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911 Encyclopedia

911 Encyclopedia



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Published by Serena

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Published by: Serena on Aug 23, 2007
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Global Free Press: Peircing The Veil Of Censorshiphttp://globalfreepress.com/ewing2001/www.lebensaspekte.de/groundzer...1 of 4813/18/03 1:01 PM
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Then there was the Formosan bartender named Taiwan-On.
"911Skeptics Unite! -the encyclopedia"
Dedicated to the 911 victims"911Skeptics Unite!" is an alphabetical index of information related to the Sep11th attack, the pretext for the attack, details of a possible blueprint and thepolitical aftermath.Instead of a traditional introduction, I have provided a list of Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) as is popular on the internet:0) Isn't the release of this book "too late"?That's a philosophical rather than a historical question.What constiutes, "too late?". The ultimate truth will never come out.This is not a pacifist, antiwar or leftist book, it's not for humanists, activists or idealists, it's addressed for everyone.When this book was planned, its purpose was to reveal the lies regarding Sep11th and more naively, to stop a gigantic expansion of war hositlities againstIraq (which, in any case had never ceased from the time of the 1990 Persian Gulf war) possibliy leading to a copycat/domino effect and WW3 (North-SouthKorea, Egypt-Yemen, Jordan-Egypt, New Zealand-Australia, India-Pakistan, Israel-Palestine etc...).At the time you will read this book, you will know more about how things have transpired than I know now as I am writing.However, is it really too late for the truth and a political change?This book might hopefully help you decide to change the political situation in your environment and demand a complete disclosure of the Sep11th- andanthrax-attacks.1) What's the purpose of " another 911-book"?Rather than trying to tell a new story, the idea of compiling this handbook, is to provide an unbiased research tool for netizens, investigators, progressives,left wingers, right wingers, truth seekers, activists, patriots, strategists, independent media supporters, idealists, lawyers, artists, producers, filmmakers,engineers, scientists, warmongers, chickenhawks, oil specialists, terror analysts, journalists, "becoming the media", smoking gun + bombshell snoopers,philosophers, psychoanalysts, open source and copyleft supporters, human beings, anti-wackos, basically everyone of this planet.As usual, a handbook can never tell the "real" chronological story, therefore this index is strictly alphabetically organized to avoid hierarchism or "labels" asmuch as possible.
Global Free Press: Peircing The Veil Of Censorshiphttp://globalfreepress.com/ewing2001/www.lebensaspekte.de/groundzer...2 of 4813/18/03 1:01 PM
Please try to arrange the alphabetical index in your own order.At the end "911Skeptics Unite!" might turn into the book you prefer:an investigative handbook, an impeachment tool, a political weapon, a geopolitical research encyclopedia, a progressive dictionary, a history book, ananalysis of paradigm change, a pretext for a peaceful revolution or anything else."The only way to stop the war against Iraq is to reveal the truth on Sep11th-the only way to reveal the truth on Sep11th is to stop the war against Iraq"ewing2001, December 20022)How should I work with this book?Start wherever you like, check out the cross-references (arrows), archive your favorite contacts, analyse all "smoking gun coincidences", become themedia, support the independent 911-citizen commission (-> 911pi.com), distribute suppressed stories, check out all sources, learn more details, tolerate somelanguage barriers of international weblog members (which we couldn't fix in time).For some readers this book might help to spur a nationwide impeachment campaign against the Bush-administration, CIA- and Pentagon officials, or aninvestigation within right wing (or "left wing" think tanks and their related oil- and military industry). It's on you, which way you will go?While reading this book, however many people still might feel offended or just decide to continue ignoring the facts.These facts are systematically ignored or blocked by the US Administration or international Media, which both is controlled by military companies.You will find the names of these companies in this book.Please come to your own conclusion and don't blame the messengers for it.NOTE:Most important abbreviations:-> =keyword has own cross reference/keyword in this book--> =keywords listed before have cross references-> , -> =keyword cross reference list-> -> =keyword cross reference refers to additional info, not alphabetically listedSep11th =September 11th, 2001Source = Original Source includes printed quote".." without source = quoted from some internet weblogs or other websitesURL only = Original Source includes printed infoNOTE =personal note of authorCOMPARE = related website and additional info on the keyword3)Who is the "author" of this book?There is no single author. However, this book was basically compiled with the help of results of members of GROUND ZERO Forum NYC (->) , with othermembers of an investigative thinktank in the 911-folder at democraticunderground.com (->), with members of globalfreepress.com (->) and the team of Shadowgovernment TV.One of these members was ewing2001 aka Testpod69 aka ?, who is an investigative journalist, programmer and media analyst. His investigative results hadalready been mirrored worldwide on the internet since Sep11th, 2001, 8:53 AM, when he started to dig on the facts.His decision to use a nickname, is a regular procedure on any weblog or discussion board and his real identity is the name of the guy, who just presented thisintroduction for you and knows, how to work with media- since the 70s and how to work on the internet -since 1993.This alphabetical "index" is based on results of many other different investigative- + strategy mailing lists, progressive websites, investigative 911-sites and ahuge amount of "mainstream articles", while the same media obviously decided to continue to ignore combining their own dots and facts and discrediteveryone, who decided otherwise.This book has tried to avoid listing endless speculations or polemic essays.The goal has been to collect investigative facts and attempt to validate their conclusions.At the few parts, where some people decided to speculate -- this speculation is clearly indicated especially when no source is given.Please come to your own conclusions.I however have already come to a general conclusion, which is not based on any political, humanistic, pacifist, idealistic or anything else's decision- it's justan instinct.This book IS able to prove the lies regarding 911, anthrax + Co. and you will be able to prove this as well.I will try to continue to help everyone out who just want to receive answers or need to know more about the questions. This process of revelation couldspring from a real independent 911-commission -- certainly not the one you might have heard about (the Kissinger, now Kean commission).The 911-victims and a pending movement outside the box is already waiting for this independent 911-commission since Sep11th. They want no Kissingers,Keans, Carlyles, Exxons, Neros, Hitlers, Iran-Contras, Watergates, Nixons or whoever you want to call them. They don't want a corrupt manipulation of theresults.4)
Global Free Press: Peircing The Veil Of Censorshiphttp://globalfreepress.com/ewing2001/www.lebensaspekte.de/groundzer...3 of 4813/18/03 1:01 PM
What's the premise of this book?See Point 55)Is this book anti-american?This book is definitely anti-terrorism, pro-american, pro New York, pro "truth" and pro-world.While traditional investigation in intelligence and media got "hijacked" or corrupted, this book tried to do the opposite and work against this disturbingtendency."911Skeptics unite!" doesn't support any special disinformation or distraction, ideology or websites, who see the aftermath, irregularities and odditiesregarding the Sep11th-story as an opportunity to abuse it for their own propaganda, paranoia, racism, mystification or evangelisation of life.But this book should help you to find, to avoid or to challenge them.Consequently, this book has tried to mention all of these possibility and in addition analyzes how so many different people have tried to comprehend the"official" Sep11th story.Some might describe this as "circus", some as unlucky, some as disturbing, i call it democracy.A few of them, in the meantime, have become my friends, but i'm sure i will lose a few of them after the release of this book. Perhaps I will gain some newfriends or just get isolated.I have tried to consider all these possibilities, i have tried not to risk to reveal everyone's identity or other sources and i will promise to do so in the future.But many might be hyper-sensitive or have other reasons to be concerned to be mentioned in this book either for personal or political decisions.I respect their opinion, but in the most cases, it was necessary in order to credibly investigate or what some "suspects" depend, a logical decision to mentionthem.To all those I've left out or forgotten to cite, my apologies, it was done to protect the innocent."911Skeptics unite!" mentions many respectful, brave and patriotic people, who basically risked everything including their live to find out, what really "wentwrong" or if the so called "incompetence" is just bogus, but this book tried to mention every activist project, who decided not to lump around or turn into acynical, pessimist or never ending rant.This book has tried to work scientifically on every possible detail, every angle and all findable facts, though many people and users of this book might wish,it should have been done in a different way.But this is the premise. It's on you, your partner, your friends, your boss, your family and your environment to decide what should happen in the future.If you think this book might not help you, it's just crap or "too late anyway", please throw it immediately in the garbage can.If you think, it is important to discuss the purpose of this book in public, then please do so and contact any of the people who were mentioned .This could be one media guy, or a "nobody", "this guy i once heard about it", your Congressman or just someone who might be on your page, your spirit, yourgroove or someone who could become part of your team.One more thing: We all live in a paradigm change and many people who helped creating this book for months, are already balanced enough to find a way topresent their facts, wishes and goals.Few of them wished to go back to their old stuff, i'm maybe one of them as well.But many gave up or got discouraged, some have even already left their "homeland".This book however supports a growing "911Skepticism movement", which combines or addresses politically aware people who are worried about theaftermath, the US constitution, the first amendment and diminishing prospects for peace."911Skeptics Unite" should help to work with all US- and any other nation's citizens, in a world, which doesn't even really consist of "nations" anymore.It became the bizarro world and augmented reality of corporate identity and their staged and fabricated way of life, which has neither to do with capitalismor socialism.Some of you might call it Big Brother, 1984, Network, Matrix, Fahrenheit 451, New World Order, Conspiracy, fascism, evil, greedy, but even "just right" or just dumb- i call it simply "your life".But for the very first time ever in history, this "way" of life has affected every one of us and has manipulated our way of life. It's on us whether to let thismanipulation continue and let a minority decide how the evolution should continue.While i was working on this book, i spoke with many 911-victims, NYPD policemen, firefighters, lawyers, Con-Edison workers, politicians, journalists,activists, construction workers, businessmen and even former "terrorists".At the end, everyone of them agreed: The current world has changed and is staged. September 11th wasn't what they told you and "everyone knows that".So how many (shutdown?) websites, (silenced?) books or (ignored?) lawsuits do we need more to "find that out"?Well, it's not on the author of this book to give you the answer on that, i would prefer to watch a good TV show or sports match in between, but i hope thatthe one or other who got mentioned in this book will write his own book as well, many of them have the skills to do it.By the way:If anything might look different in the future with the author of THIS book, then there might be a simple explanation:He got manipulated, screwed up, corrupted or just gave up.My best friends however have assured me, this won't happen.

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