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Chapter 26 Forsake

Chapter 26 Forsake

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Published by Henry Taft Miller

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Published by: Henry Taft Miller on Feb 18, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Dream’s Reality
When Henry and I enter City Hall’s side entrance, Mr. “Guy”Quinto, the head of security at the American compound looks at me andgreets us warmly.Then as he leads us upstairs, Henry whispers, “You know him?”I nod.“That’s some coincidence. He’s the gentleman who spoke to me atthe door yesterday.” Now we step inside the Judge’s chamber, and I reach to shake Mr.Bernabe’s hand.He tells me he’ll be Henry’s witness with the Judge’s wife standingin for me.I immediately note Henry’s expression and explain that I happen toalso be acquainted with this man through Lina.The Judge without preliminaries addresses Henry and leads himthrough brief marriage vows.Then when it’s my turn to respond, everyone present stares at me.“This is where you say, ‘I do’,” coaxes Henry.I’m unsure of all the Judge has asked of me, so I murmur, “Yes.” I
 just stand overwhelmed and more concerned with what the futureentails. Then as Henry turns to kiss his bride, I let out a sigh for havingmade it through the ceremony.We’re now escorted back downstairs to pay the required fee andcollect our license.But as we set feet in the lobby, a criminal investigation agentapproaches Henry. “Young man, are you here to get married?” he asksfirmly.“I already am,” mumbles Henry, “and about to pick up our certificate.”The agent’s eyebrows rise while eyeing the two of us.I can’t make out what else Henry says before he whisks me off toretrieve the license and head out the door.Outside, we’re both relieved to move away from the building andcatch a bus for the park. We walk the grounds and share a soft drink while Henry tells me he must dash back to Clark Field this evening toget his pay. Then he’ll return after tomorrow. Since there’s not much Ican say, he drops me off at my little room--our room now.So here I sit.
 I suppose this is the way a married woman‘s life goes.The husband is here one day and gone the next. Well, at least he can
 get paid and be back for New Year‘s.
I realize that 1 must return towork after that time to tell the Sadlers what’s taken place.
 Here I am, pushing twenty-years-old, with no assurance of what we‘re doing. But God keeps caring fir me, so my life is still in His hands. Perhaps He‘sdirected my life this way. I can only take one day at a time, as always,and leave it at that.
Henry’s back as promised but with his buddy, and it’s New Year’sEve.So we all go to dinner at a nice restaurant before the guy mentionshe’ll try finding a girl to stay overnight with.
I’m thinking when Henry and I finally leave for home.Then as we’re stepping off the bus, my husband spots a small jewelrystore and leads me past its locked door to a small window.We both peek in at the shopkeeper.“Are you still open for business?” asks Henry, “we’d like to buy aring.”“I’m ready to close.”“We’d just like a ring--would you mind to sell us one?”The storeowner quickly shows us several wedding bands through thisnarrow opening.

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