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08. Concrete Repair & Protection

08. Concrete Repair & Protection

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Published by mohsin

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Published by: mohsin on Feb 23, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Ardex 170BASF 170Flexcrete 171Fosroc 172Ronacrete 177Sika 177Weber 180CMS Pozament 183
 C   on c r   e t    e e  p ai    r   & P  r   o t    e c  t   i     on
Concrete Repair & Protection
As distributors for the largestmanufacturers in the concrete repairmarket SIG Construction Accessories canoffer the solution to all your repairproblems. From large scale renovationsand structures, to restoring kerbs and jointarises, SIG Construction Accessories willhave a product or system to do the job.Our range includes:• Primers & steel protection.• Cementitious repair mortars.• Resin repair mortars.• Crack injection and stitching materials.• Fast setting pavement repairs.• Decorative coatings.• Anti-carbonation coatings.• Concrete resurfacer.
Concrete Repair & Protection
 C   on c r   e t    e e  p ai    r   & P  r   o t    e c  t   i     on
Type Size Coverage
Ardex A 45 11kg bags 7 litres per bagArdex A 46 11kg 8 litres per bagArdex PSRS 10kg two Dependent on porositycomponent tin and depth of the screedArdex K 301 25kg bag 1.6kg/m
 /mm i.e. approx7.8m
@ 2mm thickness/25kg bag
Concrete Repair Mortar
Type Size (kg) Coverage
Febset 45 25 11.6 litres15 litres with 10kg aggregate
Febset 45
Febset 45
Febset 45 is a specially formulated repair mortar, based on magnesia-phosphate cement pre-mixed with selected aggregates, which gives controlled, extremely high early strengths intemperatures ranging from -20°C (or lower) up to over 30°C, making it particularly useful in coldstore applications.It provides a repair material for concrete slabs which reaches an adequate strength for trafficking,or other use, at a very early age. It is also suitable for use as a repair medium at low ambienttemperatures. Used for thicknesses above 20mm only, for depths of 30mm and above up to10kg of 10mm single sized coarse aggregate may be added.
Type Size (kg)
Febond SBR 5, 25
Febond SBR
Febond SBR
Bonding and waterproofing admixture to add to screeds, renders and repair mortar mixes.
Ardex A 45 - Internal Repair Mortar
Ardex A 45 is a rapid setting and drying repair mortar. Ideal for internal repair of stair treads,risers and other screed repairs. Hard enough to walk on and receive floor coverings after just 90minutes. Other applications are: forming ramps and falls, making good around fittings/pipework,filling cracks and joints.
Ardex A 46 - External & Internal Repair Mortar
Ardex A 46 is a rapid setting and hardening, slump free mortar which is ideal for external orinternal repairs. The mortar sets and hardens rapidly to give a repair of exceptional strength andhardness. The mixed mortar sets after 20 minutes at 20°C, and can be trafficked after only 2 - 3hours when it is ready to receive floorcoverings. Ideal for repairing curbs, external concrete steps,renders and concrete floors.
Ardex PSRS
Penetrating Screed Renovation System:• Rapid installation reducing overall construction time.• Overnight renovation of cement/sand screeds.• Minimum disruption to occupants.• Consolidated screeds can meet BS 8204 Soundness Category A requirement for floor screeds.• Solvent free.• Low odour.
Ardex K 301
Simple and effective solution for smoothing and re-surfacing paths, garage floors, drives, walkways,parking areas and court yards. Ideal for levelling rain damaged or uneven concrete slabs.
Ardex A 35
A rapid setting and drying cement for floor screeds. Used in place of Portland Cement incement/sand screeds, Ardex A 35 produces a floor screed that can be worked on after just threehours and is dry enough to receive floorcoverings after just 24 hours, regardless of screedthickness. Ardex A 35 coverage is approximately 2.3m
per 25kg bag for 30mm 1:4 screed.
 C   on c r   e t    e e  p ai    r   & P  r   o t    e c  t   i     on
Steel Reinforcement Protector 841
Polymer cement coating which is supplied with a convenient mixing kit for economical protectionof steel reinforcement. BBA certified.
Low density, high yield, ultra-high build, shrinkage compensated, polymer modified mortar usedwithout a primer to repair and reprofile concrete, brick or stone substrates. Single componentcementitious formulation which is mixed with water to give rapid hardening and enhancedpolymeric properties with. Easy to apply in high build single applications up to 100mm andparticularly suitable for vertical and overhead situations. Finishes to a high quality polymer richsurface. Certified to EN 1504-3 Class R2.
Multi-purpose, structural grade, shrinkage compensated, polymer modified repair mortar forreinstatement of vertical, horizontal and overhead surfaces. Incorporating the latest technology, thelow density, high strength, thixotropic nature enables high build application without a primer insingle thicknesses up to 80mm (including overhead). Totally resistant to water under a 100 metrehydrostatic head, it is suitable for use as a waterproof render in tanks and basements and has DWIApproval for use in contact with drinking water. Compliant with Highways Agency StandardBD27/86, BBA certified and CE Marked in compliance with EN 1504-3 Class R3.
Monomix HD
This high performance mortar builds on the core technology to provide an extremely durable,55N/mm² compressive strength repair compound which is suited both for heavily trafficked areasand for high build applications, matching the 80mm single application thickness achieved bystandard Monomix even when used overhead. Like all Flexcrete mortars, Monomix HD does notrequire a primer to promote adhesion. Compliant with Highways Agency Standard BD27/86, andcertified to EN 1504-3 Class R4.
Single component, polymer modified, fibre reinforced, Portland cement based compound, whichexhibits unique hydraulic properties to produce a rapid curing mortar with an ultimatecompressive strength of circa 66N/mm². Ideally suited for both in-situ and precast concrete,including areas which are subjected to heavy wear. Applications include slabs in industrial floors,runways, roadways and footpaths as well areas subject to early immersion. Suitable for thicknessbetween 5-300mm, Fastfill can be bulked out with aggregate to produce a cost effective mortarfor filling of large voids or for the bedding of street furniture, kerbs, drainage channels, pipesetc. DWI Approved for use in contact with drinking water, compliant with Highways AgencyStandard BD27/86, BBA certified and CE Marked in compliance with EN 1504-3 Class R4.
A range of single component, polymer modified mortars for rendering and reprofiling of in-situand pre-cast concrete and brickwork to produce a high quality, decorative engineering finish.Simply mixed with water on-site, application is by spray, trowel or bag rubbing techniques. Usesinclude fairing coats to fill minor voids and defects on new and existing structures (Monolevel FCEN 1504-3 R2), waterproofing of basements and water tanks including drinking water structures(Monolevel 844SP EN 1504-3 R4) and waterproof external rendering of brick and blockwork(Monolevel RM).
Ultra high flow, waterproof micro-concrete or grout, Monopour is shrinkage compensated andpolymer modified to give rapid early strength development. Compliant with Highways AgencyStandard BD27/86.
Cementitous Coating 851
A two-component, polymer modified cementitious coating which cures to form a flexible, highlyalkaline film which has a variety of uses on new and existing structures. It provides totalwaterproofing against positive and negative pressure and is tested under a 100 metre hydrostatichead. It protects concrete against the effects of freeze thaw cycles, Chloride ions (including de-icing salts), carbon dioxide, dilute acids & alkalies as well as being suitable for brickwork andblockwork. Uses include potable water (DWI Approved) containment, basement waterproofingand chloride protection for marine and highway structures. It is particularly effective at reinstatingconcrete cover and a 2mm film is equivalent to100mm of good quality concrete cover. Used inconjunction with Flexcrete Marine Mortar for repair and chloride protection in tidal zones. BBAcertified and CE Marked in compliance with EN 1504-2.
Bonding Bridge 842
A polymer cement impregnant for sealing and enhancing bond on high porosity substrates.

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