stay here Jake. Since Aunt Alice can’t see me when I’m with you, I have to stayclose to the house. And yes dad said.” I added, seeing the look on his face that plainly said ‘did someone say so?’ He slumped down and mumbled something about ‘overprotective bloodsucker father’ and ‘no fun even when he is gone’  “Jake, he just wants to keep me safe.” I said, bringing over his plate of food. “We can dosomething fun, just the-“ “HELL YEAH!” Uncle Emmett boomed. I slid into my hunting crouch and hissed instinctivelywhile Jake growled and pulled me behind him. Uncle Emmett barreled into the kitchen. “Do you guys want to do something fun today?” He grinned wickedly.Uh Oh
“No way in hell am I going to subject Nessie to one of your stupid, irresponsible pranksEmmett!” Jake spat, hugging me closer to his chest as if he wanted to run with me. “Awwww come on!” Uncle Emmett whined. “Jazzy boy won’t play with me, the girls are too ‘prim and proper’, and it’s like the only time Carlisle and Esme are gone. Please?” he gaveboth of us his puppy dog pout. “NO!!!!!!” We said at the same time. I looked at Jake in awe. Usually he went along withanything Uncle Em said. He must really not want me to be in this.Uncle Emmett’s face fell for a second then the sly grin came back. I cowered behind Jake,knowing that look meant trouble. “I know a way to make you play with me.” He said. I scoffed. “I highly doubt that Uncle Em.” I said. “Oh really? Well what would you say to me just happening to mention to your parentsabout that poor poor-“My eyes narrowed as I realized what he was saying. “
You wouldn’t dare” 
I hissed and Jacob stepped back from me. Emmett smirked. “You know I would.” He smiled. I couldn’t believe that he would stoop this low just for hisown amusement! I turned to Jake. “Please Jake, we have to. He has me and he knows it.” He contemplated. “All right, but I don’t like it.” He groaned. Emmett clapped. “All right.” He said seriously “Time to get down to business.” Jacob’s POV“All right then, let’s tepee Newton’s house then we can race Carlisle’s car then we can-“I buried my head in my hands as Emmett droned on and on about all the pranks we wereplanning to do. Nessie was mirroring me as her bronze curls curtained her face from view.I wondered what dirt Emmett had on her to make her cooperate with his stupid plans.
How long until 7 again? 
 “HOLD THE PHONE!” Emmett exclaimed, making Nessie and I jump. “I have got theperfect way to make this better.”  “You’re not doing it?” Nessie grumbled as she looked up at him. “Nope! We’re playing dodge ball after words! ” He grinned at his own stupidity Nessie and Igroaned. “Come on party poopers!” he grabbed our hands.
I’m in soooo much trouble.
After 3 hours of pure hell, we finally got back to the house and Emmett ran up to get thevolleyball. Nessie collapsed onto the stairs and started to sob. “Nessie! Don’t cry.” I pulled her into my lap and cradled her head to my chest.
 “I h-ha-ated d-doing tha-at t-to p-p-people.” She hiccupped. I shushed her and strokedher hair. I felt infuriated towards Emmett and, in spite of the person so close to me, Istarted to shake. “J-Jake? Stop sh-shaking. Y-you can’t ph-phase h-h-here.” She put her hand to my faceand showed me what would happen if I phased here with her so close to me. I flinched.
Calm down Jake. You can’t phase now. Think of Emily.
I wasable to calm down and Nessiestopped crying. “Hey come on guys!” Emmett boomed “Let’s go play.” I growled at him. “No way Em. Count us
” I hissed. As I said
I swiped the ball out of his hands.
The ball bounced into the vase Carlisle bought Esme in France and it toppled of its pedestal and onto the floor, shattering into a billion pieces. All of us froze while Blondie,Alice, and Jasper ran into the room to investigate.Silence “We are sooooo dead.” Nessie whispered. I totally agreed.Nessie POV “WHAT THE HELL HAPPENED!” Aunt Rosalie screeched. Jake and I looked up from the pinkand white pieces on the floor to meet her gaze. Aunt Alice’s face was completely blank andUncle Jasper was glaring at Uncle Emmett. “Rosalie, I-I’m so sorry.” Jake said. That was probably the first time he had said her givenname out loud. “I promise I’ll pay you for the vase.”  “Jake we have more than enough money to get another vase.” Uncle Jasper said. “Its how we’re going to get another just like it before Esme gets home is the problem.” Alice concluded. Then her face lit up. “Nessie, Rose. Grab your coats, we’re goingshopping!”  “For once, I’m glad to hear those words.” Jake whispered to me.***** “All right, the vase is in Toronto and it will be ready to be picked up in three hours.” AuntAlice said. I glanced at the clock. “Problem Alice.” I said. “Its four now. By the time we go to get the vase, it’ll be 7 andmom and dad will be angrier then hell!” Jake could hear me freak out from the living roomand came and wrapped his arms around my waist. I leaned into his chest and sighed. “Jake, what are we going to do?” He kissed my forehead. “
are not going to panic, and
will go and get the vase with Alice.” He said. “Bad News, the only fastest way to Toronto is 1 day and 17 hours.” Uncle Emmett said.After a good screaming lecture from Aunt Rose and a few thumps on the head, He decidedto help by getting directions to Canada. My heart sank. “By Driving!” Aunt Alice said. “Find the first flight out of here.” 

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